10 Best Personal Safety Alarms You Should Check Out in 2022

We prefer to believe that we live in a safe neighborhood and are never in danger. All of this, though, can alter in a second without warning. Traveling alone, especially if you exercise, shop, or travel in the afternoon or evening, might be perilous. In such situations, carrying the best personal safety alarm might save the day.

As per research by the United States Department of Justice, a majority of violent crimes committed by adults occur in the afternoon and evening, peaking at about 9 p.m. Even if you are not carrying large sums of money or wearing precious jewelry, the gadgets you carry at all times (such as smartphones, tablets, or cameras) makes you a target for theft.

Whether you stay at home or travel, having a safety device that is discreet and handy is a smart idea. Victims generally get traumatized in critical situations, hindering their ability to call/scream for help. Also, even if they manage to scream, it might not be very effective. Meanwhile, a personal alarm that can give an emergency signal which spreads as far as 1,000 feet is one of the best personal safety equipment. According to research by Katana Safety, up to 66 percent of emergencies may be resolved just by sounding an alarm. Carrying a self-defense keychain would be useful in the remaining 34 percent of emergencies.

Check out the video below to see how a self-defense alarm saved a woman.

Top Safe Personal Alarms of 2022

These personal safety alarms are outrageously simple and effective. They come in a variety of colors and shapes, giving you a lot of options to choose from. You might be a driver who returns late to the parking lot, a fitness enthusiast who loves their early morning or late night jogs, or an unwell elderly person – each person’s needs are unique. Hence, it is essential to buy a personal alarm that caters perfectly to your needs. We have compiled a list of the best personal alarms for you to choose from and make you feel safer.

1. Thopeb Self Defense Siren with LED Light 

Thopeb Self Defense Siren with LED Light
Image source: ubuy.co.de


  1. Intensity – 130 decibels
  2. Range – 1000 feet
  3. Weight – 26 grams ( 39 grams when attached to the carbine hook) 
  4. Battery – Two CR2032 batteries
  5. Additional feature(s) – LED light

The Thopeb Self Defense Siren is a sound grenade that will protect your security with a loud 130 decibels sound. It is a small, portable personal alarm that weighs merely 26 grams. To operate, all you need to do is pull the pin and the alarm will go off along with a flashing strobe light that will grab the attention of a passerby. The sound range is 1000 feet. The high-intensity LED light will aid in locating you easily at night or in dark environments. It comes with a carabiner loop which you can use to easily attach it to bags, belts, keychains, etc.

The Thopeb Self Defense Alarm is commonly used by people to summon assistance in the event of an accident, feeling of insecurity, or in medical emergencies, and allergic reactions. It has military-grade durability and is equipped with a CR2032 battery. Under normal circumstances, a CR2032 battery has a life expectancy of 10 years. Parents, college students, and anyone who works evenings will appreciate this personal alarm. 

2. Kuros! By Mace Pepper Spray and Personal Alarm Combo

Kuros By Mace Pepper Spray and Personal Alarm Combo
Image source: lapolicegear.com


  1. Intensity – 130 decibels
  2. Range – 1000 feet
  3. Weight – 45 grams (For the alarm)
  4. Battery – Two LR 44 alkaline batteries ( 365 days standby life)
  5. Additional feature(s) – Pepper spray, whistle

The Mace KUROS! Compact Pepper Spray + Personal Alarm Kit contains personal defense tools that are both safe and simple to use. You can confidently go about your day with your alarm or pepper spray in hand. The front-facing button quickly activates the personal alarm, while the back-facing button silences it. It emits a powerful 130 decibels alarm that reaches up to a range of 1000 feet. There is also a whistle built at the base of the alarm for backup in case the battery runs out.

The self-defense pepper spray will help you to fight off an attacker without having to expend any energy. It contains up to 10 bursts with a spray range of 10 feet. Interestingly, the personal security alarm features a transparent UV dye for identification and investigation purposes. Both the items of the Kuros combo are equipped with a keychain for enhanced convenience. Also, Mace provides free pepper spray and self-defense training to women in developing countries for every purchase.


3. Katana Safety Wallet

Katana Safety Wallet
Image source: target.com


  1. Intensity – 120 decibels
  2. Range –  about 900 feet
  3. Weight – 42 grams 
  4. Battery –  Unknown (Two-year battery warranty)
  5. Additional feature(s) – Silent alert, walk-with-me, Siri compatibility

The Katana Safety Wallet is a device that attaches to your phone and works in conjunction with the Katana safety app and a 24/7 monitoring service to keep you safe in every circumstance. This personal alarm features an audible alarm as well as a silent alert system. If you are in a situation where you need to alert those around, you can use the audible alarm. It can be activated by pulling the red tab out from the safety wallet.

Some situations require discretion where using a loud alarm might endanger you further. In such situations, you can activate the silent alert by pressing the button on the side of the wallet. This will alert the Katana safety team who will trace you and send appropriate help. You can also select up to 7 contacts who will be notified via a text message that includes your GPS and current status. Another fantastic feature is the Walk With Me option. To use it, simply open the Katana safety app and select the “walk with me” option. An operator will call to confirm your location and remain with you for as long as you need to feel safe. The safety wallet comes in five different colors which means that you can find one that complements your phone.


4. Alphahom Care Go Personal Alarm

Alphahom Care Go Personal Alarm
Image source: alphahom.com


  1. Intensity – unknown
  2. Range –  (sends alerts via smartphone)
  3. Weight – 12 grams 
  4. Battery –  150 mAh Lithium Polymer battery
  5. Additional feature(s) – Real-time tracking

The Alphahom Care Go personal alarm serves three purposes: notifying loved ones if you require immediate assistance, telling loved ones of your location, and assisting you in locating valuables via the Care Go app. It is powered by Bluetooth 5 (the latest Bluetooth technology) for faster, reliable, and long-range connectivity. This handy device sends critical notifications to your emergency contacts via your phone, even if their phone is set to silent mode. In SOS mode, this personal alarm alerts your loved ones to your exact GPS location to enable them to assist you. You may add as many emergency contacts as you like to the device.

When not in an emergency, the “follow-me” mode enables your loved ones to keep a track of your location through real-time GPS tracking. This is particularly useful when you have to go home after late-night shifts at work.

Worried about losing a valuable item? Simply attach the personal alarm to it and you will be able to locate it easily. It is made of high-quality anodized aluminum and is water and dust-resistant. Anodising makes the aluminum corrosion-resistant and helps retain its appearance for longer. Additionally, the Alphahom Care Go has a strong 150 mAh battery that only has to be charged once a year for one hour. Its portable design makes it easy to carry around with you, ensuring that it is always accessible. It is available in a variety of hues, including blue, grey, and aurora.

5. Inviawear Smart Jewellery

Inviawear Smart Jewellery Safe Personal Alarm
Image source: desertcart.in


  1. Intensity – none
  2. Range –  (sends alerts via smartphones)
  3. Weight – 113 grams 
  4. Battery –  one Lithium Metal battery
  5. Additional feature(s) – 911 alert

Drawing attention to yourself with loud alarms may not always be a practical solution to get out of emergencies or alert your loved ones. Sometimes, a simple alert on their phones that informs them of your precise location is a better option to protect your personal safety. Also, you might not always have access to your smartphone to connect your personal alarm to and send an SOS message. The Inviawear safety jewelry may appeal to you for these reasons. 

If you are in a dicey situation and can’t use your phone, you can activate the Inviawear charm by pressing it twice. This will send a text message of your GPS location to up to 5 contacts and also alert the 911 dispatchers. If you enable the “Contact 911” function, the invisWear dispatchers will call your contacts and ask them to speak to 911 on your behalf. When you first connect your gadget to your phone, you’ll be asked to choose who you want to send alerts to and to provide personal information like your height, weight, birthday, and race. You can also report any allergies, known health problems, impairments (e.g., deafness, vision impairment, etc), and medications to 911. The jewelry also has fail-safes built in to prevent accidental activation. It includes a lithium metal battery guaranteed to last up to two years depending on usage. If the personal alarm’s battery runs out, you can replace the charm at a discounted price.

6. Guard Dog Security Heartbeat Keychain Alarm

Guard Dog Security Heartbeat Keychain Alarm


  1. Intensity – 130 dB
  2. Range –  350 meters
  3. Weight – 283 grams 
  4. Battery –  unknown
  5. Additional feature(s) – Bling keychain

The Guard Dog Heartbeat Keychain is a wolf under the sheepskin. It looks like a quirky and sparkly keychain that girls carry as a fashion accessory. However, it doubles has a 130db security alarm that you can use in an emergency. The siren goes out by simply pulling the keychain, scaring the attacker away. The 130db sound intensity reaches up to a distance of 350 meters. It comes in three color options – red, black, and pink. You can hang it on a bag strap or a keychain.

7. Spartan Self Defense Siren

Spartan Self Defense Siren


  1. Intensity – 130 dB
  2. Range –  1000 meters
  3. Weight – 40 grams 
  4. Battery –  unknown
  5. Additional feature(s) – Blinding LED strobe

This military-grade personal alarm for women produces a deafening sound of up to 130 decibels and a dazzling LED strobe light that confuses and scares off attackers. The loud boom and high-intensity light create a distraction, attract attention, and aids you in fleeing in an emergency when activated. The pull-pin mechanism on this self-defense siren makes it simple to use. The alarm can be heard from thousand feet away. It is strongly encouraged that you keep a firm grip on it and carry it in your hand when walking to your car, jogging, or going out late at night in case anything or anyone approaches you.

8. Flare Bracelet

Flare Bracelet


  1. Intensity – Via a mobile app
  2. Range –  Works on GPS
  3. Weight – 40 grams 
  4. Battery –  unknown
  5. Additional feature(s) – Fake calls to your phone

The $129 Flare is available in a beaded or looped form with a variety of metal accents. Its structure conceals an SOS button, which you’d have to look for—whoever you’re trying to run away from won’t really know you’ve triggered anything. If you want to receive a false phone call, press the button once.

When you’re in a risky scenario and a bogus call won’t suffice, press and hold the Flare button to send a message and your location to your chosen contacts. Flare has partnered with Noonlight which allows you to programmer the device to call 911 when you use the emergency button on the phone app. You will immediately receive a text and a voice call, and if you don’t respond in time, the nearest local respondents will be notified.

Currently, Flare is available for iPhone users only; The android version is under work.

9. Apple Watch 6 SOS Safety Alarm

Apple Watch 6 SOS Safety Alarm


  1. Intensity – Via a mobile app
  2. Range –  Works on GPS
  3. Weight – 30.6 grams 
  4. Battery –  unknown
  5. Additional feature(s) – alerts your emergency contacts via text

You don’t necessarily have to carry and additional personal safety equipment with you wherever you do. The Apple Watch features an SOS service that you can use as an alarm to alert of your situation to the people in your contacts.

The Apple smartwatch 6 allows you to alert the local emergency services by long-pressing the side button. A slider appears on pressing the button you can manage the button to activate the emergency call. The designated contacts on your emergency list are also notified of your location via text.

10. Garmin 010-01879-01 InReach Mini

Garmin 010-01879-01 InReach Mini


  1. Intensity – None
  2. Range –  Works via global Iridium network
  3. Weight – 99 grams 
  4. Battery –  1 lithium polymer battery
  5. Additional feature(s) – 100% global

Those who find themselves camping, hiking, or traveling through territory with little or no mobile phone service may believe that having the greatest personal safety alarm is unnecessary. It isn’t the case with the Garmin 010-01879-01 InReach Mini, however. This small satellite communicator provides two-way messaging via the Iridium connection, which is 100% global, so you can alert someone if you’re in difficulty even if you don’t have service.

If you get lost or need help, you can get printable maps, NOAA charts, color aerial images, and a lot more. anybody who finds themselves in remote areas with limited access to assistance should have this on hand, primarily because you never know what can happen.

11. Kimfly Safesound Personal Alarm

Kimfly Safesound Personal Alarm


  1. Intensity – 130dB
  2. Range –  400 meters
  3. Weight – 40 grams 
  4. Battery –  1 lithium-ion battery
  5. Additional feature(s) – rechargeable

The Kimfly Safesound Personal Alarm has over 950 five-star ratings from people who are satisfied with the personal security provided by this small device. It has a 130 dB alert whistle as well as a bright LED light. The alarm can be set off by either removing the keychain pin or pushing the SOS button twice.

There’s also no need to fret about batteries because the device is powered by a built-in USB port. A helpful red indicator light is also included in the design, which turns off when the device is fully charged.


Personal safety alarms are a necessary and effective tool to fight a potentially violent or sexual attack. In fact, even governments and various non-profit organizations are recognizing the benefits of a personal alarm to tackle critical situations. To make the city safer, the Taipei City Government recently distributed personal safety alarms to all primary school students. Although some of these alarms may be expensive, think of them as an investment in your safety. If you decide to get one, we’d love to hear about your experience with a personal alarm in the comments section.

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