Apple Watch 40mm vs 44mm

Apple Watch is undoubtedly the most popular watch on the wearables market. Its unique design, versatility, and accuracy have made it the first choice for smartwatch hunters.

Apple released its Watch 6 in September last year. It was released in two versions – the 40mm and the 44mm version. Since then, people are confused about the difference between the two. Is it just the dimensional difference, or something more?

In this article, we will talk about the apple watch 40 vs 44 to help you decide which one to choose for yourself.


Apple Watch (Specs) 44mm 40mm
Dimensions 44 x 38 x 10.4 mm (1.73 x 1.50 x 0.41 in) 40 x 34 x 10.4 mm (1.57 x 1.34 x 0.41 in)
Weight 36.5g 30.5g
Display Type Retina LTPO OLED, 1000 nits (peak) Retina LTPO OLED, 1000 nits (peak)
Display Size 1.78-inches 1.58-inches
Resolution 448 x 368 pixels (~326 PPI density) 394 x 324 pixels (~326 PPI density)
Build Glass front, ceramic/sapphire crystal back, aluminum frame Glass front, ceramic/sapphire crystal back, aluminum frame
Battery Li-Ion 303.8 mAh (1.17 Wh), non-removable, Wireless charging & 18 hours of usage Li-Ion 265.9 mAh (1.03 Wh), non-removable, Wireless charging & 18 hours of usage


Despite the fact that both versions are driven by the same processor and have the same features, they have different display sizes. The 44mm variant, of course, has a larger display. A contrast between the two displays may be found below.

You could think that a 4mm difference is insignificant, but it’s actually fairly obvious. The 1.8-inch screen on the 44mm Apple Watch 6 has a resolution of 448 x 368 pixels, whereas the 1.6-inch display on the 40mm one has a resolution of 394 x 324 pixels. It means that the 44mm Apple watch 6’s screen is 29% bigger in area than 40mm Apple watch 6.

Suitable Wrist Size

The length of the suitable bands determines which wrist can wear which Apple Watch model. It’s worth noting that, while Apple Watch bands are interchangeable between generations, they’re only compatible with the appropriate size. This implies that if you have a 40mm or 38mm Apple Watch, you may use the straps with the Apple Watch 6 40mm but not the 44mm, and conversely. If that’s the situation, you obviously don’t need to think about the size to acquire for a long time.

According to Apple, the 40mm product is ideal for wrists measuring 130 to 200mm, while the 44mm version is suitable for wrists measuring 140 to 220mm. Unless you are at the extremes of the available sizes, you are free to select any model you prefer.


The difference in price between the Apple Watch 40 and 44mm is almost minor, so it’s unlikely to be a decisive factor when you’re finalizing your selection. Still, for those who are curious, this is how Apple priced the Apple Watch 40 and 44mm models:

The price variation between the least and most costly models is only $80, which is not something you can claim about many Apple devices. Of course, if you choose a more expensive watch band, the price will rise. When it comes to the Apple Watch 6, Apple does not provide you with an option of shell components. You don’t need beautiful steel or titanium if you’re looking for a low-cost wristwatch, right?

Regardless of whether you want the GPS version or LTE connectivity, the upgrade from the 40mm to the 44mm version will only cost you $30. That’s a little more than $1 every month over the course of two years. When making this selection, you should probably consider other factors.

Wrapping up

Hopefully, you have understood the difference between Apple watch 40 and 44 mm. Those looking for a bulky smartwatch may go for the 44mm version, while others may choose the 40mm. If you have any questions regarding it, reach out to us via the comments.

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