6 Apartment Security Tips That Renters Can Use Today

Have you moved to a new apartment and are worried about your safety? You are not alone. Not every one of us has an Arnold Schwarzenegger within us who can lift any intruder right off the floor. 

A home is much more than merely a group of walls. It is where you spend the best moments of your life and make beautiful memories. You don’t want anyone or anything to spoil it, do you? 

However, adversity does not come after giving you a call. You must always be prepared for the worst. FBI statistics say that every day, nearly 3000 burglaries take place every day in the US. 

A good home security system is essential to keep your home safe. It offers security equipment like motion sensor lights, alarms, home security cameras, and much more. They also offer services as a virtual guide to make you feel safe when you go for a walk, emergency calling services, etc.

Yet, you cannot completely depend on them. It is important that you take precautions and use your mind in case of an emergency.

In this article, we will talk about six apartment security tips to keep you and your family safe.

6 Apartment Security Tips for You

1. Choose the Area carefully

Choose the Apartment area

Your first concern before you move to a new apartment is to check the location. Enquire at the local police station or search on the web. Talk to the neighbors and understand what it is to live in that area. 

Additionally, consult with the locality’s watch group because some crimes don’t reach the mainstream media. Also, compare the insurance rate of a few areas. A higher rate generally means that the security level of that specific area is compromised.

2. Select the Apartment mindfully

Select the apartment mindfully

After you decide on the area where you want to live, you need to check the security of the one you select. A ground-floor apartment is more vulnerable to burglaries. This is because you have to worry about back doors, front doors, and a lot of windows. Moreover, if it is a corner house, you will have even more exposed areas. 

A first or second-floor flat is a much safer option. Here all you need to worry about is escape ways.

3. Think like an Intruder

Think like an intruder

The best way to secure your homes is to put on your burglar boots. Is there a weak spot around your apartment that puts your security in a vulnerable position? Secure it. Camera blind spots? Cover it with another camera. 

Get yourself a home safe that looks like a book to keep your valuables discreetly. Secure your doors with a deadbolt to prevent a thief from getting in. 

Safety is not always physical or about valuables. Most US apartments are built in radon-prone areas which may harm your health, without you even knowing. Check for radon levels in your apartment using detectors as well so you can take precautionary measures before it harms you.

4. Purchase a Home Security System

Purchase a home security system

To get comprehensive monitoring of your home, it is best to get yourself a home security system. The most popular ones out there are SimpliSafe and ADT. They offer you a selection of security services including 24/7 monitoring which will keep you safer than a watchdog. 

Although most of them are easy to install, some may require professional installation. You can even add emergency contacts and the company will alert them if they sense that you might be in trouble. Ensure that the one you purchase is Wi-Fi enabled so that you can access it remotely. 

5. Invest in a good Security Camera

Invest in a good security camera

By ‘good security camera’, we mean one that has a high video resolution, night vision, and a large field of view. Automatic dimming, motion sense recording, and wireless ones are icing on the cake. 

If you cannot afford too many cameras around the circumference of your home, you can install fake security cameras. They will keep your home safe by giving an impression that every area is under surveillance. 

6. Get Renter’s Insurance

Get renter’s insurance

Make sure you have renter’s insurance in addition to following these guidelines. It is now required in many flats before you can settle in. If yours does not, though, purchasing a plan is straightforward and generally inexpensive. If you have auto coverage, you can even bundle it with your existing insurance company.

Things taken from your property are sometimes covered by your renter’s insurance. Pay special heed to the private property component while choosing insurance. It specifies the goods the provider covers as well as the quantity of the benefit. If you have assets that surpass the benefit, make sure you have enough coverage or ask your insurance company if there is another policy that will help.

Wrapping up Apartment Security Tips

We have reached the conclusion of this article. Hopefully, the tips mentioned above will help you in making your home more secure. They will help you in getting a peaceful night’s sleep in a new area, knowing that you and your family are safe.

However, these just graze over the necessary things. We hope not, but sometimes you might have to use your instincts in an emergency situation. Therefore, you must never lose your guard wherever you go. Feel free to reach out to us if you want a suggestion or need help buying a security system.

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