6 Verified Ways to Get Free iTunes Gift Cards and Codes [updated]

iTunes offers some of the best applications and games along with a comprehensive music library, containing new and old songs across all genres and regions. However, iTunes purchases are often expensive and, thus, not everyone can afford them. Free iTunes gift cards let you enjoy premium music, apps, and games on your iPad, iPhone, and macOS devices. If you need to learn genuine ways to get free iTunes gift card codes then you’ve reached the right spot.

Genuine Ways to Earn Free iTunes Gift Cards

There is an overabundance of websites and services claiming to generate free iTunes gift card codes. Engaging with these websites will only bring you disappointment and, in severe cases, loss of money, privacy, peace of mind, etc. So be aware of such fraudsters.

There are several genuine ways on the Internet for earning free iTunes gift cards. In this article, we will discuss 6 verified ways of earning free iTunes gift card codes. Ready? Let’s go:

Step #1- Enrol for iTunes reward

Perhaps the most genuine way of bagging free iTunes gift cards is by using the iTunes reward website. This GPT website is not officially backed by iTunes but is surely a great, legitimate way to earn free iTunes gift card codes.

Here, you can complete surveys and download apps to earn points, which you can then exchange with free iTunes gift card codes. The minimum payout at iTunes reward is a $10 iTunes gift card, which you can get in exchange for 1,000 points.

Step #2- Free iTunes Gift Card Codes List [Updated Weekly]

There are several websites that offer a free iTunes gift card codes list. These lists enumerate various unused iTunes gift card codes. However, these codes keep on changing because these are one-time codes. So, if one is used, it is no longer valid.

To keep the free iTunes gift card codes list relevant, it is updated frequently. The frequency of updating the list can vary from 1 to 2 days to up to a week.

Step #3- Follow Gift Card Companies On Social Media

You can hunt down free iTunes gift cards by prudently following gift card companies, such as cash star, first data, NGC-group, Quiksilver, and woohoo on various social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Some organizations award points, which you can use later to exchange for gift cards, while some give gift cards directly for subscribing to their social media channels with some specific terms and conditions.

Many a time these organizations hold competitions on social media channels and reward the winners. Most competitions on social media of this type are about liking posts, sharing them, etc.

To begin with, you need to start following deal hunters on social media channels, especially Facebook and Twitter. These are individuals or groups of people that are always on the lookout for tracking down ongoing free deals and offers.

Upon verifying the ongoing deals deal hunters broadcast the same to their followers, typically via closed community groups and sometimes via social media platforms. These deals can range from cash to free iTunes gift cards and Google Play gift cards and codes.

Deal hunters are highly location-specific. This means that which deal hunters you can follow depends on where you are searching for them. You can search for them on social media using keywords like bargains, deal hunters, deals, gift cards, etc.

Step #4- Join Online Reward Programs

There is no scarcity of online reward programs offering free iTunes gift cards. But beware that such programs usually rely on generating loads and loads of marketing emails. So, get ready for your email ID to overflowing with promotional emails.

One way to deal with the aforementioned issue is to create a brand new email ID, specifically for this purpose. You can then keep it only for joining such reward programs.

Reward programs usually require you to fill-up surveys sent to you via emails. As soon as you finish the survey successfully, points will be awarded to your account, which you can then exchange for free iTunes gift cards, cash, etc.

Step #5- Sign Up at GPT Websites and Survey Websites

Other than joining reward programs, you can also sign up at GPT (Get Paid To) and survey websites to earn free iTunes gift cards and codes. The following list enumerates some of the best GPT and survey websites to get free iTunes codes:

GPT websites offer a wide variety of tasks, ranging from watching videos and playing games to downloading and using apps, which get you points when successfully completed.

Thereafter, you can exchange these points for rewards. Typically, a GPT website offers several payout options, varying from free iTunes gift cards to cash and super discounts.

Like GPT websites, survey websites award you for filling up surveys. These websites take your personal information and then match your profile against fitting surveys.

You are awarded points as soon as you successfully submit a completed survey. Then you can trade these points for lucrative deals and offers, such as free iTunes gift cards and code.

Step #6- Participate in Rewarding Products Promotions

Another genuine way of bagging free iTunes gift cards is by promoting products. To begin with, you need to find out organizations and websites looking for product promotions and/or newsletters subscriptions in exchange for free iTunes gift cards and codes.

Yes, this can be exhaustive considering the vast number of people looking for free iTunes gift cards and codes around the world and a few organizations giving out free iTunes gift cards and codes.

However, you will be paid handsomely for your efforts. A piece of free advice; always check the genuineness of such sources before enrolling for their enticing offers.

Also, you need to be very careful regarding sharing your personal, sensitive information. Avoid sharing any kind of information that you think might risk your privacy, identity, finances, etc.

Redeeming an iTunes Gift Cards

So now that you have gotten free iTunes gift cards, how to redeem it? It’s not that difficult, but it might be a little confusing if you’re doing it for the very first time. In that case, this section will help you out.

The process of redeeming the free iTunes gift cards depends on the device that you’re using for the purpose. As such, we have partitioned this section to cover different devices. Off we go:

Using iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Step #01 – Open the App Store

Step #02 – Tap on Today and then click on your profile photo present in the upper-right corner

Step #03 – Next, tap on the ‘Redeem Gift Cards or Code’ and sign in using your Apple ID


You can also add the gift cards and code using the Camera app.


If you’re having an old card or you’re in a specific country or region, then you might need to enter the free iTunes Gift cards and code manually. For doing so, tap on the ‘You can also enter your code manually’ option.

Step #04 – Tap Done to complete the process and you will be notified about the amount credited to your account

Using Mac or PC

Step #01 – Open iTunes

Step #02 – Go to the Account option on the menu bar and click on the Redeem… option

Step #03 – Sign in using your Apple ID

Step #04 – Use the Camera to redeem the free iTunes gift cards by ensuring you follow the onscreen instructions for capturing the redemption code correctly


Click on the ‘You can also enter your code manually’ option if you are not able to use the camera for scanning the code

Step #05 – Click the Redeem option to get the amount credited to your iTunes account

Using Android Phone

Yes, it is possible to redeem your free iTunes gift cards on an Android device. Simply follow these instructions:

Step #01 – Launch the Apple Music app

Step #02 – Tap on Library

Step #03 – Next, tap on the menu button and then tap on Account Settings

Step #04 – Tap the‘ Redeem Gift Cards or Code’ option

Step #05 – Enter the free iTunes gift cards and code manually. It will be present at the back of the cards. The code will have 16 digits and starts with an X

Step #06 – Tap ‘Redeem’ and the amount will be added to your account

Note: – If you’re not able to see Account Settings then tap on Settings and then tap Sign In. Use your Apple ID to sign in and then tap the back button followed by a tap on the menu button.


That completes our list of 6 genuine ways for earning Free iTunes gift cards and code. You can use the codes for purchasing premium apps, games, and music on iTunes.

Do let’s know your experience after trying all the above-mentioned options to get free iTunes gift cards? Let us know in the comments. Let’s know if you have any queries.

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