Google Pixel Watch – A Google Flagship That Might Happen Sometime Soon

Google Pixel Watch: Recently, two codenames for Google devices have seeped over the web. Interestingly, one of them might be the long-awaited Google Pixel Watch. The release of the Google Pixel Watch may also showcase the full capacity of a rebranded version of the Wear OS software.

Google Pixel’s range of smartphones enables the tech giant to put the ability of the latest Android releases for a show. As such, speculations about Google developing its very own smartwatch to give a powerful display of the capabilities of Wear OS are ripe.

Last year, a Twitter leaker @Evleaks suggested that Google Pixel Watch was in development, full force. According to the account, it might have been announced along with the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. However, as we all know now that such a thing didn’t happen.

In the following section, we’ll be spilling out everything known to us in the context of the Google Pixel Watch. We will be exploring what can be expected with the upcoming Google flagship device.

Release Date and Price

At this moment in time, there’s no certainty about the release date as well as the price of the highly-anticipated Pixel Watch. After the prediction made by Evleaks failed yesteryear, Google put an end to all anticipation of the gadget’s release in 2018.

However, it might also mean that the tech mogul has plans to make Pixel Watch public in 2019. A report from WinFuture detailing three versions of the Google Pixel Watch states that the gadget has entered the second level of its design verification.

It is basically a test to check whether the upcoming device will be easy to mass-produce or not. This suggests that the design is ready to be put in production as soon as it gets the green flag. Another fact bagging the notion is that a new codename, medaka, has been spotted at Google.

Google has a long tradition of using codenames, mostly names belonging to sea creatures, for its products. FYI, a medaka is a tiny fish. Also, the device is said to not have a notch. This makes anticipators strongly believe that Medaka might be the working name for Pixel Watch.

Like the release date, there is no certainty about the price tag that the Google Pixel Watch will come with. The Google Pixel series, which is a flagship of the search engine giant, are high-end products with top-notch prices. As Pixel Watch will also be a flagship, prices will certainly be high.


Expecting Pixel Watch to support high-end smartwatch technology is obvious. But what’s not obvious is the exact features packed by the soon-to-come Google flagship device.

The upcoming Google gizmo is hotly-anticipated to pack the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 chipset. If it turns out to be true then the Pixel Watch will have significant battery life optimization.

A top rumored feature to be supported by the Google Pixel Watch has the codename Blackghost. It is believed to be some sort of power management that comes inbuilt with the chipset powering the Pixel Watch.

Black ghost will enable Google Pixel Watch to hear out voice commands all around the clock with an insignificant battery drain. According to a report from WinFuture, you can expect Google Pixel Watch to come out in 3 variants.

The WinFuture report states that it has heard about devices codenamed Ling, Sardine, and Triton under development at Google. The same report also states that at least one of the variants will feature 1 GB RAM, which, undoubtedly, is a lot of memory for a smartwatch.

Whether the variants will be LTE-centric or fitness-focused or something else entirely can only become certain only when Google will make some official news regarding Pixel Watch. You can expect the search engine giant to drop the news sooner or later.

What to Expect?

Following is a list of some features that you can expect to be in the sale-ready version of Google Pixel Watch:

Eloquent Design

Of course, no one would like to don a flagship wearable that looks dull at best and embarrassing at worst. Evidently, not every Wear OS device flaunts great looks.

Hence, Google might like to craft a wearable that not works high-tech but also packs equivalent looks. Most people that are to expense a good amount to get a new flagship smartwatch would definitely look forward to the design.

Excellent Waterproofing

Though there are smartwatches available with a great IP certification, the number of such gadgets is still low. Most smartwatches available today are available with some level of resistance to dust and water, not a high level of waterproofing.

The Google Pixel Watch could be expected to have excellent waterproofing, IP67 or IP68. A highly waterproof Pixel Watch will not only sound cool but will also come in handy when it comes to tracking workouts while working out inside the waters.

First-rate Fitness Features

Apple Watch 3 and Garmin Forerunner 935 are two of the most loaded smartwatches available in the market right now. In addition to supporting an excellent design, these gadgets come with a galore of high-end features.

As a flagship device, one can expect Google Pixel Watch to match up with the league leaders of the smartwatch segment in terms of first-rate fitness features. A precise GPS, the ability to tune in to your favorite music, and a highly reliable heart rate tracker might be a few of those.

In-screen Fingerprint Scanner

Best in Class Fit

The fingerprint scanner has become a staple with smartphones. It is a great security feature in addition to looking and feeling cool. Putting up an in-display fingerprint scanner in Google Pixel Watch isn’t a farfetched idea.

At present, leading smartwatches, notably Wear OS devices and Apple Watches, come with PIN-support for security. Fingerprint scanning isn’t only a more secure feature than the aforementioned but also one that looks classy.

Fitting an in-screen fingerprint scanner, moreover, will equip Pixel Watch with highly secure biometric technology without damaging the visual appeal of the same.

If the Google Pixel Watch comes with NFC support (discussed ahead), then having a fingerprint scanner makes just much more sense. However, everything has a price to be paid.

Adding the in-screen fingerprint scanner to the Pixel Watch will present Google with two challenges in the form of a:

  • Thickened gadget
  • High price-tag

However, if Google manages to accomplish this, the in-display fingerprint scanner would definitely be one of the most buzz-creating features supported by the Pixel Watch.

Long and Lively Battery Life

Google Pixel Watch Battery Life

Expecting a great battery from a top-end product isn’t something unconventional. The upcoming Pixel Watch might come with a battery life that enables the device to be used continuously for 2 to 3 days without the need for charging.

Rotating Crown or Bezel

Prior to making the switch to Wear OS, Android Wear 2.0 put a great emphasis on reworking the design to look better with the rotating bezels and crowns. However, not many smartwatches support the idea.

As a top-of-the-line product, expecting Pixel Watch with a bezel or crown might not be that awkward. A rotating bezel or crown can be an even excellent, and a cool one too, way of operating the wearable.

Support for NFC Payments

In order to enable using Google Pay right from your wrist, the Google Pixel Watch needs to come with support for Near-Field Communication a.k.a. NFC. At present, the number of people expecting a wearable to come with NFC support is increasing.

Anyone who is out for a run and needs to sip some water would greatly appreciate buying a water bottle straight from the wrist. Putting an NFC chip inside the upcoming Google device will help it to benefit from the much-desired requirement.

So, that was all about Google Pixel Watch for now. What do you think about the Pixel Watch? Would you like to go for it? What features are you expecting it to have? Let us know in the comments.

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