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Free Google Play Redeem Codes List for Apps [2020]

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Google Play Codes

Google Play Store features millions of apps, games, and other content. While most of them are free to use, some of the most amazing ones require you to loosen your wallet. Some free-to-download apps and games require you to make in-app purchases to enjoy premium features and even to advance to the next levels. Moreover, there are particular subscriptions, such as monthly and tri-monthly, which you also need to pay for in order to enjoy the premium features of these freemium-tiered games and apps. check Google Play Gift Card here

Google Play Codes

Google Play Gift Card

Paying for these interesting games and apps in the starting might not seem like a big deal but soon the charges start to pile up. Wouldn’t it had been good if there was an alternative for sparing so much money for enjoying premium Play Store content? Actually, there is. You can avoid spending so much by earning free Google Play Codes. That’s exactly what we will discuss in this very write-up.

Not only do these free Google Play gift card codes can be used to purchase premium apps and games but can also buy you books, music, and movies available on the Google Play Store.

Already excited? Before moving forward and discussing the 15 legitimate ways of earning free-of-cost Google Play gift card codes, let’s first briefly discuss the what and how of Google Play codes?.

Google Play Gift Card Codes: What and How?

Just like Amazon has Amazon gift cards and PayPal has PayPal vouchers, Google Play has Google Play gift cards. These are an alternative to spending real money on premium Google Play content, which includes games, apps, books, and movies.

Google Play gift cards are often given out by organizations as a sort of reward or prizes to users participating and/or winning promotional competitions held by them. Some people also like to use them as presents for certain occasions and give them to their family members and friends.

A unique point that separates Google gift cards from the fraternity of digital gift cards is that they don’t have an expiry date. Hence, you can keep accruing them to make even the most pricey purchases available on Play Store without worrying about their worth going to zero.

Google Play gift card codes can either be purchased with real money or earned as free giveaways. The latter is the go-to option if you don’t wish to spare real money but still want to enjoy them.

15 Legitimate Ways to Get Free Google Play Codes

Ready to know the best 15 ways for claiming free Google Play gift card codes? or buy google play credit? The list contains top-rated GPT websites and rewards apps that can help you fulfil your intent of enjoying premium Play Store content without using real money. Here we go then:

1.  Google Opinion Rewards

Google Play CodesGoogle itself realizes the popularity of free Google Play codes among the masses. As such, it has come up with a great way that presents a win-win situation for itself and the users in the form of Google Opinion Rewards.

A survey platform pitched in the form of a mobile app that awards Google Play balance to users for participating in surveys and sharing their opinions, Google Opinion Rewards is a very convenient app that is available both for Android and iOS devices.

All surveys available at Google’s survey platform are sent by the Google team. Moreover, credit earned is immediately added to your account once the survey is completed successfully. Other than in English, the surveys at Google Opinion Rewards are also available in regional languages.

Depending on your location, age, occupation, etc. you can receive as little as one survey a week to several surveys a day. Unlike traditional survey websites and platforms, surveys presented by Google Opinion Rewards are brief and interesting.

2. GPlayReward

Google Play RewardAnother top GPT website for claiming free Google Play gift card codes is GPlayReward. As is the norm with the GPT websites, you can do a wide variety of tasks here to accumulate points that you can then exchange for Google Play gift card codes.

You can fill-up surveys, watch video ads, use offer walls, and much more to collect points. GPlayReward offers a unique Spin & Win feature that lets you win points by simply spinning a wheel. Also, you can log in daily to earn guaranteed points. This is a great option for those who live in countries that don’t have any offers available at GPlayReward.

At GPlayReward, you also get points for sharing the happiness of earning free Google Play gift card codes with friends and family. The minimum payout that you can get for a Google Play code at GPlayReward is $10 for an exchange of 1,000 points.

Google Play cards worth $25 and $50 are also available at the GPT website. Other than Google Play gift card codes, you can also exchange points earned at GPlayReward for PayPal money and free Bitcoins.

3. Swagbucks

SwagbucksSwagbucks is perhaps one of the most popular GPT websites in the world. It has a huge rewards list that also includes free Google Play gift card codes. The authority GPT website offers a number of conventional and non-conventional ways for earning points.

Other than letting you earn points by completing surveys, playing games, and watching videos, Swagbucks also rewards you for surfing the Internet and doing online shopping. You can exchange 1,000 points for a $10 Google Play gift card or 5,000 points for a free $50 Google Play code.

One reason for the immense popularity enjoyed by Swagbucks is due to its wide array of reward options. Aside from free Google Play gift card codes, Swagbucks also offers PayPal balance, Amazon gift cards, free iTunes codes, cash, and much more.

4.  PayPrizes

PayPrizesOne of the premier places to earn free Google Play gift card codes is PayPrizes, an immensely popular get paid to the website. The website features a wide array of fun and interesting tasks – such as downloading apps and watching ads – that you can complete and earn points in return.

You need to first register at PayPrizes to start earning points. The total points that you will receive for a particular task vary depending on its type. Once you have accumulated enough points, you can exchange them for Google Play codes.

The minimum payout at PayPrizes is a $10 Google Play gift card that you can receive in exchange for 1,000 points. The more points you will accumulate, the costlier Google Play gift card code you can get back in exchange.

Other than offering free Google Play codes, PayPrizes also disburses rewards in the form of Amazon gift cards, eBay gift cards, free iTunes codes, and much more.

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5.  AppNana

AppNanaAvailable for both Android and iOS devices, AppNana is a popular rewards app trusted by millions for gaining free gift cards. You get nanas, AppNana’s version of reward points, for downloading featured apps and playing games.

You get about 400 nanas each day by merely logging into your AppNana account. Other than offering Google Play gift cards, AppNana also gives away free iTunes gift card codes, Amazon gift cards, and free Xbox codes. Users can also redeem collected points for paid apps available at the AppNana store.

6.  FeaturePoints

FeaturePointsFeaturePoints is yet another GPT website that rewards its users with free Google Play gift card codes. You can earn points at FeaturePoints by completing surveys, watching videos, and downloading featured apps that can be books, games, or something else.

You can collect and exchange points for a $10 or $15 Google Play gift card at FeaturePoints. The GPT website also lets you gain 50% of the points earned by people referred by you.

In addition to the website, the FeaturePoints smartphone app is also available. It is also possible to exchange points accumulated at FeaturePoints for paid apps or online gift cards.

7.  instaGC

instaGCinstaGC stands for instant gift cards. It is another fitting GPT website for earning free Google Play gift card codes. Like other get paid to platforms, instaGC awards your points for completing surveys and watching videos online.

There are also some occasional bonus point opportunities provided by instaGC, including listening to music, trying a product, and visiting websites belonging to featured partners of the rewards website.

You can also earn points at instaGC by shopping from its sponsored partners and making web searches. Signing up for the GPT website gets you 10 points and referring the website to other people gets you 110 points.

$10, $15, and $25 Google Play gift cards are available at instaGC that require 1,000, 1,500, and 2,500 points, respectively. The rewards website offer over 340+ gift cards to choose from.

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8. Tap Cash Rewards

Tap Cash RewardsDownload Tap Cash Rewards on your smartphone and start earning free rewards while on the go. Accumulate points at Tap Cash Rewards and exchange them for free Google Play gift card codes. Referring the app to your acquaintances and friends also gets you points.

You get points at Tap Cash Rewards for downloading apps, playing games, and viewing sponsored video content. A simple login to the rewards app daily also gets you some points. Linking your FB account to the Tap Cash Rewards app earns you VIP status.

Unlike the conventional norm followed by other rewards apps, you need 10,000 points to win a free $10 Google Play gift card code. This might seem too much of a task. However, the app offers more ways of earning points and doing the same faster.

Tap Cash Rewards also lets you exchange your earned reward points for Amazon gift cards and free iTunes codes.

9.  FreeMyApps

FreeMyAppsYet another premier mobile app for earning free Google Play gift card codes is FreeMyApps. Like other rewards apps, FreeMyApps lets its users earn points for downloading and using sponsored apps and games.

Other than offering you points for referring the app to friends, FreeMyApps also rewards you for joining social media contests. A major USP for the FreeMyApps app is that it rewards you for simply watching YouTube videos.

Furthermore, you can donate your points for charity purposes as well. Aside from free Google Play codes, FreeMyApps also gives away rewards in the form of in-game currencies.

10.  JunoWallet

JunoWalletAnother great app that you can use on your Android smartphone for earning free Google Play codes is JunoWallet. You can get reward points here by downloading featured apps and games, filling-up surveys, watching videos, et cetera.

The main USP of JunoWallet is its ability to grant users the chance to win mystery rewards by simply making phone calls. The mystery reward, if you win one, needs to be opened quickly within a 10-second frame or else it will disappear.

Not only does JunoWallet reward you with bonus points for referring the app to other people but it also offers more points when the people whom you’ve referred use the mobile app actively. This means the more they use the app, the more points you receive.

If you want to try something new then you can exchange your points at JunoWallet for entering raffles on JunoRewards. There are also options available for exchanging your earned points for a variety of online and retail gift cards.

11. Cubic Reward Epic

Cubic Reward EpicCubic Reward Epic lets you get free Google Play codes by merely downloading and using featured apps and games. The platform also presents additional points for referring the same to your friends and acquaintances over the various social media channels.

Other than free Google Play gift card codes, Cubic Reward Epic also lets you redeem accumulated points for PayPal money.

12.  Gift Box

Gift BoxDownload and start using the Gift Box app to claim free Google Play codes. You can earn rewards here by downloading featured apps, inviting others, logging in daily, playing games, and watching videos.

The rewards app presents you with several tasks each day to earn points that can be exchanged for Google Play gift card codes and other rewards. Gift Box even offers a Spin Wheel feature that gives you the opportunity to get an even better reward.

13.  WHAFF Rewards

WHAFF Rewards Google Play CodesAnother legitimate way of earning free Google Play codes is by using WHAFF Rewards. The Android app requires you to link your FB account in order to continue earning various rewards offered at the prizes giveaway platform.

Points are earned at WHAFF Rewards by downloading and installing various apps and games on your smartphone. The rewards giving platform might also give away additional points for keeping the featured games and apps on your devices for an extended period of time.

Other than offering users free Google Play gift card codes, WHAFF Rewards also offers Facebook cash, free PlayStation codes, and cryptocurrency credits, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

14. S’more

Google Play Codes S'moreUnlike other apps that are listed here, S’more allows you to earn free Google Play codes in a very different way. The app lets you earn points by simply placing sponsored ads and other content over the locked screen of your smartphone.

This means that the more times you unlock your smartphone, the more you can earn using the S’ more app. Regardless of the total number of ads that you see or click on, you will earn points on a daily basis.

Not only that, but the rewards app also lets you complete paid surveys, download apps, and watch videos to earn points. You can also use the ‘Refer a friend’ feature to get additional points by simply sharing a referral link and code of the app with other people.

Other than Google Play, S’more also offers gift card codes for Amazon, CVS, GameStop, Starbucks, and many more.


Google Play CodesThe Mistplay app is suitable for dedicated mobile gamers who are looking to earn free Google Play gift card codes while gaming. Start with discovering new games in your mix list. Then, simply choose a game of your liking, download it, and start earning by playing it.

All games available at Mistplay are free-to-play. The rewards app also features a level system that lets you earn points faster with every level-up. It is not just a rewards app but also a gaming app with leaderboards, competitive gameplay options, achievements that are to be unlocked, and other gaming stuff.

Mistplay offers a wide array of gift cards, including Amazon, iTunes, Nintendo, PlayStation, Starbucks, Visa, and Xbox. You can also exchange your earned points for cash rewards.

How to Redeem Google Play Codes?

So now that you know how to get free Google Play gift card codes, it’s time to redeem the same. Don’t know how to do that? Don’t worry, because that’s what we’re going to discuss in this section.

You can use a free Google Play code for any premium app, book, music, or movie available on the Google Play Store. Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to redeem the Google Play gift card code(s):

Step #01 Open the Play Store app on your smartphone or visit Google Play on your desktop/laptop

Step #02 Go to the options menu and click on the ‘Redeem’ button [When using the Play Store app]


On the lower-left corner of the screen, you will see a ‘Redeem’ option. Click on it [when visiting]

Step #03 A ‘Redeem your code’ screen will popup prompting you to enter the Google Play gift card code. Enter the code here and hit the ‘REDEEM’ button

Step #04 The amount pertaining to the free Google Play gift card code will now be added to your Google Play balance

Note: – To check your Google Play balance, simply go to the ‘Payments methods’ section.


This completes our list of the 15 legitimate ways of getting free Google Play codes. All you need to do to successfully follow the aforementioned ways of earning free Google Play gift card codes is a working Internet connection, a smartphone and/or a PC, and some free time.

Which one do you find the best or worst? Let us know via comments. Also, do share your favourite places to earn Google Play codes, if any. Until next time!

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