10 Best AWS Books for Beginners and Experts

AWS is a web-based platform that provides scalable and cost-effective cloud computing services. It enables organizations to expand and flourish by delivering on-demand resources including database management systems, computing power, and content delivery. AWS gives you the option of choosing your operating system, web application platform, database, programming language, and other services. You get a simulated reality with AWS, which allows you to load software and run tests.

Mastering AWS can enable you to make a career in the cloud industry, earn more money, and improve your career. Beginners and advanced AWS engineers with a few years of professional experience alike will benefit from learning. To learn about AWS and develop in-demand cloud skills, you can pursue an AWS certification.

We have compiled a list of the  10 best  AWS books that you can use to master AWS.

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Book Name



Amazon Web Services in action

Michaek Wittig, Andreas Wittig

Learning Amazon Web Services (AWS Certification book)

Mark Wilkins

Amazon Web Services for Dummies

Bernard Golden

AWS Cookbook: Continuous integration and continuous deployment using AWS services

Nikit Swaraj

Mastering AWS Security: Create and maintain a secure cloud ecosystem

Albert Anthony

Programming AWS Lambda

John Chapping, Mike Roberts

Machine Learning in AWS Cloud

Abishek Mishra

Mastering AWS Cost Optimization

Yair Green, Eli Mansoor

Cloud computing solutions architect: A hands-on approach

Arshdeep Bahga

AWS Lambda in Action: Event-driven server-less applications

Danilo Puccio

10 Best AWS Books

1. Amazon Web Services in action

Amazon Web Services in Action

Author: Michaek Wittig, Andreas Wittig
Edition: Second
Available in: Kindle, Paperback

About the author

Andreas Wittig moved Germany’s first bank’s complete IT infrastructure to AWS. He has extensive expertise with distributed systems, started as a Java programmer, and was in charge of the first real-time online banking infrastructure built entirely in Node.js and based on Websockets. He currently runs a business that focuses in AWS and web technology consulting and development.

Michael Wittig was part of the team that moved Germany’s first bank’s full IT infrastructure to AWS. He has extensive algorithmic trading experience, having utilized AWS to study Terabytes of historical financial data and for real-time financial data analytics using a range of technologies.

About the book

Amazon Web Services in Action teaches you how to use the Amazon Web Services cloud for computing, storage, and networking. The most significant services on AWS will be covered in this book. You’ll study cybersecurity, high availability, and growth methodologies, as well.

You’ll study how to manually set up servers and from the command prompt after getting a thorough understanding of cloud computing and AWS. The book also helps you learn how to programmatically contact the AWS API to take full control of AWS, which will help you automate existing network.

With the help of AWS CloudFormation, you’ll learn about the principle of Infrastructure as Code. You’ll discover how to launch applications on AWS using several methods.

What you’ll learn

  • What is Amazon Web Services, and how does it work?
  • Making use of virtual machines: EC2
  • Putting together your infrastructure: CloudFormation, SDKs, and the command line
  • CloudFormation, Elastic Beanstalk, and OpsWorks are three tools for automating deployment
  • Keeping your system safe: VPC, IAM, and security groups
  • Keeping your items safe: Glacier and S3
  • EBS and instance store are two options for storing data on hard drives
  • Data volume sharing across machines: EFS
  • RDS (Relational Database Service)

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2. Learning Amazon Web Services (AWS Certification book)

Learning Amazon Web Services (AWS) A Hands-On Guide to the Fundamentals of AWS Cloud

Author: Mark Wilkins
Edition: First
Available in: Kindle, Paperback

About the author

Mark Wilkins is an Electronics Engineering Technologist with extensive expertise in software/hardware design, deployment, and support in both the corporate and small business worlds. Mark has been working with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and IBM Cloud to support and create cloud service solutions since 2013. He holds an Amazon Web Services certification (Architecture and Sys-Ops). Mark holds certifications in MCTS, MCSA, Server Virtualization using Windows Server Hyper-V, and Azure Cloud Services, and is a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT).

About the book

Learning Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a straightforward, comprehensive, practical, and hands-on introduction to the world’s most popular cloud platform — the ideal resource for anyone who needs to understand AWS, regardless of their prior IT experience.

Mark Wilkins, a leading cloud trainer, and evangelist provides all you need to know about AWS, covering each major idea in the framework of a book-length case study. He teaches best practices that are completely aligned with Amazon’s Well-Architected Framework. It serves as the foundation for all AWS certifications, making this a useful learning tool for individuals looking to demonstrate their knowledge through formal certification.

Wilkins explains new ideas in the same way that they are presented in the AWS self-service portal, making his material more accessible to learn from and practice with.

What you’ll learn

  • In your service designs, consider cost, compliance, and latency
  • Select the appropriate networking choices for your virtual private cloud (VPC)
  • Create, host, deploy, manage, and budget for Amazon Web Services compute services
  • Plan for growth and reliability, and make educated AWS storage decisions
  • Increase operational efficiency by enforcing stringent security and automating processes

You can buy this book from here.

3. Amazon Web Services for Dummies

Amazon Web Services For Dummies (For Dummies Series)

Author: Bernard Golden
Publisher: For dummies
Edition: First
Available in: Kindle, Paperback

About the author

Dell Enstratius Networks, a worldwide cloud computing management software business, has named Bernard Golden vice president in control of business solutions. In 2012, Wired magazine named him one of the Top Ten Influential People in Cloud Computing.

About the book

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the most popular web services solutions because it is the world’s largest cloud computing platform. This step-by-step guide will walk you through the Amazon Web Services platform and everything it has to offer.

You’ll learn about the Amazon Web Services toolkit, how different web services (such as S3, Amazon EC2, and Amazon Flexible Payments) and Glacier function, and how to use AWS in your company. This is an excellent AWS summary for semi-techies like me who want to know what AWS has to offer.

Following an explanation of the various products, the book delves into how to work with the application programming interface (API) that is used while using AWS.

This section is more suited to “techies” than “dummies.” This book assisted me in grasping the big picture of the AWS services provided and the implications of the most often utilized services’ configuration options. We’re sure it’ll come in handy as a reference for a time, which is exactly what these “basic” manuals are for.

What you’ll learn

  • Everything you need to know about Amazon’s business model
  • The AWS API in Basics
  • AWS storage configuration details
  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud Suggestions
  • AWS Core Services: How to Use Them
  • Steps for constructing an efficient e-commerce site Tips for starting a basic blog
  • Methods for utilizing the AWS ecosystem to meet your requirements

You can buy this book from here.

4. AWS Cookbook: Continuous integration and continuous deployment using AWS services

AWS Automation Cookbook Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment using AWS services

Author: Nikit Swaraj
Publisher: Packt
Edition: First
Available in: Kindle, Paperback, hardcover

About the author

Nikit Swaraj is a DevOps/Solutions Architect with extensive expertise. He understands how to combine development and operations to produce high-quality code. Moreover, he specializes in planning, developing, and implementing enterprise-wide solutions that fulfill business needs while also improving operational efficiency. He has extensive expertise as an AWS solutions architect in developing end-to-end IT solutions and leading and managing full life cycle projects on time and on budget.

About the book

Organizations are increasingly automating their whole application lifecycle to achieve unprecedented speed and agility. AWS CodeDeploy, AWS CodeBuild, and AWS CodePipeline are scalable AWS services that automate the build and deployment pipelines of an application. This book walks you through all of the Amazon Web Services you’ll need to automate instance deployment.

You’ll start by learning how to set up and use CodeCommit, an AWS automation service, and then use CodeBuild to create a sample Maven and Node.js application. After that, the book will show you how to deploy the application in EC2/Auto Scaling using CodeDeploy. With the help of easy-to-follow recipes, you’ll also create a scalable and fault-tolerant continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD) pipeline.

As you progress, you’ll learn how to implement CI/CD for a microservice application in order to boost productivity while reducing system downtime and human errors. The book also explains how to use CloudFormation templates and Ansible to set up an infrastructure and automate AWS resources with AWS Lambda. Finally, you will automate AWS instances as well as the application deployment life cycle.

By the end of this AWS book, you’ll have full control over your software development life cycle and be able to use CI/CD to reduce application downtime.

What you’ll learn

  • CodeBuild may be used to create an example Maven and Node.js application
  • Deploy apps on EC2/Auto Scaling and connect CodePipeline to AWS
  • Create a CI/CD pipeline that is both scalable and fault resistant
  • Using CloudFormation and Ansible, automate the provisioning of your infrastructure
  • AWS Lambda may be used to automate routine processes and to audit compliance
  • Jenkins Pipeline 2.0 may be used to deploy microservice applications to Kubernetes

You can buy this book from here.

5. Mastering AWS Security: Create and maintain a secure cloud ecosystem

Mastering AWS Security Create and maintain a secure cloud ecosystem

Author: Albert Anthony
Edition: First
Available in: Kindle, Paperback, hardcover

About the author

Albert Anthony is an experienced IT expert with over 18 years of experience working with a variety of technologies and in diverse teams all around the world. He believes that information technology’s fundamental goal is to help businesses and organizations solve issues. He’s also a corporate trainer and an AWS-certified solutions architect. He has all three AWS associate-level certifications, as well as PMI-PMP and Certified Scrum Master. Since 2008, he has been providing project management, budget control, and management and leadership training, as well as AWS training since 2016.

About the book

All system administrators, IT professionals, solution architects, security analysts, and Chief Information Security Officers who are responsible for safeguarding workloads in AWS for their organizations should read this book.

Mastering AWS Security is useful for all Solutions Architects who want to build and implement the secure architecture on AWS using the security by design approach, as well as auditors and project managers who want to learn how to audit AWS workloads and manage security in AWS.

If you’re learning AWS or advocating for AWS adoption in your company, you should read this book to ensure that all of your workloads are secure. Understanding the security footprint of all major AWS services for numerous domains, use cases, and scenarios can help you make better decisions.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn about AWS Identity Management and Access Control
  • Learn how to set up and protect your private network in AWS
  • Understand and safeguard your AWS infrastructure
  • Learn about AWS monitoring, logging, and auditing
  • Ensure Data Security in AWS
  • Discover how to safeguard your AWS apps

You can buy this book from here.

6. Programming AWS Lambda

Programming AWS Lambda: Build and Deploy Serverless Applications with Java

Author: John Chapping, Mike Roberts
Publisher: O’Reilly
Edition: First
Available in: Kindle, Paperback

About the book

AWS Lambda is a serverless computing technology and one of Amazon Web Services’ most important components. It’s an event-driven computing service that runs on code. Programming AWS Lambda is a helpful book that covers AWS Lambda and how it interacts with serverless AWS complementing services like DynamoDB.

This book is meant for both new and experienced AWS Lambda users. So, it focuses on the principles rather than the code. The book includes numerous exercises and illustrations covering the use of Java, XLM, and other applications.

This book offers invaluable guidance on how to create stable applications while lowering costs and preserving performance.

What you’ll learn

  • Discover AWS Identity Management and Access Control
  • Learn how to set up and protect your own private network in AWS
  • Understand and protect your AWS infrastructure
  • Understand AWS monitoring, logging, and auditing
  • Ensure AWS Data Security
  • Learn how to safeguard your AWS apps

You can buy this book from here.

7. Machine Learning in AWS Cloud

Machine Learning in the AWS Cloud Add Intelligence to Applications with Amazon SageMaker and Amazon Rekognition

Author: Abishek Mishra
Edition: First
Available in: Kindle, Paperback, textbook, digital

About the book

This book explains how Machine Learning (ML) is used in AWS and gives real-world examples of how to solve classification and regression problems with it. Machine Learning in the AWS Cloud presents an introduction to the fundamentals of cloud computing as well as several AWS machine learning applications.

This book teaches people how to use Amazon Machine Learning and Amazon SageMaker to solve problems.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to preprocess data, do basic feature engineering, visualize data, and develop models
  • Amazon can help you find common neural network frameworks. SageMaker
  • Amazon Rekognition can help you solve computer vision difficulties
  • Each chapter includes pictures, source code samples, and sidebars

You can buy this book from here.

8. Mastering AWS Cost Optimization

Mastering AWS Cost Optimization Real-world technical and operational cost-saving best practices

Author: Yair Green, Eli Mansoor
Publisher: O’Reilly
Edition: First
Available in: Kindle, Paperback

About the author

Eli Mansoor is a Territory Account Manager at Amazon Web Services, where he assists businesses with their migration to the cloud.

Yair Green is a seasoned technical executive with a commercial focus who has led technology at top Israeli startups and hi-tech firms such as Telmap (bought by Intel), Fiverr, and Matomy Media Group.

About the book

This is an excellent reference book that takes a realistic, real-world approach to this crucial issue. Any cloud business manager in charge of finance and engineering would benefit greatly from the authors’ balanced and nuanced perspective. This is because they have extensive experience and knowledge of AWS and a keen understanding of how cost management is a key driver of good architecture and operational planning.

It is an outstanding contribution to the growing corpus of knowledge on the crucial topic of cloud cost optimization. Additionally, each AWS service has its own chapter, which includes everything from an introduction to a set of guidelines and suggestions. There are a lot of examples to help you comprehend the idea.

What you’ll learn

  • Pricing models for Amazon’s compute (EC2, Lambda, Container Services), storage (S3, Glacier, EBS, and EFS), and networking services
  • Best practices for architecting and maintaining your cloud infrastructures for cost and efficiency improvement
  • How to create apps that are lightweight in terms of resource needs
  • How to Make Use of AWS’s Operational Services

You can buy this book from here.

9. Cloud computing solutions architect: A hands-on approach

Cloud Computing Solutions Architect A Hands-On Approach A Competency-based Textbook for Universities and a Guide for AWS Cloud Certification and Beyond

Author: Arshdeep Bahga
Edition: First
Available in: Kindle, Paperback

About the author

Arshdeep Bahga is a co-author of the Hands-on Approach book series and a computer science researcher. In the fields of Blockchain, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, and Big Data, he is known for his research and textbooks. Universities all around the globe have accepted his publications for undergraduate and graduate-level courses.

The ACM Computing Reviews’ 19th Annual Best of Computing has acknowledged the Cloud Computing book. Arshdeep has a number of peer-reviewed scientific articles and technological patents to his name.

About the book

Despite the fact that this book concentrates on the AWS cloud certification exam, it is an excellent resource for learning concepts in a step-by-step manner. AWS is broad, and this book is an excellent place to begin because the author understands exactly what is required to start and complete an AWS project. Many case studies and in-depth analyses of cloud technologies, architectures, and applications are included.

What you’ll learn

  • Examples and features of cloud-based services in the real world
  • Reference architectures for many kinds of cloud applications, such as e-Commerce, Banking, Business-to-Business, Retail, and Social Networking
  • Cloud security
  • Serverless computing and big data analytics are all examples of specialized cloud computing elements

You can buy this book from here.

10. AWS Lambda in Action: Event-driven server-less applications

AWS Lambda in Action Event-driven serverless applications

Author: Danilo Puccio
Edition: First
Available in: Kindle, Paperback

About the author

At Amazon Web Services, Danilo Poccia works as a Technical Evangelist. He is a regular speaker at public events and technical seminars as the creator of AWS Lambda tools that make authentication and integration with external event-driven services easier.

About the book

AWS Lambda in Action is a hands-on lesson that shows you how to create back-end apps that are event-driven. You develop your code in AWS Lambda and then upload it to the cloud. AWS Lambda reacts to events produced by your application or users and controls the supporting computer resources on your behalf.

Back-end functions such as document analysis and mobile app request handling are simple to implement. Your application is broken down into discrete functions, resulting in a reactive design and microservices acceptance.

AWS Lambda in Action is a hands-on lesson that shows you how to create back-end apps that employ an event-driven approach. The book begins with an overview of AWS Lambda before moving on to popular examples and techniques for calling Lambda functions from a web page or a mobile app.

The book’s second half combines these smaller examples to create larger applications. So, you’ll be able to build apps that use AWS’ high availability, privacy, efficiency, and scalability.

What you’ll learn

  • Keeping security in control
  • Using independent functions
  • Identity management
  • Using a client to call functions Creating an authentication service
  • Putting in place an authentication service
  • Increasing the functionality of the authentication service
  • Constructing a media-sharing application

You can buy this book from here.


That’s a wrap for this article. Each of the books mentioned in this article is just as helpful as the other. The top 10 AWS booklist has not been compiled based on hierarchy and is helpful for both beginners and advanced. However, there are innumerable books available in the market. If you think an AWS book of your choice deserves to be on this list, let us know via the comments.

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