10 Best Calculator Watches in 2022

Calculator watches are multi-purpose timepieces and are equipped with numerous functionalities. They were horological marvels when they first came out, and are still today. Most calculator watches show us time, date, and day. Additionally, some can also be used as a data bank to store your meeting or telephone numbers or set multiple alarms. 

The first calculator watch was introduced by Pulsar in 1975, laying the foundation stone for technical advancements in watches. Casio followed soon after and is one of the most well-known brands for calculator watches. For those born in the late 90s, these watches bring a sense of nostalgia and memories of boasting our futuristic-looking watches to our friends.

Are Calculator Watches Still in Style Today?

Calculator Watch

Complex mechanical watches took a back seat when CASIO introduced quartz watches. Their calculator watches were considered Haute couture geeks by most. But that mentality drastically changed when Marty McFly wore it as a futuristic watch in Back to the Future. It was suddenly a desirable watch among teens and adults alike. The CASIO calculator watch was also worn by Walter White in Breaking Bad and Joker in the Dark Knight.

Best Calculator Watches to Buy in 2021

Here is a list of six hand-picked calculator watches to upgrade your watch collection.

1. Casio CA-53W-1 Calculator Watch

Casio CA-53W-1 Calculator Watch


  1. Case dimensions:  42.0 x 33.0 x 7.0mm
  2. Total weight: 29 grams
  3. Water-resistant: Yes (light splashes only)

The CA-53W-1 is a calculator watch from the CASIO Men’s Vintage collection, which was first released in 1984. It is one of the watches worn by Marty McFly in the movie ‘Back to the Future where the watch is depicted as a futuristic watch. 

The CA-53W-1 features dual time, daily alarm, stopwatch, calendar, and an hourly time signal. It has a battery life of 5-years on continuous usage. Although this CASIO watch is water-resistant, the depth has not been specified by the company. This means that the watch is capable of handling splashes, but avoids submerging it underwater. It is one of the sleekest watches designed by CASIO (only 42.0 x 33.0 x 7.0mm) and also the most retro calculator watch that you can get your hands on. It is also suitable for kids.

Stand-out features:

  • Auto-calendar pre-programmed till 2099
  • 5-year battery life
  • Hourly-time signal

2. Apple Watch Series 7

Apple Watch Series 7


  1. Screen size:  41mm, 45mm
  2. Total Weight: 32 grams, 38.8 grams
  3. Water-resistant: Yes 

The latest series of the Apple watch was released in September 2021. The Apple watch series 7 is a smartwatch that you can use to perform basic arithmetic calculations. You can also ask Siri questions like “What is 86 times 67?” and get the answer in the blink of an eye. This smartwatch also helps you calculate the tip or split the bill through the calculator app.

But this Apple smartwatch is much more than a simple calculator. It features an ECG sensor to monitor your heart rate, a sleep monitor, a SpO2 monitor, a fall detector, and a loud noise detector. Moreover, it is a highly durable watch, thanks to its IP6X dust resistance and WR50 water-resistant ratings. The screen is crack-proof so it can endure a fall from your hand. One of the best things about this watch is the always-on display which lets you view the complications and watch face at all times. It makes for a good smartwatch for men and women. 

Stand-out features:

  • ECG sensor
  • Fall-detection
  • SpO2 monitor
  • IPX6 dust resistance and WR50 water resistance

3. CASIO Databank DBC-611 Calculator Watch

CASIO Databank DBC-611 calculator watch


  1. Case diameter:  34.4mm
  2. Total weight: 25 grams
  3. Water-resistant: Yes (light splashes only)

Although the Databank series by CASIO was first released in 1983, Databank DBC-611 came out in 2011. The watch retains its vintage CASIO timepiece look while also employing modern functionality. It is one of the classiest CASIO watches and a great choice to go to your office-look. It features auto-LED light, 2 time zones, multiple language displays, alarm snoozing option, 12/24 hour time formats, 25 page Databank, and a stopwatch. The battery has a 3-year life that keeps it running without hindering your daily activities. It also has support for 13 languages.

It is available in 2-color options – silver and gold, both of which are timeless color choices for a classic watch. The watch looks stylish on all manly wrists and makes for a nice gifting option for your husband or father. 

Stand-out features:

  • Supports 13 languages
  • You can use it as a databank like to store telephone numbers
  • 3-year battery life

4. Timex Unisex Calculator Watch

Timex Unisex Calculator Watch


  1. Case diameter: 35 mm
  2. Total weight: 31 grams
  3. Water-resistant: Yes (up to 99 feet)

The Timex Unisex calculator watch is a great option if you are looking for a unique color option. It is available in 5 colors – black, pink, blue, green, and purple. With its convenient dedicated calculator interface, the watch can execute complex mathematical computations in a second. The unisex watch also has a digital display with an LCD light that flashes the current date, time zone, and any programmed alarms. The accessories are accurate, attributable to a quartz movement, and a buckle strap ties them to your wrists and tails on the go. Moreover, it is water-resistant up to 99 feet so you can easily wear it to your swim sessions. 

Stand-out features:

  • 5 color options
  • Quartz movement
  • Water resistance up to 99 feet

5. 1977 Seiko LCD Calculator Watch C153-5009

1977 Seiko LCD Calculator Watch C153-5009


  1. Case diameter:  36.1 mm
  2. Maximum wrist size: 205mm
  3. Total Weight: unknown
  4. Water-resistant: No

Made in 1977, the Seiko LCD calculator watch is one of the most vintage calculator watches we know of. The watch uses a Z145 bracelet that fits most wrists and requires no adjustment. It can perform intricate calculations in a gist, like finding out the square root of a large number. It also acts as a calendar and displays the day and date on its LCD screen. 

However, performing calculations on the watch is a little inconvenient because of how the buttons are designed. They are concave shaped meaning they are caved inward which makes it difficult and fiddly to press the right buttons. 

Stand-out features:

  • Vintage watch
  • Can perform calculations like finding the square root of a number

6. Pulsar Calculator Watch

Pulsar Calculator Watch


  1. Case dimensions:  36 x 43 x 15 mm
  2. Total Weight: unknown
  3. Water-resistant: No

Another calculator watch that was introduced in 1977, the Pulsar watch can perform 12-digit calculations. It is the first electronic calculator watch ever introduced by Pulsar. The case of the watch was made in Switzerland, while the electronics module was developed by Time Computer Inc., USA. 

Because the watch’s electronics are highly power-consuming, the watch does not have an always-on display. You can view the time by pressing the “pulsar” button at the bottom of the case or flick your wrist to activate the display. The calculator is activated by the “+” button and if left unused, it stays on for 20 seconds. The watch comes with a stylus to aid you in operating the calculator. 

Stand-out features:

  • Oldest calculator watch
  • Can perform 12-digit calculations
  • Comes with a stylus for convenient operation

7. CASIO Databank DBC-32-1A

CASIO Databank DBC-32-1A


  1. Case diameter: 38mm
  2. Total Weight: 1.2 ounces
  3. Water-resistant: Yes

The Casio DBC32-1A is another variant with an 8-digit calculator and a 25-page databank. The battery life on this black case watch with an acrylic band is ten years. As noted in other models above, it can store details such as appointments and the like. There are four multifunctional alarms and one snooze warning, for a total of five alarms.

The 41mm diameter watch has an LED backlight with an auto-light switch and a pleasant glow. As well as a glimpse of the day, date, month, and year. Water tolerance is up to 50 meters. This device is genuinely bilingual, as it includes a view of the days of the week in 13 different languages. Casio introduced the Databank series in 1983, a year after Pulsar launched its style. Casio’s Databank range has been expanding since the 1980s, with exclusive capabilities such as world time, a speech recording, and a neon backlight.

Stand-out features:

  • 8-digit calculator
  • 25-page databank
  • 13 languages enabled

8. Bulova Computron 97C110

Bulova Computron 97C110


  1. Case dimensions:  33 x 31 x 13.5 mm
  2. Total Weight: 2.8 oz
  3. Water-resistant: Yes

The Computron 97C110 was first introduced in 1976 when watchmakers began producing calculator watches; however, it does not have a calculator. It’s a little off-piste, but we think it fits on this list because of its vintage aesthetic, which is similar to the others.

Bulova initially used an LED display in the Computron 97C110. It’s a digital watch with a time display via a push button.

This Bulova digital watch is a distinguished calculator-style watch, having been produced during a period of progress in the watch industry. The Bulova Computron 97C110 was upgraded in 2019 with a bluish chrome version and an unfiltered red LED led screen. It’s a stainless steel 31mm watch with a mineral crystal. This model is available in black, chromium, and gold finishes. It is water-resistant up to 30 meters.

Stand-out features:

  • Water-resistant up to 30 meters
  • LED display
  • Vintage calculator watch-like design

9. Casio Men’s CA-506C-5A E-Data-Bank Watch

Casio Mens CA-506C-5A E-Data-Bank Watch


  1. Case dimensions: 42.0 x 33.0 x 7.0mm
  2. Total Weight: 29 gm
  3. Water-resistant: Yes

The CA-506C-5A Data bank rosegold watch by Casio is another great addition to this list of the best calculator watches. You can perform simple 8-digit mathematical calculations easily on this watch like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. It also features an hourly time indicator that beeps every new hour. The calendar is auto-programmed till the year 2079 so you never have to worry about programming it. 

It is powered by a CR2016 battery that has a life of 5 years. The watch is water resistant up to 30 meters meaning you can go for that weekly dips in the swimming pool without spoiling your watch.  

Stand-out features:

  • Water-resistant up to 30 meters
  • Calendar auto-programmed till 2079
  • Stunning rose gold color

10. Timex Unisex Calculator Watch T2N236

Timex Unisex Calculator Watch T2N236


  1. Case dimensions: 33 x 18 x 11 mm
  2. Total Weight: 9.6 ounces
  3. Water-resistant: Yes

One of the most popular calculators watches series was created by Timex. The water-resistant digital screen watch is a unisex quartz vintage black timepiece. On this 10-digit calculator, you can do simple math tasks. You can also use it to set alarms to remind yourself of that important client meeting scheduled for the day.

The Timex T2N187 is a rubber watch with a grey band and dial. It’s a 34mm watch featuring a day/date display, stopwatch, and alarm functions. It is also water-resistant up to a depth of 30 meters.

Stand-out features:

  • Water-resistant up to 30 meters
  • 10-digit calculations
  • Alarm feature

Calculator Watches: FAQ

Who invented the calculator watch?

Calculator watches first came out in 1975 by Pulsar and Hewlett Packard. Pulsar was then a part of the Hamilton Watch Company division. It was named Time Computer Calculator 901. It could perform basic arithmetic calculations and came with a stylus to operate it.

What smartwatch has a calculator?

Although Apple 5 smartwatch is the first smartwatch that has a calculator, there are a number of great smartwatches available in the market today. You can download the calculator app from Google Play Store on the CASIO Pro Trek WSD-F30. The Michael Kors Access Runway is another option.

What is the price of a calculator watch?

The price of a calculator watch ranges from nearly $14 (CASIO Classic Quartz Resin Strap) to more than $70 (CASIO Men’s Goldtone).


We hope you loved our list of best calculator watches. All these watches are not only from different time periods but also represent different generations. They are unique in their own ways while performing the same basic function. Which of these appealed to you the most? Tell us via the comment section. We also keep updating our list, so don’t forget to revisit our page.

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