November 25, 2020

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Best Mobile Network UK: The Cheapest, Fastest and Reliable Networks

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Best Mobile Network UK

There are various 4G mobile networks available in the UK, but you need to choose the best mobile network in the UK. Before picking a mobile network, you have to consider coverage, value, speed pros and cons of the network. However, all of the networks are increasing the competition day by day, so it becomes tougher to choose the best network. So in this article, we have offered thorough information on mobile networks so that you can choose the best UK Mobile Network for you.

Best Mobile Network In UK

Overview Of Best UK Mobile Networks

Network Speeds OpenSignal (Mobile Networks Update April 2020)

Network 4G download speeds (Mbps) 4G latency (ms)
Vodafone 25.4 39.0
#1 EE 35.9 36.0
O2 18.0 38.1
Three 22.4 48.3

Maximum Data Allowances Of UK Networks

Network Max data Roaming
#1  EE Unlimited 50GB
Three Unlimited 20GB
O2 Unlimited 20GB
Vodafone Unlimited 25GB

UK Networks Roaming Destinations

Network  Free-roaming regions on all plans Free-roaming regions on select plans
O2 48 75
#1 Vodafone 51 81
Three 71 71
EE 48 53

UK Networks Roaming Destinations

Network Free-roaming regions on all plans Free-roaming regions on select plans
EE 48 53
#1 Three 71 71
#1 Vodafone 51 81
O2 48 75


Network Tethering Allowances

Network Pay Monthly SIM Only Pay As You Go
#1 Three Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Vodafone Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
O2 650GB 650GB 100GB
EE 1000GB 1000GB 60GB

Who is the Best Mobile Network Provider In The UK?

There are various mobile Best network in UK, but according to services and users, there four Best UK Phone network providers which are:

EE (Everything Everywhere)

EE UK was created when T- mobile and Orange merged and now it was owned by BT in 2016. EE becomes one of the largest network providers, with over 32 million users.  It offers great coverage across most of the areas of the UK. EE Network offers free EU roaming as well as there are data caps available so, in case you want EE home broadband then you will get mobile data to boost of almost 20 GP every month.

EE (Everything Everywhere) Best Mobile Network UK


Telefonica owns O2 Network from 2005, which is a Spanish telecoms company and this network provider has almost 24 million customers. O2 won the best network coverage award of uSwitch in 2019 because it offers great coverage and excellent network range around the country. Recently a rival operator “Three” proposed O2 to merge with them, but the European Commission opted for blocking this proposal.

O2 Best Mobile Network UK


Three is owned by a Hong Kong-based conglomerate which has approximately 9.9 million customers. This company provides ‘all-you-can-eat’ data bundles at a reasonable price, and these have unlimited data. In case you can afford these ‘all-you-can-eat’ data bundle plans then you can get amazing handsets in the land with unlimited internet access.

If you don’t want to choose any eat package, then you can stream shows from Netflix, Dave, History Channel, TVPlayer and songs from Deezer, Apple Music and SoundCloud infinitely, without it counting towards the data allowance with the ‘Go Binge’ feature of the network. Three was awarded the ‘Best Network for Roaming’ as well as the ‘Most Popular Mobile Network’  by uSwitch in 2019.

Three Best Mobile Network UK


Vodafone UK has a great reputation in the market, having almost 17.5 million customers in the country. This company offers reliable, fast 4G (and now 5G) connectivity, and you can purchase a SIM at a reliable price. Vodafone also provides Global Roaming that lets you use the normal data plan at without extra cost in 152 destinations on most of the plans.Vodafone Best Mobile Network UK


In this article, we have offered complete information regarding the best mobile network in the UK. So as we have previously discussed,  before picking a mobile network, you have to consider coverage,  value, speed pros and cons of the network.  We hope that you understood the process, but you can ask any question if you have queries.

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