Best Watch Brands for Women in 2022

From time immemorial, the watch industry has been primarily focused on men. Diamonds and jewelry are considered better and more sophisticated accessories for women. However, times have changed and so have the outdated fashion standards. The market is booming with the best watch brands for women, so much so that making a choice has become extremely difficult.

Men purchase more timepieces than females, marketing appears to be primarily focused on men’s watches, and men’s timepieces rule the horological panorama. Timepieces for men were popular in the 1920s and 1930s, and manufacturing has largely focused on them until then. It may be said that the women’s wristwatch market has been marginalized for generations, almost as a diversion.

Many women’s watches were just scaled replicas of men’s timepieces, with the addition of gems or semi-precious gemstones to make them more ‘feminine.’

It’s encouraging to know that the industry’s massive male bias is developing and changing, however slowly. Women have become significantly more selective about the watches they buy, and there are a rising proportion of women watch aficionados.

In addition, the number of female designers in the industry is continuously expanding, which is only beneficial to women and the timepieces that are available to them. This has culminated in female-centric and beautiful design, resulting in timepieces that communicate to and are desired by women.

In this article, we will talk about the best watch brands for women. These watches are high quality, timeless, sophisticated, and also qualify as good investment watches.

Best Watch Brands for Women

1. Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust 31

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust 31Rolex launched the very first Datejust in 1945 to mark the company’s 40th annual celebration. This Datejust was the world’s debut self-winding timepiece with a date display that changed instantly at midnight.

As a result, the Datejust established the benchmark for today’s modern timepieces. The date display is currently standard on the majority of timepieces. The Datejust is a timeless, dependable timepiece that everyone may wear at any moment. It’s no wonder that the Datejust line is one of the oldest still in production.

Luxury watches are a new favorite among ladies who can afford them. Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust 31 series has gained popularity. Rolex released the modern version of the Datejust 31 in 2020.

The first, and possibly the most spectacular, of the lot is the 278384 RBR. The aubergine face on this new Datejust 31 model has a sunburst design. It also has a diamond-set bezel with 46 superb cut diamonds. Its dial features Roman markers with 11 diamonds embedded in the six (VI). This minor detail complements the diamond bezel brilliantly.

You can also go for the mint green dial. Furthermore, Rolex’s interpretation of mint green is not what people may expect. It has a more earthy, olive green tone than the typical bright minty green that springs to mind.

The dial is mint green with an elegant bar, yellow gold hour markings. Furthermore, regardless of what you name the green color, we think the sunburst dial looks particularly exquisite when paired with the Oystersteel jubilee band.

2. Cartier Tank

Cartier Tank

It’s no surprise that the form of the tank watch series was inspired by a real tank; specifically, a WW1 Renault tank. With many prominent personalities sporting this legendary watch, such as Andy Warhol, it’s no marvel that this collection is still running strong after over 100 years. That kind of durability is a testimonial to the quality of the watch.

The Cartier Tank timepiece, most notably sported by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, is undoubtedly the most incredible piece of Cartier, a brand that has mastered different watch forms. The dial is square, but the expanded bezel and arms give the appearance that the casing is rectangular. Cartier has produced numerous variants of these timepieces for both men and ladies over the years.

The watch presented here is a Cartier Tank Solo. With a sapphire cabochon placed in its top and blued-steel sword-shaped arms, the square Cartier Tank is noted for its distinctive design. With Cartier’s trademark Roman number for the 10th position and one of the rows reading out the company name, the Digits are an easy giveaway. With this series, the Cartier Tank maintains the Art Deco design feeling young even after several years.

With a sale price of $2,410, the women Cartier Tank Solo Quartz is probably among the most economical Cartier timepieces.

3. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore ChronographAP is regarded as one of the business’s most significant companies, and it has always made headlines, but there is always space for much more, particularly when it comes to adding new timepieces to an already legendary collection.

Naturally, we’ll be discussing their Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph timepieces, specifically the 42mm variants. The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph with its “Lady Tapisserie” style is great for ladies looking for a bold premium sports watch. The 32 brilliant-cut gems in this watch, totaling 1.02 carats, give a much more dainty and fragile feel than the classic Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph. The stainless steel design measures 37 mm in diameter and is waterproof to 50 meters.

Because this chronograph utilizes a cam-driven mechanism rather than a column wheel, it will take a bit more effort to activate the chronograph pushers than a column wheel movement, which has a nicer, less jittery motion. On the bright side, this style of the chronograph is simpler to maintain, and the method it’s built provides for the greater time between maintenance.

Some wristwatch connoisseurs would prefer anything besides a column-wheel chronograph movement because they are more labor demanding to manufacture, but the truth is that neither is inherently superior to the other. And, hey, if NASA approves a cam-operated chronograph for space flight, it can’t be that horrible.

4. Disigna Individual

Disigna IndividualWith Designa Individual, you may create your own luxury personalized timepiece. The brand offers exceptional customizing services, creating one-of-a-kind timepieces with cutting-edge technologies and superb workmanship. The service, which was established by Belgian designers and provides luxury personalization, was launched in Moscow.

The service is known for generating the “lightest Rolex Daytona.” It is known for producing luxury smartphones and watches, specifically tailored for consumers who desire to exhibit their uniqueness. The brand has many ardent fans around the world, including prominent athletes, celebrities, representatives of the royal houses, entertainers, and political officials.

Designa Individual will bring your vision to life by professionally crafting your watch from the finest materials and bringing it to your doorstep. It’s difficult to come across two identical items.

5. Hublot Big Bang Broderie

Hublot Big Bang BroderieHublot had always been regarded as a typical masculine brand until it announced Bar Rafaeli as their female ambassador in 2015. Rafaeli would represent their new feminine Big Bang Broderie collection. And it did not disappoint.

The collection won the Ladies Watch Prize at the GPHG in the same year, beating its competitors with its unique and quality finishing. We anticipated a change of pace from Hublot when they announced international model and actress Bar Rafaeli as their first female ambassador, and they didn’t disappoint. The Big Bang Broderie line is off to a great start, winning the Ladies Watch Prize at the GPHG this year, where it easily beat off competitors with its inventive finishing and distinct look.

The blending of conventional embroidery with high-tech fabrication and elements is fundamental to the range’s popularity, which inspired Hublot to collaborate with Bischoff Textil, a market pioneer in embroidery since its founding in 1927.

Bischoff’s impact is most visible on the dial, which includes a carbon-fiber skull with silver embroidery. This embroidered design extends to the bezel, which is covered in transparent resin for longevity, and – even better – to the rubber straps, which is sewn in silk.

Eleven rhodium-plated diamonds indicate the hour, perfectly aligned the hands, and the 41mm steel casing is adorned with another 198 diamonds.

Overall, Hublot’s Big Bang Broderie juxtaposes conventionally men and women characteristics in an elegant yet threatening, aggressive yet sophisticated style. And that’s the kind of woman we imagine possessing it. Let us be clear: Broderie is not a Stepford wife, but a rockstar.

6. Chanel Premiere

Chanel PremiereThe PREMIERE timepiece, influenced by the Place Vendome, debuted in 1987 as the first piece in the CHANEL watch series. Chanel debuted its renowned J12 collection in 2000, which was distinguished by its utilization of ceramic as its primary material, a decision that marked it distinct from its rivals.

Although it was first only offered in black and was a huge hit with Chanel clients, it really took off when it was released publicly in all white in 2003. Since then, the legendary French firm has developed several variations. The Electro capsule collection, which was inspired by the excitement of electronic music, introduced a fresh wave of bright colors to the style.

J12 X-Ray Electro Caliber 3.1 is a sapphire crystal and white gold version with a 58 sapphire tint.

This timepiece was created to complement the person who wears it. The Chanel Première Chaîne, for instance, exists in several versions from which to choose. You can go for a cream mother-of-pearl display or a dark lacquered dial if you desire that style. This watch provides both light and shadow to meet the needs of anyone who intends to use it.

The Chanel Première line is not for diving deep or excursions. These watches are made to sit delicately on a silky feminine wrist, complementing the wearer’s style and character. They are, obviously, of the best quality and will undoubtedly last a lifetime. These items are quite heavy.

7. Bulgari Serpenti Tricolor

Bulgari Serpenti TricolorTubogas is the title given to a style of chain made from two overlapping gold stripes that are firmly wound together without the need for solder. The consequence is a hollowed, flexible tubular bracelet. Numerous luxury jewelry firms, particularly in the 1930s and 1940s, borrowed this technique that has been employed throughout history.

Although Bulgari did not originate the technology, it mastered a variation of it for its renowned Serpenti wristwatches. The premium business has produced numerous models of this timepiece over the years, each of which has proven to be incredibly popular. The Serpenti Tricolor is constructed of 18k yellow, white, and rose gold and is driven by a quartz movement.

7. Versace V-race Chrono

Versace V-race ChronoVersace watches are a must-see for everyone who likes bright colors and slightly unconventional designs. Some watch elitists may be put off by designer brands entering the market, but if you’re searching for an appealing, eye-catching, high-quality watch, there’s nothing incorrect with going with a designer brand. If you want to add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral outfit, this is the watch to wear.

The vivid blue is a stunning color, and the blue stones on the rim add to the effect. This wristwatch is water-resistant to 50 meters, so it’s safe to use in the shower or when swimming.

8. Rado Florence Automatic

Rado Florence AutomaticRado is popular for using unusual materials and turning them into timepieces with intriguing designs. The company, which is based in Switzerland, aims to help people realize their dreams. So, if you want to stand out, Rado’s collections is undoubtedly the appropriate watch brand for a woman like you.

The Rado Florence Automatic is one of the most well-known Rado timepieces for women. You can wear it as both a dress and a casual watch. A stainless steel frame, sapphire screen, date clock, 30-meter resistance to water, and quartz movement are among its characteristics.

9. Tag Heuer Aquaracer

Tag Heuer Aquaracer

With a history stretching back to 1860, TAG Heuer is one of the world’s oldest and most prominent watchmaking businesses. They’ve worked with a huge number of celebrities, both male and female, and have been the designated timekeeper for three Summer Olympics. The Aquaracer watch from TAG Heuer is both beautiful and useful. It’s waterproof up to 300 meters and boasts luminous hands for easy reading underwater. Diamonds adorn the bezel and face, which contrast beautifully with the white mother of pearl display. This is a useful piece that works well in both business and formal settings.

10. DKNY Ladies ceramic fashion watch

DKNY Ladies ceramic fashion watchDKNY is yet another designer label that has dabbled in the timepiece sector with a nicely manicured toe. Their designs are more traditional than Versace’s, with classic shapes and traditional colors like gold, brown, white, silver, and black, rather than vibrant blues and pinks. This porcelain and stainless steel watch is slim and small and is elaborately feminine and stylish enough for any formal occasion while remaining subtle enough for the business.

This is a little watch, ideal for a woman’s smaller wrists and dazzling enough to attract the eye without even being overtly “blingy.” The dial window is composed of scratch-resistant natural crystal rather than the harder sapphire crystal variety, which is the sole drawback.


A lady’s wardrobe is incomplete without a watch. Hopefully, this list has tickled your taste for a sophisticated and luxurious watch to add to your collection. Our favorite is the unbeatable Rolex Oyster Perpetual which is also one of the best watch brands for men. Don’t forget to revisit the blog because we keep updating it time and again. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us via the comments. Loved our blog? Send us a thumbs up via the comments and do check out the other updated articles.

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