3 Best CO2 Fire Extinguishers in 2022

Our first instinct on hearing a smoke alarm is to locate the cause of the smoke and douse a flaming or smoldering fire. A CO2 fire extinguisher is, therefore, a piece of crucial safety equipment for every household. 

Carbon Dioxide fire extinguishers contain non-flammable, pure carbon dioxide gas. They are typically suitable for Class B (flammable liquids and gases) and Class C fires (electrical fires). 

However, it can be used to tackle other classes of fire too. There are six different classes of fire.

Classes of Fire

  1. Class A – wood, paper, textile
  2. Class B – flammable liquids such as petrol, diesel, or oils
  3. Class C – flammable gases like propane, butane, methane, etc.
  4. Class D – electrical apparatus, computers, phones, etc.
  5. Class E- cooking oils and fats

CO2 Fire Extinguisher Uses & Safety Tips

Portable fire extinguishers are used to douse the fire that is confined to a small area or to control the spread of fire. If you see the fire is spreading, always call the fire department for help. 

Here are some tips to help you handle CO2 extinguishers safely. 

1. Careful Usage: Follow the PASS (Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep) method when using the fire extinguisher.

  • Pull the pin
  • Aim low
  • Squeeze the lever slowly
  • Sweep the nozzle from side to side

2. Place them near an exit

Keeping it near the exit has several benefits. Everyone can access it and remember its location. Also, one always runs towards an exit to escape a fire. Placing it at an exit means that you wouldn’t have to stay inside a building and go looking for it. 

3. Check the pressure

The pressure should be optimum to fight a fire. Therefore, always check the pressure gauge of the fire extinguisher before using it. CO2 fire extinguishers do not have a pressure gauge and the liquified CO2  is always on a pressure of 55 bar at room temperature. 

4. Read the manual carefully

Always read the guidelines on the usage of a fire extinguisher in the manual provided by the manufacturer.

Top-Rated CO2 Fire Extinguishers in 2022

Let’s learn about some of the best CO2 Extinguishers to keep you safe.

1. First Alert Home1 Rechargeable Standard Home Fire Extinguisher

First Alert Home1 Rechargeable Standard Home Fire Extinguisher


  • Product Dimensions – ‎4.25 x 4 x 15 inches
  • Product weight – ‎4.5 pounds (2 kg) 

The First Alert Home1 is a multi-purpose U. L. 10-B: C rated fire extinguisher for your home that fights wood, paper, plastics, gasoline, oil, and electrical fires. 

Therefore, you can be assured that it will take care of all types of home fires and keep you safe. It has a metal pull pin with a safety seal to prevent accidental discharge and tampering. 

With an all-metal construction with a commercial-grade metal valve and trigger, the equipment ensures that it’s ready to use in an emergency. It can easily douse flaming fires. Once used, it can be recharged by a certified professional. 

It also includes a mounting bracket to keep the unit secure and within reach and is U.S. Coast Guard–approved for marine use when used with the bracket.

2. Kidde 466180 Pro 5 Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher

Kidde 466180 Pro 5 Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher


  • Product Dimensions – ‎0.03 x 0.25 x 0.77 inches
  • Product weight – ‎6.8 pounds (3 kg)

Kidde is well-known around the world for its expertise in fire detection and suppression products. The Pro5 CO2 detector is no exception.

It is built to last and is made of strong aluminum with a long-lasting epoxy red finish. The cylinder holds about 5 pounds of fire extinguishing chemicals, which may easily be utilized to quell Class B and C flames.

The Pro 5 is UL rated at 5-B: C and comes with a 5-year guarantee. The product comes with a user handbook so that anyone may use it securely in an emergency. It also leaves no residues, so you won’t have to bother about cleaning them up afterward.

3. Amerex CO2 Fire Extinguisher

Amerex CO2 Fire Extinguisher


  • Product Dimensions – ‎24 inches height
  • Product weight – ‎10 pounds (4.5 kg)

The Amerex CO2 Fire Extinguisher is one of the best available on market. With the all-metal valve and rust-free aluminum cylinder, the extinguisher will last you for a long time. It is USGC approved hence it is safe for use at home, offices, and hospitals. You can easily douse the fire without causing any mess, as it does not leave any residue. It has a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty and hence is quite durable.


We hope this post was informative and that it assisted you in purchasing a fire extinguisher for your home. Don’t forget to follow the safety tips. In addition, purchase a high-quality smoke alarm for your home that will alert you in the event of a fire. We always appreciate reader suggestions, so don’t forget to leave yours in the comments section.

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