Cove vs SimpliSafe: Which Home Security System is better?

Home security has become a top priority among all homeowners. Even if you live in a rented apartment, DIY home security systems can help keep burglars and intruders at bay. 

Cove and SimpliSafe are a few of the most popular DIY security systems that you might have come across. However, deciding which is a better option is mind-boggling. 

SimpliSafe and Cove are two DIY security systems with high degrees of security. SimpliSafe and Cove both offer a variety of superior security systems and functionalities at reasonable prices and no subscription is required. SimpliSafe specializes in adaptability and features, whereas Cove provides more economical gear.

In this article, we will talk about the difference between Cove and SimpliSafe home security systems and which is a better option.

SimpliSafe vs Cove: Head to Head Comparison

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Customizable systems starting at $129 with interactive monitoring

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1. Monitoring Plans

Both Cove and SimpliSafe offer nearly similar monitoring plans. Both have a price range of $14.99 – $24.99 per month. 

However, Cove offers a few extra features with the premium subscription. 


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2. Customization

Cove gives you the freedom to design and build your own home security system. When selecting your Cove surveillance system, you will be asked a series of queries designed to make the procedure as simple as manageable. You’ll be asked questions regarding the type of house you wish to safeguard, how many doors it has, whether you have pets, and so on.

You will receive your own exclusive customized security system suggestion in a matter of seconds. Then you have the option of selecting the type and quantity of each of the various sensors.

In contrast, although SimpliSafe does allow customization, it also offers pre-built packages. This saves you the hassle of going through a long list of questions and saves your time.

3. Monitoring

SimpliSafe: For roughly $15 per month, you can get 24/7 professional surveillance with SimpliSafe’s Standard plan, but we advise investing in the Interactive plan. It costs $10 more every month, but you receive several additional features that we believe are well worth the money. You may activate and disable your systems from anywhere with the Interactive plan, which includes accessibility to the mobile app. You may also see if you forgot to activate the system before leaving for work the next day. This is a particularly handy feature because unless you have access to the mobile app, you may never check on your home’s security unless you get home.

Cove: Its monitoring is the same price as SimpliSafe’s. You’ll get 24/7 expert surveillance if you choose the $15-per-month Basic package.  We advise subscribing to the Plus plan, which costs $25 per month. Cove’s Plus plan, like SimpliSafe’s Interactive plan, includes access to the mobile app, allowing you to operate your surveillance system whether you’re at the office, at the cinema, or relaxing on the Baga beach. If you want Alexa or Google integration, you’ll also need Cove’s Plus subscription.

4. Security Features

SimpliSafe and Cove both offer full-featured security systems with all of the bells and whistles.

Certain functions may be disabled or inaccessible based on your membership plan and settings.

In general, both providers should be able to provide 24/7 monitoring of various parts of your house, a cellular connection with 100% assured coverage, enhanced warnings, and interaction with other smart devices.


Cove Home Security System

Cove’s monitoring strategy offers three different means of interacting with you in order to increase reaction time and notification.

  • InstaText is fantastic and runs without a hitch. When an alert is triggered, you will receive a text message informing you of the situation and giving you the option to reply.
  • When an alarm has been activated, the LiveAssist allows you to communicate directly with Cove.
  • If all else fails, Cove will contact you to ensure that everything is fine, and if they are unable to contact you, they will contact the authorities.


SimpliSafe Home security

SimpliSafe functions in a similar manner. If you have the monitoring plan, a SimpliSafe specialist will call you when an alarm goes off to make sure everything is okay. If they are unable to contact you at your primary or backup phone number, they will contact the authorities.

Furthermore, SimpliSafe’s Video Alarm Verification option enables SimpliSafe personnel to examine a short clip of surveillance video from when the alarm was triggered. SimpliSafe can then assess why the alarm was activated and respond immediately if necessary.

However, SimpliSafe security systems have a significant edge over Cove security systems. Both Cove and SimpliSafe sell video cameras that may be used indoors.

SimpliSafe, on the other hand, sells outdoor kits for their cameras.

The outdoor component allows you to place the camera outside while keeping rain, frost, and dirt away from it. Cameras with the outside kit fitted can be utilized in temperatures ranging from -4°F to 114°F.

5. Ease of Installation

Both SimpliSafe and Cove are easy to install. One, because both are do-it-yourself systems. Two, because all of their security equipment is not very complex.

Here is a video for Cove set up so you may understand the ease of installation.

Here is a video of SimpliSafe:

6. System Testing

Cove is certainly in a win situation when it comes to system testing. The company offers automated system testing every hour with all its plans to ensure that the equipment is in working condition. After all, what is the use of a comprehensive home security system that does not work?

SimpliSafe, on the other hand, offers automated system testing only if the security gadgets have not been used for a while. This is especially useful when you are on a business trip or a vacation. You also have the option to test the system by yourself. 


Comparing two manufacturers who are the top players in their niche is an arduous job. Both tend to offer similar functionalities, services, and even similar pricing. Therefore, it ultimately comes down to your personal preference. 

All in all, Cove is a better option when it comes to affordability. The company’s goal is evident from its pricing – to deliver affordable quality. 

Simplisafe is, however, a better option when it comes to the versatility of the equipment. They offer everything – from smart locks to video doorbells, and motion sensors to security cameras. 

SimpliSafe is also better when it comes to choosing gadgets. You don’t have to select a package on your own – although you do have an option for the same. To save you the strain of going through each product, SimpliSafe offers preset packages.

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