What is ‘WSAPPX’ And How To Fix WSAPPX High Disk Issue?

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If you are a Windows 10 or Windows 8 user, you have noticed that your computer is becoming slow even when you run a few applications simultaneously. Imagine working on your pc, and you open the Task Manager to check the memory usage, then find a process ‘WSAPPX.

What is WSAPPX?

WSAPPX is present in a process list of Task Manager because it runs in the background of Windows 10 and Windows 8. This is a part of the Windows and Microsoft’s Universal App platform, and it works in installing or uninstalling and updating any app in the Update Store. It also makes sure that all of the installed apps are correctly licensed.

This process includes different background services appx deployment service (appxsvc)(in Windows 10 and Windows 8), Client License Service (ClipSVC)(Windows 10), and Windows Store Service (WSService) instead of ClipSVC(Windows 8).

How To Fix WSAPPX High Disk Issue?

This process can consume more than 80% of the CPU memory that can slow down your system. Now you think that how to fix wsappx high CPU usage, so in this article, we will give every possible information to you so that you can solve the High Disk usage.

Task Manager WSAPPX High Disk Issue

What Is AppX Deployment Service (AppXSVC)?

AppX Deployment Service (AppXSVC) ‘s primary function is to deploy store apps, and this process works in installing or uninstalling and updating the Store apps. It helps Windows to update apps in the background automatically. That’s why it uses disk resources and CPU. However, there is a difference that AppXSVC manages all of these tasks instead of a single app installer. You can find that AppXSVC is still running even if you are not installing or uninstalling and updating anything because it corrects the Store app in the background at this time.

Services.msc WSAPPX High Disk Issue

What Is Client License Service (ClipSVC)?

Client License Service (ClipSVC) is a background service that manages infrastructure support for the Store apps. If you disable this service as per Microsoft, then apps will not behave correctly. This service works to address the license so that the user can easily use paid store apps. Hence it handles the license management that assures users can only run paid store apps.

Client License Service

What is Windows Store Service (WSService)?

Windows Store Service (WSService) works to handle infrastructure support for the Store apps in Windows 8. Therefore Windows 10’s ClipSVC service and Windows 8’s WSService service are almost identical according to the workings.
Windows Store Service

Why Does It Use So Much CPU?

WSAPPX services usually use a high amount of space while installing or uninstalling and updating the Store apps. In case you stop this service, then your system will not automatically update the apps. However, WSAPPX always runs in the background even if you are not using the Microsoft Store app. It occurs due to the new update of all installed apps such as Paint, WordPad, Windows media player, etc.

How To Disable WSAPPX?

1. Disable Microsoft Store( In Windows 10)

If you disable Microsoft Store in Windows 10, you may face bugs or issues in the installed applications. However, if you want to disable it, then you can follow the below method:

Method 1 (By Registry Editor)

  • First, you need to click on the Start Menu, then type “Regedit,” and click on the registry
  • Now find ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft’ in the Registry Editor.
  • You will now see a folder of “Windows Store” on the left side of that window, so click on it to open that particular folder.
  • After that, you need to Right Click on the screen, then click on the New option and select “DWORD (32-bit) Value”.
  • Now rename the new file as “RemoveWindowsStore” and press enter on your keyboard.
  • After that, right-click on the file, then choose to modify the option and set a value as “1”
    Disable Microsoft Store WSAPPX High Disk Issue
  • Finally, click on OK for applying changes and check that WSAPPX is still running even after a reboot.

Method 2 ( By Group Policy Editor)

  • First, you need to press the Windows and R keys on your keyboard to open the Run dialogue and type gpedit.msc then click the Enter button for opening the Local Group Policy Editor.
  • You have to follow the process Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Store and right-click on the Turn off store application option, then select Edit through the context menu.
    Group Policy Editor WSAPPX High Disk Issue
  • At last choose, the Enable option, then click on Apply and OK for saving changes. Now restart your system and check the CPU usage.
    CPU Uses

2. Update The Drivers

  • First, you need to open the Device Manager from the Start menu, expand Display adapters, and right-click at the listed option for selecting the Update driver.
  • At the Update Driver Wizard, you need to choose the search to the updated driver software automatically; then, Windows 10 will start searching the computer and internet for all the latest driver software.
    Windows Device Manager
  • At last, restart your system and check that your CPU usage is now under control.

3. You Can Increase The Virtual Memory

  • First, you need to type “Performance” in the search bar or Windows, then select Appearance vs. Performance.
  • Now click at the advanced tab, then click on Change and uncheck the box at the side “Automatically manage paging file size for all drives.”
  • You have to select the particular drive where your operating system is installed, then click on the Custom size.
  • At last type, the equivalent to a measure of the RAM (in MBs) in the Initial size than double of the initial size in the Maximum size section. Now click on the Set, then on the OK icon, and restart the PC.


This article has provided complete information regarding the WSAPPX High Disk Issue and how to disable WSAPPX in Windows 10 and Windows 8. So as we have discussed, This is present in a process list of Task Manager because it runs in the background of Windows 10 and Windows 8. WSAPPX is a part of Windows and Microsoft’s Universal App platform.

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