10 Best Unity Books to Learn Game Development

Unity Books

The gaming engine “Unity” is excellent. It first came out back in 2005 and is a fantastic tool for professional game production. Free license, a wide range of platforms, docs, a visual designer, colors, material, animation control systems just mediocre 2D support. It’s a simple engine to learn, and it’s capable of producing both AAA … Read more

Best Cpanel Alternatives that You Must Get in 2022

Best Cpanel Alternatives

Best Cpanel Alternatives cPanel is a popular control panel for managing websites and servers. It has been the industry norm over the past couple of decades as the go-to control panel, and practically every server management has some expertise with it. cPanel, on the other hand, isn’t free. Plan prices start at $15 a month … Read more

Best Watch Brands for Women in 2022

Best Watch Brands for Women

From time immemorial, the watch industry has been primarily focused on men. Diamonds and jewelry are considered better and more sophisticated accessories for women. However, times have changed and so have the outdated fashion standards. The market is booming with the best watch brands for women, so much so that making a choice has become … Read more

11 Best Watch Brands for Men [Luxury and Affordable]

Best Watch Brands for Men

As a watch aficionado, deciding between dozens of the best watch brands might become mind-boggling. The label ‘best’ is a personal choice in most cases – unless it’s your mom’s cooking. The same applies to watches. There are so many amongst you who will vouch for a high-end Rolex any given day, while others will … Read more

Apple Watch GPS Vs Cellular

Apple Watch GPS Vs Cellular

Apple Watch GPS Vs Cellular Apple is a favorite among people who have no time for nonsense. This doesn’t come as a surprise, given the highly functional, sophisticated, and probably the best quality smartwatches on the market. Apple watches have a 52% share in the world market. This further solidifies our statement that it is … Read more

Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable Batteries Have you ever wondered how many packs of cells you would need to carry around, had it not been for rechargeable batteries? Rechargeable batteries are probably one of the most essential things that technology has offered the world. Without them, most of our essential gadgets would cease to function. From your smart devices … Read more

Best AAA Batteries

AAA batteries

Let us face it. The world as we know it today is incomplete without batteries. Our smartphones, AirPods, security cameras, and most of our gadgets run on batteries. Although the most common types of batteries used are AA batteries, small electronics like remote controls commonly run on AAA batteries. In fact, in 2007, AAA batteries … Read more

VPS vs Shared Hosting: Everything You Need to Know

VPS vs Shared Hosting

So, your business needs a website. You have done your homework, created a domain name, have all ideas ready, but only need to do one last thing- decide between shared hosting and VPS hosting. There are tons of articles online but all they do is confuse you. Luckily, you have landed on this article. In … Read more