7 Best Tank Watches in 2022

Tank watches

Louis-François Cartier’s grandson Luis Cartier is the founder of Tank watches, first introduced in 1917. Unsurprisingly, they have been going strong for more than a century now- a solid testament to their quality and popularity. Among the most classic dress timepieces available is the Cartier Tank. However, it’s reasonable that not everyone can buy this … Read more

Apple Watch 40mm vs 44mm

Apple watch 40 vs 44 mm

Apple Watch is undoubtedly the most popular watch on the wearables market. Its unique design, versatility, and accuracy have made it the first choice for smartwatch hunters. Apple released its Watch 6 in September last year. It was released in two versions – the 40mm and the 44mm version. Since then, people are confused about … Read more

Best Watch Brands for Women in 2022

Best Watch Brands for Women

From time immemorial, the watch industry has been primarily focused on men. Diamonds and jewelry are considered better and more sophisticated accessories for women. However, times have changed and so have the outdated fashion standards. The market is booming with the best watch brands for women, so much so that making a choice has become … Read more

11 Best Watch Brands for Men [Luxury and Affordable]

Best Watch Brands for Men

As a watch aficionado, deciding between dozens of the best watch brands might become mind-boggling. The label ‘best’ is a personal choice in most cases – unless it’s your mom’s cooking. The same applies to watches. There are so many amongst you who will vouch for a high-end Rolex any given day, while others will … Read more

Apple Watch GPS Vs Cellular

Apple Watch GPS Vs Cellular

Apple Watch GPS Vs Cellular Apple is a favorite among people who have no time for nonsense. This doesn’t come as a surprise, given the highly functional, sophisticated, and probably the best quality smartwatches on the market. Apple watches have a 52% share in the world market. This further solidifies our statement that it is … Read more

Best Apple Watches

Best Apple Watches

If you have been eyeing smartwatches for a while, Apple is probably your most ‘desirable’ and best option. Apple smartwatches are reliable, efficient, and make your lives easier like no smartwatch can. Moreover, who isn’t impressed with the Apple ecosystem? Although the most obvious option might be to get the Apple Watch 7 with all … Read more