Best Email Clients to Boost Your Productivity

Best Email Clients to Boost Your Productivity

Using the best email client for all your business-related emails is the best way to enhance productivity and efficiency at the workplace. Not only are they more convenient but easier to manage than a typical email account.

Most people usually spend nearly 5 hours checking personal and work emails. An email client helps you consolidate all of your accounts in one app. It also lets you use a variety of productivity tools, and combine your other preferred applications with a desktop email client. They’re simple to set up and, in most cases, provide more functionality than web apps.

In this article, we will talk about the best email clients that you can use for better managing your emails. However, before that, let us see what exactly are they and what features they offer.

What is an Email Client?

Email clients are web-based or desktop applications that let you handle multiple email addresses from various email services. You can use your email client’s “offline” option to browse, reply, or send emails without needing to be connected to the internet. Unlike webmail, several email programs let you adjust the style, hue, and other aspects of the user interface to make the experience more individualized.

Email clients enable you to back up your mails so that you can locate, store, and delete them safely on your pc. Email clients let you integrate or install extensions to your email service to get more capabilities and boost your email efficiency. To check your emails and safeguard yourself from viruses, you’ll need an antivirus program.

What to Look for in an Email Client?

The best email clients offer a few basic but important features that you must look out for when choosing one for yourself.

Schedule email

It lets you write an email and schedule it to be sent at a later day.

Read receipt

Informs you when the receiver reads your email.

Manage attachments

It is a feature that allows you to save and recover attachments.


It allows you to ignore email interruptions for a set amount of time.

Robust encryption

Email clients offer more robust encryption, thanks to technologies like PGP or Pretty Good Privacy.

Phishing flag

Email clients indicate phishing or other dubious emails.

Collaborative tools

Collaboration tools enable you to share emails with coworkers and collaborate as a group.

Best Email Clients to Boost Your Productivity

1. Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft OutlookPrice


Reasons to buy

  • Microsoft Office integration
  • Trusted by millions of users worldwide

Microsoft Outlook is perhaps the most well-known name in email services when it comes to business email servers. Microsoft Office 97 was the first to release it.

Microsoft Outlook is a program that integrates email and calendaring functions into a single application. It recognizes emails that are “targeted.” These are crucial messages. From the email dashboard, you can easily create calendar events or tasks. End-to-end encryption in Outlook is excellent.

There’s also protection against ransomware. Microsoft Outlook works mostly with other Microsoft products, including Office and the OneDrive cloud storage service.

Pre-made layouts, built-in transcription, read-aloud texts, and guidelines for organizing emails with phrases, flags, recipient name, to/from field, and much more are all included in the email client. Scores of third-party connections (called Add-Ins) are available to further personalize your experience.

2. emClient


Free for up to two email accounts, Pro version at $49.95

Reasons to buy

  • Chat support
  • Robust encryption
  • User-friendly interface

eM Client Inc. is a Czech software firm. It began in 2017. The email client of the same title is the company’s main app.

The eM Client is available in over 20 languages. It operates on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. It is compatible with all of the primary email technologies. POP3, SMTP, IMAP, and others are among them. You can use PGP to encrypt your mails for enhanced security. eM Client keeps track of responses and sends you read receipts.

Email templates are available to you. There is a manager for attachments. You can send e-mails at a later point in time. Calendars, project tracking, and contact management are all included in eM Client. eM Client can also be used to send messages.

3. Thunderbird



Reasons to buy

  • Closest alternative to Gmail
  • Customizable as per users’ requirements

Thunderbird is a company that exists outside of the realm of large tech giants. It is a safe, sophisticated email client for individual use, created by a division of the Mozilla Foundation.

Thunderbird’s features are pretty remarkable. All of the regular mail filterings, storing, and filtering that you’re familiar with will be available in this app. Thunderbird, on the other hand, goes above and above with capabilities for handling large files, add-ons that increase the app’s functionality, and a unified inbox that allows you to track several accounts in one location.

Thunderbird, in particular, places a high value on security and privacy. It identifies phishing activities, alerts you when you’re going to click on a dubious link, and doesn’t monitor your online behavior.

It is open source, so anyone can use and customize it. No mobile app is its only drawback.

4. Inky

Inky EmailPrice

On request

Reasons to buy

  • Best security
  • Prevents phishing activities

Inky is a security-focused email client that employs AI and machine learning algorithms to thwart all types of phishing attempts that would otherwise get through.

This client employs an ‘Inky Phish Fence,’ which detects phishing attempts in both externally and internally emails. The company’s own machine learning algorithm can read an email to see if it contains phishing information, and either quarantine it or transmit it with the dangerous links blocked.

It also has an analytic dashboard that enables an admin to see intrusion attempts based on dates or intended people. Although the Inky email client offers a free trial, pricing information isn’t readily available on the Inky website.

5. Mailbird



$1.63 per month

Reasons to buy

  • Best to manage multiple email accounts
  • Affordable and customizable

Mailbird is among the most contemporary and consumer-friendly email clients we tested, and its extensive list of third-party connections makes it simple to manage both email and your frequently used apps.

When you link the integrations, they share the same UI as your inbox, making Mailbird appealing to users who don’t want to leave. Native connectors are available for Slack, Trello, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Twitter, to name a few.

The Snooze function is one method to use your mailbox without having to use other applications. If you wish to be notified of an upcoming event, such as a seminar, you can simply use Mailbird to do that. It will also be saved in your Snooze folder so you can keep track of what’s coming up next. Additionally, you can add more than one email and manage it all from a single location.

6. Edison mail

Edison mailPrice


Reasons to buy

  • Ad free
  • Loaded with handy features

Unlike many of the other applications on our list, Edison Mail was built with smartphones in mind. They want to give you a beautiful, ad-free email solution on your Ios or Spike device.

At its most basic level, Edison Mail allows you to handle all of your personal emails and inboxes from a single location. You may use Edison Mail to manage any email address, including Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo!

The built-in helper in Edison Mail, on the other hand, is where things become interesting. Flight alerts, location weather predictions, and just-in-time instructions are just a few of the options available to passengers. It can also send you notifications on parcel delivery based on new emails, track price drops on things, and even unsubscribe you from bothersome newsletters and advertising emails instantly.

7. Spike


Free with limited storage, Pro for $4 per month

Reasons to buy

  • Great to manage unlimited email accounts
  • Great encryption
  • Available for both desktop and mobile

Spike is for you if you want your email inbox to appear more like iMessage or WhatsApp.

The program converts your email into a true chat interaction and is aimed at organizations that need a smarter way to coordinate their interactions. As a result, it’s a viable alternative to specialist chat tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Spike has a built-in Notes app for working on assignments with your colleagues, in addition to its email management tools. While it lacks the capability of specialized project management solutions, it’s sufficient for smaller groups to get a lot done without switching apps. In a similar spirit, a linked task list is available to assist you in responding to emails.

8. Gmail


Free with limited storage

Reasons to buy

  • Best UI
  • Solid filter for spam
  • Available for both desktop and mobile

The clean web interface of Gmail is a standout feature. The inbox takes up most of the screen, with only a few toolbars and minor distractions. Even as a first-time user, you can read and react to emails with ease because messages are neatly arranged into conversations for better viewing.

Gmail becomes more engaging with dynamic mail, which allows users to complete tasks such as filling out a survey or replying to a Google Docs remark straight from within the email. Messages can be quickly sorted into tabbed categories such as Primary, Social, and Promotions, allowing you to concentrate on the information you require.

Your inbox is kept free of spam thanks to cutting-edge spam prevention, and you can manage several profiles from the same dashboard. Your inbox has 15GB of storage.


That’s all for this article. To summarize, you no longer have a justification to utilize basic Gmail or Hotmail. Outlook is, without a doubt, a good option for Windows users. However, we hope you’ve found some other excellent email client options. While the correct email app can make a great difference, it’s often more beneficial to use tools that eliminate the necessity for email exchanges altogether. Have a personal preference? Let us know what you love about it via comments.

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