10 Great Ways to Get Free Instagram Followers

10 Great Ways to Get Free Instagram Followers: Having a significant number of Instagram followers adds to the authenticity and popularity of your Instagram profile. This is a must-have from a business point of view. Posting good photos and making regular updates are helpful for sure in gaining followers on Instagram but if you need to do it fast and gain more followers, you need to do a lot more than that. Several websites claim to have generator tools for gaining Instagram followers. Avoid them as they are scams.

Luckily, there are several genuine ways, tips, and tricks for gaining free Instagram followers. For your convenience, we have divided these ways into two categories: Top 3 social media like-exchange websites and 7 tried-and-trusted ways of getting free Instagram followers.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s go:

Gaining Free Instagram Followers with These 3 Social Media Like-Exchange Websites

Adding genuine Instagram followers to your account requires a lot of effort combined with a stroke of luck. What if you can just skip the effort and gain multiple followers without doing much?

You can gain free Instagram followers quickly with the use of link exchange websites. Following are 3 popular link exchange websites for Instagram that you can use:

  1. FollowLike


Available in over 200 countries and having over 140k members, FollowLike is one of the most popular like exchange tools for getting free Instagram followers. Earning points here is easy by simply accomplishing a range of like exchange tasks.

Other than Instagram, FollowLike is also available for Facebook, Pinterest, SoundCloud, StumbleUpon, Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, and VK. Moreover, the like exchange service also offers website traffic boost for those in need.

  1. Hublaagram


Another great tool that you can use for getting free Instagram followers is Hublaagram. It is an automation tool that fetches you several likes and followers within a short duration of time.

You begin with Hublaagram by granting it permission to publish as well as like other Instagram profiles and accounts. In order to gain free Instagram followers with Hublaagram, you need to give access token.

Hublaagram isn’t like any other auto liker and follower service that traps you in link loops by continuously redirecting to third-party ads and spam links. Hence, your account won’t be blocked or temporarily suspended for suspicious activities by using Hublaagram.

  1. Like4Like


Like4Like is an immensely popular social media ‘like exchange platform’. It hosts a wide variety of social media platforms and hosting services, including Facebook, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Twitter, Vimeo, Vine, and YouTube.

To being with, you need to register at Like4Like with a social media profile. For Instagram, you need to add your Instagram name to your Like4Like profile. Next, start liking and/or following user posts using Like4Like and soon you will gain followers.

How Does Social Media Link Exchange Websites Work?

Link exchange websites are extremely popular among teenagers and youngsters looking to hit it big in the world of social media. They can get you hundreds of likes, comments, and exposure on the social media platform of your liking without even breaking a sweat.

For using any typical social media link exchange website, you need to first log in to the website using the concerned social media account for which you want the followers, which, in this case, is Instagram.

Then, you need to follow, like, and share posts of other users on Instagram. You are awarded points for doing the aforementioned. Points are deducted for adding followers, likes, comments, etc. to your posts.

Tried-and-Trusted Ways to Get Free Instagram Followers

You need not rely only on like exchange websites for gaining new Instagram followers. You can also do so in a longer but more satiating way.

Maintaining your account in a professional manner and successfully meeting the norms is the secret to building a robust Instagram profile with hundreds of thousands of followers. Gaining followers on Instagram brings you:

  • Increased popularity
  • More publicity for your business, craft, product, services, and whatnot

So, ready to know how to get a surge in Instagram followers by simply adopting some tried-and-trusted ways? Here we go then:

  1. Cross-Promotion across Social Media Channels

Social Media Channels

Cross-promotion across other social media channels is a bankable way of gaining new Instagram followers. Instagram is especially designed around this idea because it makes sharing your Insta posts on other social media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter, a piece of cake.

Doing cross-promotion across social media not only gives your profile more exposure but it also allows your friends who are on Instagram but don’t know about your profile. Doing cross-promotion across social media platforms lets them know that you’re here and this is what you’re doing and likes to do.

  1. Do Share Relevant, User-Generated Content

User-Generated ContentAdding relevant content daily to your Instagram account is good. However, there might be days when you don’t have the time to get some good shots or even post ones that you already have. What to do in such cases? Remember, sharing is caring.

You can always share user-generated content in scenarios where you don’t have anything of your own to post and/or you’re unable to post. You can be creative in doing so. You need to share content based on your Insta account type.

If you’re having a product-based Instagram account then you can share genuine user reviews of your product along with product image(s). Also, you can share posts of your fans/clients using or wearing your products.

If you like art or into it, then you can share anything and everything that can be considered as art, such as paintings, music, dancing, et cetera.

  1. Explore, Research, and Use Hashtags

Use Hashtags

Using the right hashtags can expand the reach of your post among the relevant audience. So, in a way, hashtags can get you free Instagram followers. A typical Instagram post maxes out at 30 hashtags. Yes, you read it correctly! It is, indeed, 30!

The more hashtags an Instagram post has, the better are the chances for it to expand its reach. However, sometimes choosing the right hashtags can’t be as easy as picking the nicest slice of a cake.

In such cases, do competitor research. In simple words, look for posts that are similar to yours and get inspiration for your relevant hashtags from hashtags used in them.

  1. Interaction is a Must

Post Engagement

To get followers, you might first become one. You need to spend a good amount of time daily to respond to posts on Instagram. You must like photos and videos, make comments, follow new posts, and share interesting and relevant posts with your followers.

There is this method called “follow like like like” that states that for making someone a follower, you need to first follow them and like, at least, three of their posts. This simply means that you must interact on Instagram quite often. To be the recipient of its love, you need to the one giving it.

  1. Keep Telling Stories

Keep Telling Stories

The Stories feature introduced on Instagram is truly remarkable. It allows you to share small, edited text, video, gifs, etc. snippets to let the world and your followers know what you’re up for. It is a great way to entice current followers and gain new ones.

  1. Leverage Videos

Leverage Videos

Gone is the time when pictures were considered to be the premium content over the internet. This is the age of videos. Instagram allows users to post videos that can be as short as 3 seconds or as long as 1 whole minute.

If you analyze the top Instagram profiles, you will notice that videos are an essential part of their generated content. A relevant video with the fitting duration will surely help you gain free Instagram followers. Moreover, you can use videos for transferring your followers to other social media platforms easily.

  1. Post Often

Social MediaSocial media is an ever-changing landscape. Content that is created and shared on one day might not be relevant even tomorrow or on the evening of the same day. So, you need to keep adding content on a regular basis to captivate users.

In order to get more followers, you must post frequently, several times a day. Following in the footsteps of Facebook, the latest Instagram algorithm advocates visibility for consistency i.e. the more you post, the more likelihood is for your posts to be seen by more users.

Don’t simply upload pics with weird captions. Try to make the best combination of caption and hashtags to attract the relevant audience and genuinely gain more Instagram followers.


So that was all about some good tips and tricks for gaining free Instagram followers. These tips will help you gain hundreds to thousands of Instagram followers in no time.

The most important thing that you need to take care of your Instagram account is that it should be genuine. Remember that there is no way to generate followers. Websites that claim to have free Instagram followers using generator tools and hacks are a fraud. Beware of them.

Do share your experience of gaining free Instagram followers using the above-mentioned tips and tricks in the comments section below. If you have any queries, ask us there.

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