How to Delete a Page in Word_

How to Delete a Page in Word?

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If you are a regular MS Word user, then sometimes you create unwanted pages in your file, and you want to delete them. In this article, we are providing a simple way to Delete Blank Page in Word. It does not matter that the page contains the text because through this way you can Check How to Delete a Page in Word

How to Delete a Page in Word?

How to Delete a Page in Word

Let’s take a look at the basic ways that can help you to How to delete pages in word.

  • First, you need to go at the unwanted page of your file and click at the bottom of the page. Now press the backspace key to delete/delete everything from that page.
  • Second, you need to go to the ‘view’ tab and click on the Navigation Panel and select the blank page thumbnail at the left panel. After selecting it,  press the delete key to delete the page from your ms word file.
  • You can manually delete the page so first go at the unwanted page and click on it. Now at the bottom left corner, you will see the page number of that page.
  • Press Ctrl + G (for windows users) and Option + Command + G (for Mac users).
  • It will open a new window of Find & Replace (available at Go To option) so type “\ page” in the text box of ‘Enter Page Number’ option and select ‘Go-To’.
  • It will automatically select the complete page, so all you have to do is press Backspace key (for windows user) or Delete key ( for Mac users) to delete the page.

End Paragraph Issues

Sometimes there is a blank page left at the end of your document that cannot be deleted. You cannot delete it because a word process involves an end paragraph. It depends on the last line of your documents, so you need to delete this ending paragraph to delete the page.

  • First, you have to click on the Ctrl + Shift+8( for windows users) and Command + 8 ( for Mac users) to show the paragraph marks at the Word doc.
  • Now you have to select the paragraph mark but remember you can not select this by only clicking on it because you need to double click on that icon.
  • It will open the formatting window, so type ’01’ in ‘ Font Size’ and press enter to proceed.
  • This will delete the end page of your documents, and you can also delete the paragraph marks through with this resized, the blank page at the end will now be deleted. 


In this article, we have offered complete information to Delete Page in Word. These ways are easy, and you can delete any page through it. Sometimes these blank pages create a bad impact on the reader, so it is better to delete them by following the given ways. Deleting the page in the word is a simple process, Check Here How to Delete a Blank Page in Word. but you need to make sure that you delete a specific page, not the other one.

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