5 Best Devon Watches to Suit Your Luxurious Taste

Best Devon Watches

Devon watches are engineering marvels for the watch aficionado with a penchant for invention and inventiveness. The one-of-a-kind functionality reimagines the watch, going far beyond the limits of traditional craftsmanship. Devon’s movement is a fascinating display of innovative intertwined time belts that display hours, minutes, and seconds in unprecedented ways. These timepieces are entirely designed … Read more

10 Best Calculator Watches in 2022

Best Calculator Watches

Calculator watches are multi-purpose timepieces and are equipped with numerous functionalities. They were horological marvels when they first came out, and are still today. Most calculator watches show us time, date, and day. Additionally, some can also be used as a data bank to store your meeting or telephone numbers or set multiple alarms.  The … Read more

10 Best Smartwatches for Men in 2022

Best SmartWatches for Men

The horological sector is steeped in rich culture. It is dictated by style and culture ever since its dawn. But things started to change at the turn of millennia. The smartwatch was born when the fast-developing technology industry collided with the horological sector, merging digital efficiency with increased innovation. Ever since smartwatches have been straddling … Read more

10 Best Sonata Watches for Men and Women

Best Sonata Watches for Men and Women

Sonata watches is a collection of timeless and contemporary watches that build nostalgia in all of us. It is a product of Titan, the largest selling watch brand in India. The company has created more than 700 watches and has over 11,000 authorized outlets across the country. Choosing from 700 watch styles is a herculean … Read more

10 Best Ball Watches to Buy in 2022

Best Ball Watches

Born out of a fatal train accident in 1891, the ball watches have upheld a strict set of standards for 120 years. The company has positioned itself as an innovative luxury watch brand, with the ball watches equipped with technologies like the A-Proof magnetic system, the SpringLock anti-shock system, and much more. We’re talking about … Read more

10 Best Citizen Watches for Men in 2022

Best Citizen Watches for Men

If you are looking for a good-quality watch at an affordable price, Citizen Watches are the best for men. They are attractive timepieces and offer cutting-edge innovation. Powered by light, their high-quality material and functionality will make it hard for you to resist buying. They look damn beautiful in your wrist area and are comfortable … Read more

11 Best MVMT Watches for Men [Updated]

Best MVMT Watches for Men

MVMT, a new brand, has joined the market to provide users a variety of styles to help them enhance their fashion sense and retain their aura. The brand has created something unique and exceptional for its customers. MVMT watches are modern and fashionable smartwatches for men to increase their style quotient, with a touch button … Read more

10 Best Skagen Watches For Men and Women

Best Skagen Watches For Men and Women

Skagen watches enclose the popular Scandinavian design, making them a globally famous brand due to their looks, design, and warranty card. The watches of Skagen are sleek, modern, and match your outfits and taste. Skagen Brand has designed their watches based on the popular Aaren Kulor model and provides a wide variety of styles to … Read more

12 Best Fossil Watches for Women [Updated]

Best Fossil Watches for Women

Earlier watches were considered mere timepieces for women, but today they are also a fashion statement. Different varieties have evolved with the advancement in technology, which has progressed from analog watches, mechanical, chronograph, digital watches to touchscreen smart wristwatches. So, if you are a lover of the best fossil watches for women and want to … Read more