How to Fix Lag in PUBG Mobile in 2021?

First, you need to understand that there are various reasons for the lag in pubg. That’s why we are dividing these reasons into different sections so that you can understand the cause and resolve it easily. You can check here how to Fix Lag in PUBG Mobile Game.

How to Fix Lag in PUBG Mobile in 2021?

How to Fix Lag in PUBG Mobile

Your device can cause lag

Your device can cause a massive lag in PUBG, and it can create a bad gaming experience because pubg gives regular updates, and it causes problems in the low-end device during gaming.

How to Fix lag in Low-end Devices?

Low-end devices have old processors and low RAM(2/3/4GB). So, here some ways to reduce lag in your device:

#1. Reboot your device before playing the game

This way can help you to reduce the RAM so that your device can better process your game.

Reboot Device

#2. Clear cache files of PUBG

For clearing the cache of PUBG, you need to go in the settings of your device then go in the Application settings/Application manager/Apps

In this option, you need to go in the PUBG and clear the cache files of it.

Clean Cache File

#3. Uninstall unnecessary apps and free up the device storage

Applications require proper storage space for running appropriately, so it is better to make good storage in your device.

#4. Restrict Background Apps

You can restrict the background apps by going in the Settings>permissions then autostart apps to disable the autostart option.

Restrict Background Apps

#5. Disable the battery optimization option

You can disable this option through the battery section in the settings.

Disable the battery optimization option

#6. Turn off unnecessary options

You can turn off unnecessary options such as Bluetooth, auto-brightness, vibration, GPS, Hotspot and Sync.

Remove Unwanted apps

#7. In-game settings

Always remember, you need to go for the smooth graphics so that your device can render your game better and reduce the lag of your game.

PUBG IN Game Setting

Use Third-Party Applications

We personally don’t recommend some of the apps because you can get banned due to these applications. However, there are some applications that can be used without any issues.  So here is a list of these apps:

#1. Junk File Cleaner

You can use cleaner apps so that your device can be optimized and the lag can be reduced while gaming.

#2. Game booster

Game booster apps can help you to maintain optimization by managing the background apps and battery usage.

#3. Battery optimizer

If there is an excess usage of battery then it can cause the overheating of the device, and this can increase the lag, so you cam a battery optimizer to reduce lag.

#4. GFX tool(not recommended)

You can use a GFX tool to play the game at 60 or 90 fps, but it is a third party application that makes changes in the PUBG files so sometimes PUBG detects it as third party interference(Hack) and it causes a permanent ban.

Check Your Internet Connection

PUBG is a server-based or a multiplayer game, so it needs good internet connectivity for rendering the game.

  • Use a good network connection
  • Use third-party apps for maintaining the connectivity
  • On & off the aeroplane mode for refreshing the network
  • Use gaming VPN for PUBG
  • Play on the Appropriate server like if you are an Asian then play in the Asian server for a better experience


In this article, we have given brief information to reduce the Lag in any device. You can use these ways to have a better gaming experience and good performance in the game. Lag can interpret your gaming, and you can kill or have a bad experience in gaming, and this can lead to frustration, so you can use these ways to improve your render quality, FPS, and smooth working of the gaming in your device.

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