Best 4k monitors of 2019

4k monitors have quickly grown in popularity and demand both because they are known to deliver a more impressive gaming experience and are an ideal fit for multitasking. Since last year the prices of ultra-wide 4k display monitors have been decreased by multiple sellers which have indeed tempted creative professionals and gamers. Even after being criticized for consuming more power, 4k Monitors, continue to stay in the buyer’s purchase list. .I  if you are considering to turn your desk into a command center, here’s a list of best 4k Monitors, handpicked, verified, and validated for you:

Acer Predator X27

Known for: Best HDR and Media creation

Screen Size & Aspect Ratio: 27-inch / 16:9 | Power Consumption: 60w | Brightness: SDR – 600 nits, HDR – 1,000 nits | Contrast: 1,000:1 Warranty: 3 years Dimensions: 18.39 to 22.64  x 24.76 inches


  1. Build Quality
  2. Incredible Gaming Experience
  3. Extended Color
  4. G-sync
  5. 144 Hz refresh rate
  6. Best for professional photos and video editing


  1. Cost; priced at 2000 USD
  2. No brightness adjustment in HDR mode

The Acer X27 is known for delivering brilliant images in both HDR and SDR modes. 2k USD, .The amount of technology fitted inside this monitor is appreciable, as it brings high speed and smooth gaming experience, both at the table. It has an outstanding response time and supports up to a neat 144 HZ refresh rate. The black uniformity (built style) can become distracting while using, but Acer X27 lives up to its hype.

LG 43UD79

Known As: Best large-sized 4k Monitor (43”)

Screen Size & Aspect Ratio: 43-inch/ 16:9 | Power Consumption: 60 W | Brightness: 350 cd/m² | Contrast: 1,000:1 | Dimensions: 38.1 x 10.8 x 25.5 inches


  1. Colour Uniformity
  2. Accurate images when seen from close.
  3. Rich connectivity panel


  1. Limited ergonomic adjustments
  2. Not suitable for Mac
  3. No HDR support

The LG-43UD79 is one of the most feature-packed 4k displays created exclusively by LG which is known for their high-quality IPS products. The monitor has good viewing angles and good reflection handling capability, further making it adequate for an advanced gaming experience. This 4k monitor does not support HDR, which cannot be considered as a con since HDR is a relatively new feature. It gives a reasonable performance both in terms of image quality and responsiveness, at a cost of 800 USD.

DELL U3415W:

Known As: Best Professional Ultrawide 4k Monitor (Curved)

Screen Size & Aspect Ratio: Curved 34-inch/ 21:9 | Power Consumption: 60 W | Brightness: 300-nit | Contrast: 730:1 | Dimensions: 372 mm x 824.7 mm x 73.3 mm


  1. Accurate Colors
  2. High Contrast ratio
  3. Robust built quality
  4. Ergonomic VESA stand
  5. Best image quality


  1. No USB ports
  2. Costly


The Dell U3415W is for creative professionals, artists, film editors, and gaming experts. The professional monitor replicates real-world tones and hues with little variation, further creating near-perfect color accuracy. The monitor is best suited for video-editing professionals who strive for an extra long-timeline or panoramic view. Buy this piece when you only need a 21:9 aspect ratio.

LG 29UM68-P

Known As: Best Affordable Ultrawide 4k Monitor

Screen Size & Aspect Ratio: 29-inch/ 21:9 | Power Consumption: 60 W | Brightness: 250 cd/m² | Contrast: 1000:1


  1. Arcline Design
  2. Robust built quality
  3. Best picture quality
  4. Affordable at 340 USD


  1. No Display port cable
  2. 60Hz to 75Hz refresh rate range
  3. 2,560 x 1,080 resolution might appear a bit stretched

This LG piece is an excellent gaming monitor priced at only 340 USD. The monitor is an ideal replacement for dual head displays for professionals and neatly facilitates multitasking, hence increasing productivity and performance. Although for many users, the wallet-friendly piece can be only of a gaming-centric offering, the excellent ultra-wide upgrade can significantly improve productivity. Purchase this for an affordable upgrade and grander viewing space.

Samsung CHG90

Known As: Gigantic Curved Ultrawide 4k Monitor

Screen Size & Aspect Ratio: Curved 49-inch/ 32:9 | Power Consumption: 60 W | Brightness: 350cd/m2 | Contrast: 3000:1


  1. Incredible screen resolution
  2. A high refresh rate that is best for gamers
  3. Robust built quality
  4. Accurate colors
  5. Excellent contrast ratio  
  6. Best image quality


  1. No USB- C ports
  2. Costly at 1000 USD

The Samsung CHG90 is a head-turning display that is stunningly beautiful while being monstrously big. Ideal for supersize gamers who strive for dominating display, the CHG90 comes at a sparkling resolution of 3,840 x 1,080. Built with the Quantum dot and HDR technology, the monitor spreads at a 1800R curvature, and has a fast 144hz refresh rate. Excellent for multi-tasking as well, this luxurious monitor can give you a competitive edge and you might need a bigger desk.


Known As: Best 4k 144Hz G-SYNC HDR Monitor for Gaming

Screen Size & Aspect Ratio: 27″ IPS 3840 × 2160 | Power Consumption: 60 W | Brightness: 300 – 600 cd/m²| Contrast: 1000:1


  1. G-Sync HDR technology
  2. A high refresh rate (144Hz overclocked, 120Hz native)
  3. Superb gaming performance
  4. Excellent contrast ratio  
  5. Best image quality


  1. Expensive
  2. Only a 27-inch display

The PG27UQ is somewhere identical to Acer’s Predator as it adopts the same AU Optronics panel, and both the monitors are typically flagships for G-Sync HDR platform. The ultra-premium gaming monitor comes at a heavy price, as it incorporates Quantum Dot film (responsible for enhancing the representable colors to a wider gamut,  HDR backlighting unit, and a G-Sync HDR module. The monitor has a high resolution and high refresh rate combined, which makes it an all-rounder in 4k monitors category.

Samsung U32J590

Known As: Best Budget 4k Monitor for Gaming

Screen Size & Aspect Ratio: 32Inches 3840 × 2160 4K| Power Consumption: 60 W | Brightness: 270cd/m²| Contrast: 3000:1


  1. Great display performance
  2. Sharp Images
  3. Brilliant built quality


  1. Terrible ergonomics
  2. Poor viewing angles
  3. No refresh rate
  4. No speakers

The Samsung U32J590 is an excellent performer and has only 10ms of imperceptible delay. This monitor offers the best contrast ratio when compares to IPS and TN panels. The display uses a PWM or Pulse-Width Modulation technique used to regulate brightness at an incredibly lower backlight setting. One factor that gives this Samsung a less score than others on the list is that it is not G-SYNC compatible and does not offer a variable refresh rate for Nvidia graphics card. It’s averagely priced, which fulfills the miss-outs.

Acer XB321HK

Known As: Best 4K G-SYNC Gaming Monitor

Screen Size & Aspect Ratio: 32Inches 3840 × 2160 4K 16:9| Power Consumption: 60 W | Brightness: 350cd/m2| Contrast: 1000:1


  1. Low latency
  2. Smooth G-Sync performance
  3. Sharp UHD image quality
  4. Styling & build quality


  1. Lacks DisplayPort 1.3
  2. Costly
  3. Poor speakers

Considering the fact that 4K gaming can be demanding, Acer XB321HK is right built to withstand that. This Acer monitor incorporates a flagship display which is best for Ultra HD gaming. The machine is a combination of G-Sync, embeds an easy-to-use OSD, has a gorgeous panel, and a phenomenal resolution that makes it a complete winner, at price little above average.  

LG 32UD99

Known As: Best New 4K HDR Gaming Monitor

Screen Size & Aspect Ratio: 31.5 Inches 3840 × 2160 4K 16:9| Power Consumption: 60 W | Brightness: 550cd/m2| Contrast: 13000:1


  1. Easy-to-use controls
  2. Robust built quality


  1. Average color accuracy
  2. Average battery life

The combination of features offered by LG in this piece is brilliant. Ideal for PC Gaming, the monitor has a wide set of settings to offer, further making navigations easy for any user. Diversified video solutions, excellent product design, a thin bezel wrapped beautifully around the screen, best HDR mode at an affordable cost, and an incredible 4k resolution, makes LG 32UD99, the best new entrant in 4k monitor run. Additional features include dynamic action Sync for low input lag, Screen Split, on-screen control and black stabilizer.

Dell Ultra HD P2715Q

Known As: Best Performance 4K UHD Monitor

Screen Size & Aspect Ratio: 27 Inches 3840 × 2160 4K 16:9| Power Consumption: 60 W | Brightness: 350cd/m2| Contrast: 1000:1


  1. Ergonomic stand for an adjustable height
  2. 60Hz refresh rate
  3. Excellent 4k resolution
  4. Affordable


  1. Heavy Panel

Dell has proved itself with time, that it is a leader when it comes to developing best performance based monitors and laptops. The Dell P2715Q has vivid colors, brilliant sharpness, and an ultra-high resolution, hence making the image quality, excellent. The body design can be a bit boring, as Dell sticks to its traditional black matte construction and since glossy has a more visual appeal, this might come as a disappointment.

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