5 Best Fire Blankets to Use in An Emergency

Fire safety equipment is things that we buy but hope to never use them. A fire blanket is one of those products. 

Fire blankets are easy-to-use fire extinguishers and you don’t require professional training to use them. In the event of a fire, you simply cover it with these flame-retardant blankets to cut off the oxygen supply and smother the flames. 

The National Fire Protection Association estimates that 49% of all reported home fires are caused during cooking. 21% of all homes fire deaths were the result of these fires. 

A fire blanket is the easiest and most convenient way to handle such fires. Water cannot be used in cooking fires because of the risk of burning yourself with the splashing hot oil. Fire extinguishers are effective but they make a huge mess. Fire blankets help you avoid the mess and can even be used by kids in the event of an emergency. 

What to look for when buying a Fire Blanket?

Here are a few things you need to look for when buying a fire blanket:

  • Pouch – Fire blankets that come in brightly colored packs are easy to locate in emergencies. You don’t want to keep looking for it, giving fire time to spread. 
  • Grommets – Grommets on the fire blanket pouch are used to hang them on a hook. You can hang them in the kitchen so that you may easily grab them in a fire emergency. 
  • Size – Fire blankets can be used as a heat cover to aid you while moving through flames. Look for a large blanket that can easily accommodate an adult’s body.
  • Gloves – Fiberglass is used to make fire blankets, which can irritate your skin. Some manufacturers provide gloves to handle them without hurting yourself. 

How to use a Fire Blanket?

Fire blankets are not your ordinary blankets. Here is how you can use it in a fire emergency. 

Kitchen Fire

  • Sharply pull on the tabs hanging from the bottom of the packet, to release the blanket.
  • Hold it out in front of you, the cloth pulled back at the edges to protect your hands.
  • Place (rather than toss) fire blankets over stove fires, shielding your hands and face behind them.
  • Keep it there for at least 15 minutes, or until the heat has subsided.

Clothing on Fire

  • To release the fire blanket, pull down forcefully on the tabs dangling from the package’s bottom.
  • Wrap the fire blanket around the fire and the victim. Instruct the individual to STOP, DROP, and ROLL until the fire is extinguished.
  • Seek medical attention.

Escaping a Fire

  • To escape a fire, simply cover yourself and move to safety.

Best Fire Blankets Recommended by Fire & Safety Consultants

Choosing the correct fire blanket can be tricky because they are unconventional fire safety devices. Here is a list of the top 5 fire blankets you can purchase, to use in case of an emergency.

1. EVERLIT Fire Blanket

EVERLIT Fire Blanket


  • Dimensions – 119 x 119 cm
  • Maximum service temperature – 1,000℉ or 537℃

This fire blanket smothers fire and protects you in fire emergencies. It has a service temperature of up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit and comes in a stain-resistant pouch. Two heavy-duty grommets are provided in the pouch for wall hanging. 

The fire blanket comes with heat-resistant gloves with reflective trim, that protects you from instant burns. It is designed to extinguish small fires and sparks. For larger fires, you can use it as a safety blanket to reduce burns while making your way out to safety. 

2. Inf-way Fire Blanket Fire Shelter Safety Cover

Inf-way Fire Blanket Fire Shelter Safety Cover


  • Dimensions – 29.72 x 15.49 x 5.08 cm
  • Maximum service temperature – 1,000℉ or 537℃

The fire blanket by Inf-way is a fiberglass cloth that can extinguish a fire by suffocating it. It can easily extinguish both liquid and grease fires, so you don’t have to buy different equipment for different types of fires. 

It is designed as an essential home-safety device to douse a stove-top fire in the kitchen, fireplace grill, office, camping, etc. To put out a fire, all you need to do is pull down the fire blanket and slowly cover the fire with it. The usage is simple so it can be used by anyone and does not require training. 

Available in 4 sizes, the fire blanket is heat resistant up to around 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. You can use it once, but the company offers free replacement. 

3. Supa Ant Eco-Friendly Fire Blanket

Supa Ant Eco-Friendly Fire Blanket


  • Dimensions – 13 x 8 x 2 inches
  • Maximum service temperature – 1500℉ or 815℃ 

The Supa Ant Eco-friendly fire blanket offers one of the highest temperature tolerances in the market – up to 1500 degrees F. It also features the highest flame retardant material quality with about 0.5 mm thickness and high-quality 500GSM fabric.
The only eco-friendly fire blanket in the market and it comes in a fluorescent orange package to ensure visibility in darkness or in smoke.
It is easy to use and reusable, so you can fold the blanket back in the package after use, ready for the next time. The company offers a subsidized replacement if the blanket is damaged.

4. JJ Care Fire Blanket for Home

JJ Care Fire Blanket for Home


  • Dimensions – 101.6 x 101.6 cm
  • Maximum service temperature – 1076℉ or 580℃ 

The JJ Care fire blanket is a three-layered blanket made of smoke retardant materials. Made of two layers of woven fiberglass fabric and an inner layer of fire retardant film, this blanket can douse small home fires by suffocating it. 

The fire cuts off the oxygen supply to the fire, thereby dousing it. It meets EN 1869: 1997 standards for cooking fire suppression and can isolate high temperatures up to 1076 degrees Fahrenheit (580 degrees Celsius). 

This fire blanket is non-toxic and easy to use. It can be used to rescue children and adults, as well as your pets. It comes with a hook so you can hang it near your kitchen, and use it quickly in the event of a fire.

5. Dibbatu Fire Blanket for Emergency

Dibbatu Fire Blanket for Emergency


  • Dimensions – 99.8 x 99.8 cm
  • Maximum service temperature – 1076℉ or 580℃

The Dibbatu Fire blanket is a must-have safety device for every home. Made of fiberglass fire retardant material, it suffocates the fire and keeps it from spreading.

It comes in a pack of 2, along with gloves to handle the fire blanket without hurting your hands. The gloves are not fire-proof, handle them with care and avoid exposing them to heat and fire. 

You can also use the fire blanket as a shield to yourself when a fire gets out of hand and moves to a safe place. The company recommends checking the fire blanket every 12 months for any damage or contamination. If you do, the company will replace it at no additional cost.


Fire blankets are inexpensive and simple solutions to a fire. However, if you see the fire getting out of hand, make sure to call the fire services immediately. Quick action in emergencies can save several valuable lives.

Although we hope you never have to use them, we hope this article has helped you get the best fire blanket per your requirements. If you have any questions, feel free to ask via the comment section.

Fire Blankets FAQs

Can a fire blanket substitute for a fire extinguisher?

No. Both have different uses. Fire blankets douse only small fires. They are ineffective when the temperature reaches beyond 1076℉ or 580℃. In such a case, a fire extinguisher will help you put out the fire.

Therefore, we recommend you to have both available.

Our fire blankets reusable?

Most likely, the answer is “no.” The majority of fire blankets are not reusable, which is unfortunate. You should discard the fire blanket once it cools down to prevent the spread of fire. Be sure to soak the blanket before using it — you don’t want a hot fire blanket to ignite a new fire!

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