How to Merge Cells in Excel? [Easy Step-by-Step Guide]

Microsoft Excel offers you an option to combine different cells into one or merge rows column-by-column and merge columns row-by-row. You can easily combine cells in excel by selecting a range, so in this article, we will describe the ways to Merge Cells in Excel without losing data.

How To Merge Cells In Excel?

How To Merge Cells In Excel Windows/Mac/Web?

  • First, you need to select the cells to merge them.How To Merge Cells In Excel
  • Now select the Merge & Center option as shown in the image below:Merge Cells in Excel
  • You have to make sure that if you select the A1 cell and B1 for merging them through Merge & Center, then it will put the text from the leftmost cell(A1 in this example) and delete the text from other cells.

However, Microsoft Excel will warn you before implementing this action, so it shows you pop up when before merging cells.

How to Merge Cells In Excel Without Losing Data?

  • CONCATENATE Formula works well in this scenario where you don’t want to lose the data while merging cells in Excel.Concatenate Formula
  • According to the A1 B1 example above, you need to enter C1: =CONCATENATE(A1,” “, B1) formula in the cell.
  • In case you don’t need any separator, then you can use the CONCATENATE(A1, B1) formula easily.


In this article, you will get a brief way to How to merge cells in excel as well as you can also learn How to Merge Cells Excel without losing data. So as we have previously discussed, You have to make sure about the cells for merging them through Merge & Center because this option removes that data from the rest of the merged cells.

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