How to Insert Pdf into Excel_

How to Insert Pdf into Excel?

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If you are an Excel user, then you know that excel spreadsheet is an important thing for different reasons like saving huge amounts of data and managing information through the spreadsheet. In some cases, users want to embed any document or pdf into excel spreadsheet to manage their data. As you know, you have inserted PDF files in different Microsoft file formats like the word, but people don’t know that we can insert pdf into excel too.

Pdf To Excel

How to Insert Pdf into Excel?

Excel offers you a feature to insert pdf into excel spreadsheet so now you want to know “How to insert a pdf into excel?“. In this article, we will give you complete information to insert pdf Into excel without having any trouble.

Why You Should Insert Pdf Into Excel?

Now you are thinking what is the purpose behind inserting File, so here is the list of situations where you can use this feature to improve the quality of the work.

Pdf Delivers All Sources In A Single Document

Suppose you have to create a lengthy report. In that case, you can use this feature to combine all of the references and details in the report by minimizing the document through pdf.

Working on Product Catalogue

If you insert pdf into excel while working on a product catalogue, then you can add more details through it.

Presenting A Complete Spreadsheet

You can copy-paste things into excel worksheets, but it is better to insert a complete pdf when you require a whole worksheet.

Focus On Important Details

If you insert File into Excel, then you can focus on important details on your excel spreadsheet because you can refer to any information in the pdf when it is required.

How To Insert PDF Into Excel?

  • First, open Excel spreadsheet and click on Insert at the left section of Ribbon Menu.
  • Now go on the Text group command then select on Object.How To Insert PDF Into Excel
  • It will open the Object Dialogue Box, so click on the “Create New” select Select Adobe Acrobat Document through the given list.How To Insert PDF Into Excel Select Doc
  • Click on OK and the first page of selected pdf will appear at the Excel sheet.
  • In case you want the PDF content to be invisible, then you can choose the “Display as icon” checkbox. Remember that this procedure will not insert the only first page of the pdf because it embeds complete Object, that includes multiple PDF pages.Create File

At last, choose that particular file that you want to insert and click on OK. You Pdf will appear as an icon which can be dragged to any position in the spreadsheet.

How To Rename The Embedded Pdf?

  • First, right-click on the PDF file on that Excel spreadsheet and click on “Acrobat Document Object” at the drop-down menu then choose “Convert.”
  • Now check the “Display as Icon” box then click on “Change Icon” option.
  • It will option the change Icon dialogue box. So in the Caption field, type the desired name of that PDF file in the Caption field and click on OK for saving changes.

How To Insert Pdf Into Excel By “Link to File” Option?

  • First, open the spreadsheet in which you want to insert pdf then click on a cell.
  • Now, click on the “Object” in the “Insert” tab and select “Create from File”.
  • After that choose the “Link to File” checkbox ( it is optional to select the “Display as Icon” checkbox for securing the content of the PDF.
  • At last, click on the “Browse” then select a specific PDF File and click Insert. Now click on the OK button and the pdf will appear as an icon on your spreadsheet.


In this article, we have offered complete information on how to insert pdf into excel. So as we have previously discussed, in some cases, users want to embed any document into excel spreadsheet to manage their data. We hope that you understood the process, but you can ask any question if you have queries.

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