10 Best Vue Books for Beginner and Advanced [Ranked]

Best Vue Books

Vue.js is an open-source JavaScript library that allows you to create contemporary, interactive web apps. Vue.js, with its quickly increasing community and robust ecosystem, makes designing complicated single-page apps a snap. It is an excellent choice for developing your next front-end application due to its component-based approach, simple API, lightning-fast core, and small size. So, … Read more

10 Best Laravel Books for Beginners and Advanced

Best Laravel Books

There are several PHP frameworks from which to pick when developing a web application. Some are really simple to set up, while others have a significantly higher learning curve. Laravel provides both options. You may leverage Laravel’s extensibility to construct a complex and fully-featured app, or you can make a rapid installation and have your … Read more

10 Best GIT Books Of All Time

Best GIT Books

Git is a free version control system well-known for its speed, dependability, and non-linear growth paradigm. Git’s prominence among open-source developers makes it a must-have tool for professional programmers, but it may also help you improve your own coding process. You’ll be able to try out new ideas, drastically rework old code, and efficiently exchange … Read more

10 Best React Native Books for Beginners and Advanced

Best React Native Books

React Native is an open-source mobile application development platform that was developed by Facebook. It is a popular computer language that is used to develop cross-platform apps using Javascript. You can use it to develop mobile apps for Android, Windows mobile, and iOS. Popular apps like Instagram use React Native along with other frameworks. The … Read more

10 Best Angular Books for Web Application Development

Best Angular Books

Angular is an open-source web application development platform that was developed by Google. It is specifically used for dynamic apps in which the content displayed changes as per the preferences of the user and the client (mobile or web). As an example, Netflix utilizes Angular to create animation and multiple styles for each of its … Read more

Best Bootstrap Books in 2022

Best Bootstrap Books

The goal of any front-end developer is to produce a multifunctional, user-friendly, and visually appealing front-end layout for websites and web/mobile apps. It may appear simple, but the labor required to create such a front-end demands a great deal of patience, as well as activities such as creating monotonous and time-consuming programming procedures. Fortunately, a … Read more

10 Best Video Game Design Books

Video Game Design Books

As a gaming aficionado, video game design is probably your dream job. Apart from that, this area provides a variety of job prospects, interesting and rewarding work settings, a good starting salary, and the opportunity to create a career that lives on creative freedom. It’s a job that combines storytelling, cutting-edge technologies, and innovation. Moreover, … Read more

10 Best SQL Books for you to Learn

Do you know what a database is? The virtual space in which you post your social media pictures, read a post, or even watch an online video, is called a database. SQL is a language that is used to create that virtual space. It stands for Structured Query Language. It is a query-based language that’s not … Read more