Best Cpanel Alternatives that You Must Get in 2022

Best Cpanel Alternatives

cPanel is a popular control panel for managing websites and servers. It has been the industry norm over the past couple of decades as the go-to control panel, and practically every server management has some expertise with it.

cPanel, on the other hand, isn’t free. Plan prices start at $15 a month for a solitary license, which is prohibitively expensive for many consumers, particularly startups and independent developers. It often costs beyond what people pay for servers and hosting. However, more importantly, the actual question is if it is still the greatest.

In this article, we will talk about the best cPanel alternatives to look for in 2022. However, first, let us see what is cPanel and what makes it so popular.

What is cPanel?

cPanel hosting is simply Linux-based web hosting with the cPanel control panel installed. A cPanel account is included with the hosting package, allowing you to manage your web hosting aspects.

As a result, cPanel may be utilized in a variety of hosting environments, including shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting.

For novices searching for a simple control panel solution, this control panel is a suitable option. cPanel, like other hosting control panels, has advantages and disadvantages.

What makes cPanel special?

cPanel, as one of the most widely used control panels, works with a variety of browsers, like Safari, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. Several third-party apps, such as SEO tools and site builders, are also supported by cPanel. It allows consumers to execute complex operations such as setting subdomain and FTP profiles, administering MySQL database, and creating site backups without requiring sophisticated technical knowledge.

Various functions are organized into simple components in the cPanel interface, making it easy for users to find them. For easy navigation, the cPanel dashboard has straightforward menus and images. The cPanel forums and blogs include a wealth of information. There are also separate technical guides for both cPanel and WHM. They demonstrate how to utilize and troubleshoot cPanel products.

Why Look for cPanel Alternatives?

According to research, the two-factor authentication (2FA) technique used by cPanel is subject to brute force assaults. To avoid this, you have to ensure your cPanel edition is regularly up to date.

Moreover, during large updates, the cPanel system may inadvertently rewrite server settings and delete all data. This occurs as a result of a failed or crashed hard drive. In such instances, try to restore your web server using a thorough disaster recovery plan.

In comparison to its competitors, cPanel has the most expensive license. If you only need to manage a website, a cPanel hosting plan may be a more cost-effective option because the web host would lend you their cPanel license.

Best cPanel Alternatives for Your Hosting Needs

Here’s a list of the best cPanel alternatives that are pocket-friendly and loaded with features:

  1. Froxlor
  2. ISP Config
  3. SPanel
  4. DTC
  5. VestaCP
  6. Cloud panel
  7. ISP Manager
  8. CentOS

1. Froxlor

FroxlorIf you are looking for a lightweight, versatile, and open-source web hosting service, Froxlor is perfect for you. Developed by the creators of SysCp, it is written in PHP scripting language which makes it compatible with all Linux. Moreover, it is super easy to use and installs like butter.


  • Allows you to create custom email addresses
  • You can specify a file for each domain
  • Lets you view graphical analytics of the stored mail traffic, dedicated FTP, and HTTP
  • Has internal user resource system
  • Allows remote logins
  • Let’s you select between IPv4 and IPv6
  • Let’s you determine SSL ports
  • Multiple language translations

2. ISP Config

ISP Config

ISP config is a web-hosting panel that is specifically built for all Linux OS. Naturally, it is scripted in PHP. It has support for 22 different languages and even lets you manage your server from your web browser.

Although the ISPConfig interface is regarded as ancient in the twenty-first century, this has little impact on the web hosting control panel’s easy operation. Subscribers have the same ability to set up merchant and user accounts as they do with cPanel.


  • From a single control panel, you may monitor more than one server
  • Admin, reseller, customer, and email login are all options for gaining access to the control panel
  • It lets you manage your email accounts, websites, and DNS records.
  • HTTP, POP3/IMAP, SMTP, and FTP are all supported by this open-source cPanel replacement solution
  • Ubuntu, Debian, and CentOS are among the Linux distributions supported by Ispconfig
  • Supports IPv4 and IPv6
  • Comes pre-installed with Ruby hence perfect for Ruby users

3. SPanel


SPanel is a CPanel replacement that makes it simple to control your website. It comes with an admin panel that helps to administer web server accounts. You can use this tool to reset passwords and suspend or unsubscribe from websites.


  • Nginx, Apache, LiteSpeed, and other web servers are supported by cPanel
  • Allows you to move websites quickly and easily
  • It allows you to easily manage your emails
  • This is a lighter and speedier option
  • Provides free SSSL to all SPanal-hosted websites
  • It enables you to fast and easily select the PHP version you want

4. DTC

DTCIf you’re seeking a free replacement to cPanel that’s designed exclusively for running a web hosting company, Domain Technologie Control is the way to go (DTC).

This web hosting control panel includes special features for assigning jobs to administrators and webmasters.


  • Offers database monitoring, domain registration, and subdomain generation
  • Let’s you create FTP/email accounts, mailing lists, and click-button interfaces
  • Also, let’s you create tickets
  • Enable you to create hosting plans and successful billing for both end-users and resellers
  • Offers an integrated billing system is also compatible with both ordinary and dedicated accounts.
  • Enables invoicing, registration forms, plan subscriptions, and renewals via storefront integrations
  • Also includes an accounting software

5. Vestacp

VestacpVesta is a Linux server control panel that is free and open-source.

It includes a well-designed UI with easy-to-read graphics that make server monitoring simple.

Vesta added a built-in firewall and controlled backups to its security capabilities. It also includes command-line options for managing the server. Its control panel is an excellent solution for small server administration. It’s ideal for first-time users who want a simple interface.

The free version includes all of the essential server management features. SFTP chroot and business plugin support are available in the premium edition.


  • It has a lot of keyboard shortcuts
  • This program includes a built-in firewall that addresses all typical problems
  • It has built-in website statistics tools that track visitor data such as pages, hits, and sessions.
  • It enables you to work directly from a terminal
  • You can connect it to your backup system

6. Cloud panel

Cloud panelCloudPanel’s elegant and intuitive user interface is very popular among users. It is largely regarded as significantly superior to whatever cPanel has to offer thus far. CloudPanel is referred to as a server control panel instead of a web host control panels to emphasize that it is designed for web host administrators instead of end consumers.


7. ISP manager

ISP managerISPmanager is a Linux server control interface and web hosting platform that can be used to administer both dedicated servers and virtual private servers. It is among the top free cPanel alternatives, offering shared and reseller hosting.


  • You can install and operate Nginx and Apache on the Linux server.
  • Spam filtering for domains and mailboxes can be configured.
  • SSL certificates can be used to encrypt confidential information
  • It can be used with content management systems like Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress
  • Backups to cloud drives, such as Amazon and Dropbox, are possible using this program.
  • The firewall can be installed using ISPmanager.
  • Databases may be created and stored with ease.

8. CentOS

CentOSCentOS is the product of a developer’s commitment to offering a rich, stable foundation on which future users can build. Someone in need of web hosting is among these potential users, and CentOS is being used to set up a large number of web servers ever since beginning in 2004.

Commercial web developers that appreciate the CentOS distribution’s reliability and ecosystem. The auto-fixer function in CentOS Web Panel makes it friendly to more ordinary users since it corrects file modifications that it detects as causing unintended server harm.


  • CWP installs full LAMP on the host you specify, including
  • CWP immediately installs full LAMP on your chosen server, allowing users to effortlessly administer their websites through a modern and powerful user interface that supports full process automation.
  • Configure a billing program to aid in the establishment of user accounts automatically, as well as user backups, cron jobs, and other tasks.
  • Offers custom themes, firewall management, and database implementation
  • You can also monitor system and user health


That’s all for this article. Hopefully, you have decided on the best cPanel alternative to use. Our first option is Froxlor due to its versatility and ease of use. However, the other options mentioned are no less than cPanel. In fact, some offer even more functionality at a much lower cost than cPanel. If you still have any questions, don’t forget to ask us via comments.

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