How to Fix Windows 10 Scrolling by Itself?

Microsoft consistently enhances user productivity by introducing little upgrades that result in significant benefits to the entire user experience. Scrolling is a popular approach to navigate pages and websites. However, several people have reported that the sites in Windows 10 are scrolling by themselves. Now a question arises: is the mouse infected with a virus? No. If you are experiencing this problem and are wondering “how to fix Windows 10 scrolling by itself,” this article will provide comprehensive information to help you quickly resolve this scrolling issue.


How To Fix Windows 10 Scrolling By Itself?

#1. Change Mouse Windows Settings

You can use this procedure if your mouse keeps scrolling automatically or the touchpad won’t scroll appropriately.

Step: 1. First, click on the Start Menu or press the Windows and I key to open the Settings.Windows Setting

Step: 2. Now, click on the Devices and select the Mouse option from the left pane menu.Fix Windows 10 Scrolling

Step: 3. After that, turn toggle towards off beneath the ‘Scroll inactive windows when I Hover over them‘ at the right pane.

Step: 4. At last, restart your system and check for the uncontrollable or scrolling by itself Issue.

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#2. Change Background Settings

Step: 1. First, right-click on the space of the desktop and select Personalize.

Step: 2. Now, click on the Colors option from the left side of the menu.Change Background Settings Windows 10 Scrolling By Itself

Step: 3. After that, remove the checkmark by Automatically picking an accent color from my background.Choose Color Windows 10 Scrolling By Itself

Step: 4. An automatic accent color needs to pick the new color every time.

Step” 5. Because the slideshow background is continually changing, causing a window to be refreshed each time the background image changes.

#3. Update The Mouse Drivers

Many times, we face the IssueIssue that the mouse won’t scroll or the mouse is not scrolling; this is a very well-known Error that meets every user.

Step: 1. Press Windows and R keys to open the Run Utility and type devmgmt.msc then press Enter for opening the Device Manager.Run Utility Windows 10 Scrolling By Itself

Step: 2. Now go in the Mice and other pointing devices and right-click on the mouse, then click on the Update Driver.

Step: 3. Your system will check all of the pending updates and follow the on-screen instruction for updating the available mouse drivers and mouse moves on its own in Windows 10.

click on the Update Driver

Step: 4. At last, restart your system and check for the Issue again.

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#4. Run The Windows Troubleshooter

Step: 1. Open the Control Panel, then go in the Application option and change the View mode to the Large icons.Run The Windows Troubleshooter

Step: 2. Now select the Troubleshooting option and click on the Hardware and Sound.Hardware and Sound

Step: 3. Finally, click on the Hardware and Devices below the Device section and wait until the Troubleshooter finds or fixes the issues.

#5. System Restore

Step: 1. Press Windows and R keys to open the Run Utility and type system.CPL then press Enter for opening the System Properties window.Scroll Down

Step: 2. Now go to the System Protection and click on the System Restore, then select the System Restore point in the next window.Restore point

Step: 3.  At last, follow all of the on-screen instructions for completing a system restore.

#6 Uninstall recently Installed Windows Updates

Sometimes new updates can create issues due to the new bugs, and glitches get installed with the update. Hence, it is good to uninstall recently installed Windows updates. 

  •  Open the “Settings” options in the system and go to the “Update and Security” section. Windows-Activation-Settings
  • Now, select the “Windows Update” option from the left side menu list. 

In this option, select “View installed update history” and click on the “Uninstall Updates” for uninstalling the latest installed updates on your system. 

#7  Create a New Local User

You can use a new user on the computer/pc because it can resolve issues, so follow these simple steps to do it.

  • Click on the “Start Menu” and open “Settings” or press “Windows” and “I” keys on the keyboard to open it. Windows Setting
  • Now go to the “Accounts” option and select the “Family & other users” menu from the left side. Account_settings_on_windows 
  • After that, click on the “Add someone else to this PC” category and select “I don’t have this person’s sign-in information,” then go in the “Add user without a Microsoft account“.How_to_add_an_account_user_on_windowsHow_to_add_a_new_user_without_a_Microsoft_account

Finally, enter your username and click on the “Next” ( you can enter a password), then log in to a new user’s account.


In this article, we have offered complete information on fixing “How to fix Windows 10 scrolling by itself.” So as we have previously discussed, many users face a problem with scrolling that the pages are keep scrolling by themselves in Windows 10. We hope that you understood the process, but you can ask any questions if you have queries.

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