10 Best Kids Tracker to Keep an Eye on Your Children

The best kids trackers are great to keep a track of your kids’ whereabouts and monitor their security. They also give you peace of mind and you don’t have to worry about them every time they’re are not around.

Imagine being with your kid in a crowded place and somehow, they get lost. That’s a nightmare no parent wants to go through. A kids tracker is a wearable that helps you find your kids in such adverse situations.

With so many options available in the market, it gets quite overwhelming to choose one that truly fits your requirements. Therefore, we have created a list of the best kids’ trackers that you may use to keep an eye on your children.

Best kids tracker

1. Angel Sense

Angel Sense

Angel Sense kids tracker is a great piece of equipment that helps you keep a close eye on your kids. The device constantly keeps updating your kids’ location so you always know their whereabouts. Additionally, it also updates you whenever they go off-route from their daily track.

The gadget also alerts you when your youngster goes to an unknown or unexpected location, as well as late arrivals and absences.

In the event of an emergency, the device’s 2-way voice with an automatic receive speakerphone lets you speak with your child. AngelSense GPS tracker has a long-lasting battery that assures it will not be depleted in an emergency. The gadget was designed with children and others with special needs in mind, such as Autism, incontinence, and other conditions.

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2. JioBit Next

JioBit Next

The Jiobit Next outperforms the original Jiobit by providing a longer battery life—up to 10 days against 7 days—as well as 5G low-power network connectivity that reduces battery drain. This allows you to check on your child’s whereabouts more frequently without draining the battery.

In addition to antenna technology for more precise indoor position monitoring, Jiobit’s newest version has a new belt or backpack attachment. Jiobit Next is equipped with learning technology that remembers your child’s habits, routes, and typical destinations.

That means Jiobit will notify you if your child goes somewhere they shouldn’t or doesn’t arrive at their destination, and you’ll receive an alert on your phone.

The only shortcoming is that it lacks a two-way communication system, which means that you won’t be able to contact your kids in emergencies. However, that is the reason why smartphones exist.

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3. Family1 portable tracker

Family1 portable tracker

The Family1st GPS tracker is designed specifically for families with children who have special needs. They are both online and offline the most talked-about GPS tracking service. Criminal activity is at an all-time high, putting special children at risk. Families, particularly parents, do not want their children to be away from them, but this is frequently impossible.

The most often used GPS tracking gadget is Family1st. Due to its vast GPS tracking solution capabilities, the family 1st GPS gadget is adored by parents and consumers worldwide. The cheapest monthly subscription is $19.95 per month.

One may track their child’s whereabouts via real-time data transfer without needing to be physically there with them. Parents who have a unique child at home can even set up a protective perimeter around their home or school. They’ll be notified as soon as the youngster exceeds the limit you’ve specified.

This well-known GPS tracking gadget is linked to an app that can be downloaded to any mobile device. You will be able to enjoy your life without continual anxiety thanks to a user-friendly navigation system and speedy notification notifications. Your child may go on a bike ride with his or her buddies while a modest gadget keeps an eye on them.

The device’s finest feature is its long-lasting battery life of more than two weeks.

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4. uMobix

If you want to keep an eye on what your kids are doing on their tablets and smartphones in real-time, uMobix is a good place to start. uMobix can monitor over 30 different apps and platforms, including Facebook and Skype. Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, and other similar apps are available.

The program may display information about callers, duration, timestamps, outgoing/incoming calls, read messages sent or received via apps, obtain a precise real-time position, and transfer media files to the destination device, among other things.

It safeguards youngsters against cyberbullying, internet addiction, and access to pornographic websites. The software also works on all iPads, iPhones, and Android OS 4+ devices, and it can be set up in 5 minutes for a fair charge.

5. KIDSnav


The KIDSnav wristwatch is the solution to your search for a smartwatch that also functions as a GPS tracker for your child.

Like any other smartphone, the gadget allows the youngster to make and receive calls. It also includes a built-in SOS button that the kid may use to inform their parents or caregivers in the event of an emergency. You may track your child’s activity and steps per day with the pedometer feature on the KIDSnav smartwatch.

The most astounding feature of this GPS tracker is that it has a removal sensor that alerts the parents and activates the GPS if the gadget is removed. A power-saving option is also included in the smartwatch.

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6. GeoZilla


The GeoZilla GPS tracker has global GPS coverage and an SOS function that allows your children to communicate with one other if they become separated.

This little wrist tracker can be identified from 15 feet and also has a battery capacity of up to 5 days (120 hours).

You may change the updating frequency to increase battery capacity. This is because frequent updates mean higher battery drain. The GeoZilla app has a number of additional features to aid with monitoring and reporting. Among the features are location tracking, geolocation alerts, schedule alerts, and to-do lists.

You may sign up for a seven-day free trial, then pay $80 yearly or $50 every three months after that.

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7. Samsung SmartThings Tracker

Samsung SmartThings Tracker

The Samsung SmartThings Tracker provides exact geolocation data both outdoors or indoors using GPS location tech and Wi-Fi-based tracking. The tracker has an accelerometer and 3 colored LEDs which operate together to track your child for seven days on a single battery charge.

The gadget is presently only compatible with Android devices. This GPS monitor for kids may be easily attached to your child’s luggage, including any personal stuff. You may create safe areas for your youngster using the geofencing tool. The tag alerts you when your children start or departs an area by switching on the lights. You can always track your child’s whereabouts. All you require is a smartphone and an internet connection.

An iP68 water resistance grade will ensure that your child’s GPS tracking gadget lasts a long time. For the first 12 months, cellular service is offered at no additional cost.

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8. Gator


Gator is a watch that doubles as a phone and a GPS tracker to keep your child safe. The Gator watch comes with a pre-installed SIM card, as well as a free parental program that can be downloaded from the Google Play and Apple App Stores.

The Gator watch has 13 different numbers and is linked to many networks around the world. Its location tracking function uses GPS while the user is outside and WiFi when the user is indoors. The watch cum GPS tracker, according to the manufacturer, has a battery life of four days.

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9. FindMyKids


When it comes to the best GPS trackers for kids, we can’t leave out Find My Kids.

The app sends you notifications for every location your child visits. You may either download the software to your child’s phone or give them the Find My Kids GPS tracker watch. The app’s most appealing feature is that it allows you to hear what is going on around your child, allowing you to understand the actual environment in which your child is.

If you have the app loaded on your child’s smartphone, you will be able to see the data of time spent on each app by your children.

It has a call for assistance button, which allows your kid to contact you in the event of an emergency. Kids may also share their images with you using this tracker, so you can rest certain that they are secure.

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10. Relay Kids Tracker

Relay Kids Tracker

The Relay Kids Smartphone is primarily intended for use by children and their parents as a means of communication. This tiny GPS tracker for children is 2.5 inches in dimension, making it an excellent travel buddy for children.

It’s a good option for parents who don’t want their kids to be on their phones all the time. The relay links your child and you at any moment with a simple button press. Long-term contracts are not offered by the firm; instead, commitment is offered for as long as you are satisfied.

Parents may easily build channels to talk with multiple children by establishing different discussion forums and leveraging the group calling tool. Using their screen-free tracker, young kids may safeguard themselves from internet addiction.

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We have come to the end of this article. Hopefully, this list will help you choose the best kids tracker for your kid. Each of the devices mentioned above has unique features and will give you peace of mind. You can easily select one that suits your needs. So, which of these do you think is best suited for you? Let us know via the comments

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