3 Best CO2 Fire Extinguishers in 2021

Best CO2 Fire Extinguishers

Our first instinct on hearing a smoke alarm is to locate the cause of the smoke and douse a flaming or smoldering fire. A CO2 fire extinguisher is, therefore, a piece of crucial safety equipment for every household.  Carbon Dioxide fire extinguishers contain non-flammable, pure carbon dioxide gas. They are typically suitable for Class B … Read more

6 Best Smoke Alarms to Keep Your Home Safe

Best Smoke Alarms

Being in a fire emergency is almost too frightening to even think about. That is why you need a smoke alarm in your house. A smoke alarm will not only preemptively detect the smoke but also ensure that you take immediate steps to prevent any fire hazard.  Every house has several potential sources of CO … Read more

7 Best Spy Cameras to Buy in 2021

Best Spy Cameras

Spy cameras are not just for James Bond but also for the detective in you. They can also be used as nanny cams or to monitor your children or pets when you are not around. The best hidden cameras are small enough to be hidden inside everyday objects in your home and don’t draw attention … Read more

7 Best Smoke Detector Cameras in 2021

Best Smoke Detector Cameras

Smoke detector cameras are an excellent way to monitor your children or nanny without their knowledge. The greatest spy cameras are ones that are disguised as everyday items such as sunglasses, smoke detectors, or clocks. Who would believe that your kitchen’s smoke alarm conceals a miniature camera? Hidden cameras are not a modern concept. They … Read more

7 Best Nanny Cams to Keep an Eye on your Kids & their Babysitters

Best Nanny Cams to Keep an Eye on Kids & Babysitters

As the name suggests, nanny cams are security cameras that keep an eye on your kid’s nanny, babysitter, or au pair when you are not around. They are an amazing way to ensure the safety of your children while also enjoying time to yourself.  FBI’s National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) analyzed the crimes against juveniles … Read more

7 Best Air Horns for Your Vehicles in 2021

Best Air Horns for Your Vehicles

An Air Horn is the best way to gain authority on the road or give advanced warning to motorists sharing the road with you. You probably don’t think about your car or truck’s horn very often. You use it to alert oncoming traffic or other vehicles until one day it stops working. Perhaps your feeble … Read more

5 Best Pepper Sprays for Self-Protection in 2021

Best Pepper Sprays

You don’t always need to use force to protect yourself. Non-lethal self-defense equipment, such as pepper spray, is a highly effective method of self-defense. They help you fight off your attacker without the need for combat.  Pepper sprays enable you to escape from an attacker and also open you to fewer legal complications. They are … Read more

8 Best Baby Monitors to Keep You Stress-Free

Best Baby Monitors

The days of silent tiptoeing and nervous second glances to check on your baby are long gone. No matter where you are in your home, you can keep a constant eye on your kid with the best baby monitor, without being in their room round the clock. Pregnancy is an overwhelmingly emotional journey. When you … Read more