7 Best Ways to Get Free PSN Codes in 2021 [Updated]

PlayStation is a leading gaming brand. There are just so many games available for the various Play Station consoles. Any ardent gamer will never settle down for games that she has. She is always looking for adding more and more games to her gaming library. Check below how to Get Free PSN Codes.

However, PS titles aren’t cheap, especially the great ones. And not everyone has the privilege to frequently shop for PlayStation titles. As such, dedicated gamers spend lots of time over the Internet pursuing and seeking free PlayStation gift card codes.

Get Free PSN Codes

Free PSN Codes

There are a ton of websites claiming to generate free PSN gift card codes. They are misleading and you should avoid those. Such fake websites can risk your privacy, identity, etc.

Nonetheless, there are some genuine ways of getting free PSN codes without even sparing a single dime. Although these aren’t technically free as these require some effort in exchange for the prize, as long as you don’t consider anything money beyond money, these methods qualify for being free.

Get Free PSN Codes

So, without any further ado let’s check out 7 best ways to get free PlayStation Network gift card codes:

1. Free Giveaways & Giveaway Sites

Free Giveaways

Thankfully, there are so many YouTube users and social media people that are always doing some kind of PSN codes giveaways. The requirement for gaining the opportunity to win these free giveaways is typically subscribing to their channels and/or following them on social media.

One thing to note here is that giveaway programs like these have thousands, and sometimes millions, of people competing against each other for the prizes. Hence, odds are, obviously, stacked against you. However, gaining a free PlayStation Network gift card code is definitely worth the effort.

The chances that you get to win a free giveaway depends greatly on who is organizing or sponsoring the program. The more respectable the name, the better are the chances.

Hence, you need to follow tech channels and gaming channels that frequently give out PSN codes, Google Play gift cards, Steam Wallet codes, etc.

2. PayPrizes

Free PSN codes

Another trusted and legitimate GPT website for gaining free PSN codes is PayPrizes. In fact, it is one of the quickest ways to grab free PSN gift card codes. You need to complete small tasks for earning points that can be used for gaining free PS4 Gift Card.

To start with PayPrizes, you need to register first. Then, you must log in to the GPT website and visit the wall section. Here, you will find all the tasks available for you. Completing these tasks successfully will get you points.

Once you’ve attained enough points, you can exchange them for free PlayStation rewards. Else, you can keep on accumulating more points and then go for a higher free PSN gift card code. Other than PSN codes, PayPrizes also offer Amazon gift cards, cash, discount offers, and much more.

3. PSNReward

PSNRewardPSNReward is a legitimate way of earning free PSN codes. It is not officially backed by PlayStation Network. In the true GPT website fashion, PSNReward requires you to successfully complete a variety of tasks that will get you points.

These points that you will earn can be then exchanged for bagging free PSN codes. The minimum checkout at PSNReward is 1,000 points, for which you will get a PSN gift card worth $10. PSNReward also offers $20 and $30 PSN gift cards.

Start by registering at the website, followed by logging into your account. Next, go to the offer wall. Here you will find all available tasks, and their respective details, that will get you points. Obviously, there is nothing else than PSN gift cards that you can get from PSNReward.

4. Swagbucks


Swagbucks is synonymous with top-rated GPT websites. It has been the industry leader for so many years now. As such, it is one of the best ways to earn free PSN codes. Gamers, social media influencers, and YouTubers form the majority of the Swagbucks community.

As Swagbucks is a GPT website, it grants you the opportunity to complete a wide variety of tasks, such as filling surveys and playing games and earn Swag Bucks. These can be then exchanged for free PSN gift card codes.

You can also earn Swag Bucks by simply logging into the website daily. Other than the free PSN codes, Swagbucks also gives away a variety of gift cards, cash prizes, discounts, and other lucrative deals and offers.

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5. Reward Point Websites

Reward Point Websites

There are also websites similar to PSNReward that gives you the chance to earn points by completing an array of offers. You need to create an account at these websites and then start completing offers and accumulate points that you can then exchange for free PSN codes.

One thing to note here is that these websites offer exchange offers for limited countries and regions. Therefore, before getting started, ensure that your location is covered. As it will really be a great disappointment if you accumulate enough points and then you are forbidden to get free PSN gift card codes.

Also, reward point websites are well aware of users looking to use unfair means to collect points. Hence, avoid activities like using a proxy with a false ID. Typically, activities such as these will result in your account being permanently banned from the website.

In addition to free PSN codes, reward point websites also offer the opportunity to trade points for PayPal balance or hard cash. These websites typically cover Australia, Canada, Northern Europe, United Kingdom, and the United States.

In case your location isn’t covered by reward point websites you can search them for referral programs if any. Typically, these websites offer several points for just sharing the website with others and bringing new users using referral links.

Some of the reward point websites even allow you to gain a small, but significant, chunk of the points earned by someone that you’ve referred to these websites.

6. Trading Codes

The Barter System

Although rare, there are chances when someone receives a PSN code as a present for a birthday or some other event, or win it by completing some kind of offer that they don’t need i.e. not interested at all.

A PSN code once purchased can’t be returned. Hence, the only way to get something out of it is by selling it or by exchanging it for some other, meaningful stuff. Some people even like to give it away for free.

The /r/pin codes subreddit is an excellent spot for people to share PSN codes that they themselves don’t want but like to give to others so that they can enjoy them.

You need to be always on your toes for such websites/communities as hundreds of thousands of people like you are eagerly waiting for newer posts each day.

Reddit and eBay are popular websites that facilitate gamers to sell/exchange their unused codes with other interested gamers.

7. Free PSN Codes List [Weekly UPDATED]

There are some websites that curate a list of unused PSN codes. Most of the unused codes that you get from these websites would never work as they are mostly fake.

How to Redeem a Free PSN Code?

Worry not if you don’t know how to redeem a free PSN code, or a purchased one. We’re going to discuss the same in this very section. The instructions vary, although slightly, for different PS consoles/platforms. Hence, we will discuss the process for each of them:

For PS4

Step #01 Visit PlayStation Store and scroll to the bottom of the sidebar and click on the Redeem Codes option

Step #02 Enter the PSN gift card code and choose the Redeem option

Step #03 You will be notified about the credit/content being applied to your PS account

For PS3

Step #01 Open PlayStation Store and go to the bottom of the sidebar and choose the Redeem Codes option

Step #02 Next, enter the PlayStation Network gift card code and proceed with Continue

Step #03 You will receive a notification about the credit/content applied to your account


Step #01 Open the PlayStation Store and then go to your ID by clicking on the online ID appearing at the top of the screen

Step #02 From the drop-down menu, select the Redeem Codes option

Step #03 Enter the PSN gift card code and then choose the Redeem option

Step #04 You will soon be notified about the credit/content added to your PS account


Step #01 Open the PlayStation Store and go to the Options

Step #02 Choose the Redeem Codes option

Step #03 Enter the PlayStation Network gift card code and then choose the Continue option

Step #04 A notification will be displayed as soon as the credit/content of the PSN code is applied to your account


That completes our list of the 7 best ways for earning free PlayStation Network gift card codes. These are all genuine, tried-and-trusted ways for grabbing free PSN codes. These are not the only ways for getting free PSN codes though, there might be more.

If you know about some better way of earning free PlayStation Network gift card codes and would like to share with us, do so via the dedicated comments section. It would be highly appreciated by us and passionate gamers like you visiting us.

Do let’s know if you know any better way to get free PSN codes in the comments:)

Happy gaming!

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