Best Pilot Watches You Should Buy in 2022

Wondering what pilot watches are and where to find them? You have come to the right place.

Pilot watches are specifically designed timepieces to suites the needs of a pilot. They have a large dial, an orientation triangle, Arabic numerals,  onion and conical crowns, and several other features.  The watches include all time zones, which are essential for international travel.

Although the first time the Wright brothers flew an airplane was on December 17, 1903, the first pilot watch did not come around until three years later in 1906. Parisian watchmaker Louis Carter manufactured the Cartier Santos for this friend pilot Alberto Santos-Dumont

The two World wars paved way for a rapid rise in the production of pilot watches. As new and innovative designs emerged, these watches started gaining popularity among those who would never set foot in a cockpit. Watch collectors around the world awed at these marvelous timekeepers.

The pilot watches can be matched with your casual and formal wear and enhance your style statement. Boost your personality with these smartwatches and maintain your aura. We have prepared the list of popular pilot watches which you can buy this year:

What to Look for in a Pilot Watch?

As already mentioned, a pilot or aviation watch is not just any watch. It needs to have specific features to get deemed as one. Here are a few features you need to look for in a pilot watch.

  • Larger than average dial

Given the small space in a cockpit, the number of buttons to click, and the amount of concentration that goes into flying a plane, you wouldn’t want to add to the stress by straining your eyes to view the time. Therefore, it is important that the watch has a large dial, preferably 50mm.

  • Orientation triangle

The orientation triangle is a red triangle placed at or near the 12’o clock marking. It has two red dots on either side of it. It helps the pilot identify the 12’o clock indication.

  • Flyback chronograph

The flyback chronograph is a great time saver for pilots when they record the amount of time elapsed. You can easily restart and return to zero in just a single push of a button.

  • Soft iron cage

When subjected to magnetic fields, mechanical timepieces are in jeopardy. All-purpose tool timepieces, but especially pilot’s watches, require protection from this destructive impact, as a cockpit is among the strongest magnetic situations a watch can meet. For this reason, a soft iron cage is necessary for a pilot watch.

Best Pilot Watches You Should Buy in 2022

1. Citizen Unisex Watch

Citizen Unisex Watch



Model: BJ700052E

Price: $189.00

Key Features

  • Stainless steel case
  • Japanese Quartz Movement
  • Water-Resistant up to 200 meters

The Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Nighthawk should be on your list because of its analog aviation feature. Moreover, it is one of the most sophisticated watches on our list, both in terms of its display and its general usefulness.

In addition to its standard time-telling abilities helped by sunlight-based controlled movement, it’s anything but a tachymeter scale that can assist you with computing your speed and fuel use. So if you’re a real pilot and your instruments fail, this watch can assist you in safely returning to base – and that’s pretty cool.

2. Bell & Ross Aviation Watch

Bell & Ross Aviation Watch


Brand: Bell & Ross

Model: BR0392-BL-CE

Key Features

  • Anti-reflective sapphire crystal mineral
  • Water-Resistant up to 100 meters
  • Genuine black rubber strap

Are you a fan of modern designs, bright and vibrant hues, and long-lasting materials?

Bell & Ross share the same vision: their Aviation watch offers the most advanced features available. Enjoy the toughness of a rubber strap with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal dial window. All encased in a 42mm ceramic case.

Overall, this watch has the royal qualities you want others to notice while also keeping you comfortable in ways you never imagined. The certificate of authenticity and an authenticity guarantee straight from Bell & Ross are included in the smaller features, which are all attractively packaged in a manufacturer box with a manual.

Enjoy the adaptability of a self-winding automatic movement with Date functions and a simple tang buckle. With IP7 protection, you can dive up to 330 feet underwater and wear your watch in every weather, rain, or shine.

3. Hamilton Men’s Khaki Aviation Swiss Automatic Watch

Hamilton Men's Khaki Aviation Swiss Automatic Watch



Model: H64615135

Key Features

  • Anti-reflective sapphire crystal window
  • Round watch with stainless steel bracelet
  • Water-Resistant up to 100 meters

Hamilton watches are known for their safe and timeless designs, and the Khaki Aviation watch is the best of the bunch. You’re ready to rock and roll at any event or social gathering, thanks to the analog display with Swiss automatic movement and the industry standard for diving protection. In addition, Hamilton’s stainless steel case and bracelet link band provide you with a sophisticated appearance, preparing you for professional situations.

Some of Hamilton’s little details help to bring this to life: illuminated hands make it possible to operate your watch in the dark, and the all-black dial includes a date and date feature, which gives you a whole calendar built right in, all powered by an automatic movement.

4. Alpina Men’s Pilot Chronograph Watch

Alpina Men's Pilot Chronograph Watch



Model: AL-372B4FBS6

Key Features

  • Stainless steel case
  • Anti-reflective sapphire crystal window
  • Comfortable black fabric band with buckle closure

Alpina’s all-dark wind on the customary Startimer pilot’s watch is a much-needed refresher, from the stainless steel case to the texture lash. Alpina’s trademark style is evident with three smaller watch faces snuggled within the heart of your anti-reflective sapphire dial window.

The contrast between the snow-white marks and numerals and the glossy, charcoal black background is perfect. You’ll be able to rely on Swiss quartz movement to maintain your watch precisely to within 1/100 of a second at all times, in addition to simply looking your best. Fabric bands do not tolerate damage as well as leather when diving up to 330 feet underwater.

5. Torgoen GMT Blue Pilot Watch

Torgoen GMT Blue Pilot Watch



Model: T25BL44V

Key Features

  • Swiss Quartz Movement
  • GMT feature
  • Italian Leather Strap

Torgeon’s iconic design harkens back to the early days of aviation timepieces. This stainless steel watch is wrapped in a classic Italian leather strap and has all the elegance you’d expect. A scratch-resistant K1 Hardex Crystal dial window contrasts with the blue-and-white watch dial for a stunning aesthetic that no other brand can match. This is the ultimate night-flight watch, with luminescent hands and markings blended with any suit or casual wear. The water-resistant and swiss quartz movement with the Torgoen emblem on the center of the face will make it hard for you to resist buying.

6. AVI-8 Men’s Hawker Hurricane Analog Watch

AVI-8 Men's Hawker Hurricane Analog Watch


Brand: AVI-8

Model: AV-4011

Key Features

  • Japan Chronograph movement with date
  • Aviation inspired chronograph
  • Water-Resistant up to 50 meters

AVI-8’s newest selection is strictly created in the UK and filled with style, all while keeping your look fresh at an affordable price point. AVI-8 created this watch unlike any other, with bold text and distinct white hues, making their brand distinctive. Your wrist is adorned with white stitched brown leather that flows smoothly into the stainless steel case, making it hard for you to resist buying.

Everything is powered by a Japanese quartz movement, including the luminescent mini watch markers. You can go up to 165 feet underwater, but it’s not a good idea to go for a swim in leather. The AVI-8 Men’s Hawker Hurricane is accurate to 1/100 of a second, with a mineral dial window that reflects glare and resists minor scratches. This is genuinely astounding. The pilot watches for the low-budget man.

7. TAG Heuer Men’s Way Aquaracer Stainless Steel Watch

TAG Heuer Men's Way Aquaracer Stainless Steel Watch


Brand: TAG Heuer

Model: WAY1110.FT8021 300

Key Features

  • Stainless steel case
  • Comfortable black leather strap
  • Swiss Quartz Movement

TAG Heuer Watches offer truly impressive features. You receive a fitted black rubber strap with this, which is ideal for testing the watch’s 1,000 feet of water resistance, which is far exceeding the industry norm. You’re ready to fly once you’ve secured it with the tang buckle. You’re getting great Swiss-made clockwork with the ultimate style, from the screw-down crown and case back to the manufacturer’s serial numbers, box, manual, and certificate of authenticity.

The digits are replaced with dashes throughout the clock face, creating a stunning contrast between black and white. With a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal dial window, unidirectional rotating bezel, and luminous hands, the TAG Heuer Stainless Steel Pilot’s Watch leaves just one thing to be desired: your wrist.

8. Chotovelli Men’s Aviator Stainless Steel Watch

Chotovelli Men's Aviator Stainless Steel Watch



Model: 3300-22

Key Features

  • Stainless steel case
  • Mineral Crystal Window
  • Japanese Chronograph Movement

The all-black leather strap of Chotovelli Italian Aviation meets in the middle to support a 45mm stainless steel case filled with the exquisite mechanism. In addition, Chotovelli includes budget-friendly, long-lasting features such as a Japanese chronograph mechanism and a scratch-resistant mineral crystal dial window.

Three dial knobs protrude from the exterior, giving the device a sleek appearance while keeping you in command of all the action. Individual hour, minute, and seconds faces are comfortably fitted around the middle, while bold white text contrasts against a coal-black watch face. Whether you’re flying high or just relaxing on the ground, glowing hands guarantee to brighten the night. The calendar bezel and anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass on the dial will intensify the charms of the watch.

9. Breitling Chronograph Evo Night Mission Watch

Breitling Chronograph Evo Night Mission Watch



Model: V7333010/C939-158S

Key Features

  • Scratch-Resistant Sapphire Crystal Mineral
  • Black Titanium Case
  • Water-Resistant up to 100 meters

Breitling has clarified that they need to be the only watch you’ll need at any point. So they’ve allured you with each sense to put the Evo Night Mission on your wrist—from the scratch-safe sapphire gem clock glass to the dark titanium case finish, they’ve done something extraordinary for themselves. This unidirectional bezel watch has a bespoke blue rubber band with a tang buckle that fits securely on your wrist. It runs on a battery-operated super quartz mechanism.

You may dive down to 330 feet with this watch or wear it with both professional and informal attire—nothing is off-limits. The sparkling hands on the clock face enable you to illuminate your night and stay connected underwater.

10. IWC Pilot’s Top Gun Automatic Chronograph Men’s Watch

IWC Pilot's Top Gun Automatic Chronograph Men's Watch


Brand: IWC

Model: IW389001

Key Features

  • Black ceramic bezel
  • 68-hour power reserve
  • Luminescent hands and markers

When you think of the highest-quality watches on the Earth, IWC comes to mind—no detail is overlooked when crafting their iconic, high-quality watches. The watch has a 44mm case diameter with luminous dials and markings and a date indicator at three o’clock. Everything’s about power saving when you’re up in the air, and IWC’s Top Gun watch accompanies a 68-hour battery bank for ideal use, even on long flights and delays.

While making the most of your chronograph watch and 200 feet of water resistance, your watch accompanies a press button fastener clasp for your convenience. Nothing compares to the feel of genuine, expertly cured calfskin leather on your wrist; you’ll be unable to go back to link-style bracelet watches after wearing this strap. Overall, IWC’s interpretation of the ultimate pilot watch has left us dumbfounded.


Finally, we’ve come to the ending of our list. We hope you enjoyed the watches featured and will think about them before purchasing a watch from the store. Aside from these watches, if you have another in mind, let us know in the comments area and which one you like from our list.

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