6 Best Calculator Watches in 2021

Best Calculator Watches

Calculator watches are multi-purpose timepieces and are equipped with numerous functionalities. They were horological marvels when they first came out, and are still today. Most calculator watches show us time, date, and day. Additionally, some can also be used as a data bank to store your meeting or telephone numbers or set multiple alarms.  The … Read more

10 Best Smartwatches for Men in 2021

Best SmartWatches for Men

The horological sector is steeped in rich culture. It is dictated by style and culture ever since its dawn. But things started to change at the turn of millennia. The smartwatch was born when the fast-developing technology industry collided with the horological sector, merging digital efficiency with increased innovation. Ever since smartwatches have been straddling … Read more

10 Best Sonata Watches for Men and Women

Best Sonata Watches for Men and Women

Sonata watches is a collection of timeless and contemporary watches that build nostalgia in all of us. It is a product of Titan, the largest selling watch brand in India. The company has created more than 700 watches and has over 11,000 authorized outlets across the country. Choosing from 700 watch styles is a herculean … Read more

10 Best Ball Watches to Buy in 2021

Best Ball Watches

Born out of a fatal train accident in 1891, the ball watches have upheld a strict set of standards for 120 years. The company has positioned itself as an innovative luxury watch brand, with the ball watches equipped with technologies like the A-Proof magnetic system, the SpringLock anti-shock system, and much more. We’re talking about … Read more

5 Best Solar Security Lights to Enhance Your Home Security

Best Solar Security Lights

We know that bright lights discourage potential thieves. Most of us have floodlights installed outside our homes that illuminate a certain area at night. However, it is not practical or energy efficient to have the lights on all through the night. Solar security lights are a great way to light your porch, garden, or backyard … Read more

5 Best Medical Alert Necklaces in 2021

Best Medical Alert Necklaces

When you hear the word “medical alert necklace”, you might picture a button draped around the neck of a senior citizen. However, its uses are much more than that. People with mental and physical disabilities require 24/7 care which may be challenging for their caretakers. Medical alert necklaces ensure that they get speedy responses and … Read more

5 Best Home Security Systems of 2021

Best Home Security Systems

To have peace of mind while you are not home, home security systems are one of the best things you can get. Not only do they alert you of intrusions, but also about other hazards like a potential fire or dangerous CO levels. According to the United States Department of Justice, a break-in occurs every … Read more

10 Best Car Alarms to Prevent Car Theft in 2021

Best Car Alarms to Prevent Car Theft

Your car is just as important as your home, given the amount of money you spent buying it; And because it is so valuable, it is one of the most targeted objects for burglary.  Aftermarket car alarms are in robust demand these days, despite the sophisticated factory-equipped anti-theft systems in modern vehicles. Thieves seem to … Read more

10 Best Motion Sensor Lights of 2021

Best Motion Sensor Lights

Fumbling for the light switch in the dark sometimes feels annoying. Motion sensor lights ensure that you never have to worry about bumping your knee while navigating around your house at night.  Not just that, they add a sense of security and safety to your property. You can install them in hazardous locations like swimming … Read more