How to Screen Record on Mac?

The screen recording feature is very useful because you can share these recordings with others for helping them in any process or anything and you can record the screen with sound. If you want to record the screen on Mac like you want to capture a part of any website or game, then you are at the right place. 

How to Screen Record on Mac?

We are dividing this article into two parts, so in the first part will describe how to record the screen without any software and how to record the screen with software. So let’s start with the easy and handy process to record the screen on Mac with audio.

how to screen record on mac

How to Screen Record on Mac without any Software?

Note- You Can record the screen on Mac without QuickTime or any software, but this procedure is only supportable in macOS Mojave or later devices.

Step 1- First, you need to press Shift, Command (⌘) and 5 in the keyboard for launching the on-screen controls to record the whole screen or record a specific portion as well as a  screenshot of your screen. 

On-Screen Controls

Step 2- You need to click on the  On-Screen Controls 1 button at the on-screen controls bar, and your pointer will turn into thisOn-Screen Controls 2  icon. Now click at the screen to record it, or you also can click on the record button of the onscreen controls bar.

Step 3- You have to click on the  On-Screen Controls 3 button to stop the recording, or you can also press the Command (⌘), Control and Esc key.

Step 4- After stopping the video, you can edit it by clicking on the trim icon at the side of the ‘Done’ button.

On-Screen Controls 4

Step 5- Now you will see the layout of your video with the yellow points on it, so you need to drag these yellow points to decide the beginning and end of your video.

On-Screen Controls 5

Step 6- At last click on the ‘Done’ button to save your video.

(in case you are not able to save the recording with audio, then you have to select the microphone before starting the recording so you can do it by settings> Options > Built-In Microphone).

How to Screen Record on Mac with QuickTime

Step 1- First, you have to open the QuickTime Player and select the new screen recording from the Choose File at the menu bar.

Step 2- Now, you will see an on-screen control menu so you can start the recording through it.

Step 3- You need to click on the arrow next to theOn-Screen Controls 6 icon for changing the recording settings (this procedure should be done before start recording).

MAC Screen Recoding

Step 4-You have to select the microphone for recording your voice or the screen recording the audio. You also can maintain the through the volume slider.

Step 5- Now, you can choose the ‘Show Mouse Clicks’ in the recording for showing the black coloured circle around the pointer while clicking.

Step 6- For starting the recording, you need to click on theOn-Screen Controls 7 button and click on the screen to start the recording of the whole screen, or you can select the specific area for recording by dragging and clicking at the ‘Start Recording’ button in that area.

How to Record Screen on Mac

How to Record Screen on Mac?

Step 7- At last click on theOn-Screen Controls 8 button of the menu bar for stopping the recording or you can press Command (⌘), Control and Esc to do it.

Now QuickTime Player will start the recording automatically, so you can edit and share your recording through it.

Software to Record the Screen on Mac

1. OBS(Open Broadcaster Software)

It is a free software for recording the screen, and you can also live stream through this software. It offers MP4 or MKV file outputs as well as unlimited scenes and sources. OBS is one of the best screen recording software that offers real-time source, scene composition, broadcasting, device capture and encoding.


2. Apowersoft Screen Recorder

It is a free and best screen recorder software for Mac because it offers various features like you can pause and resume while recording to improve the flexibility. Apowersoft Screen Recorder is easy to use so you can start and save your recording with a few clicks.

Apowersoft Screen Recorder

3. Snagit

It is also one of the best screen recording software for Mac but provides paid services. However, it consists of a bunch of features that allows you to record with better flexibility. Snagit offers the feature to comment on the screenshots through callouts, arrows and shapes.


4. Snapz Pro

Snapz Pro is created for recording movie-like screenshots of the screen by performing different actions. It is a paid software used in the production of various books. Snapz Pro offers convenience for screen captures and preview before saving.

Snapz Pro


In this article, we have provided complete information on how to record the screen on Mac. Hence, these ways are easy, and you can do a recording without having any trouble. We have considered both paid and free software to record the screen on Mac, so it is up to you to choose the best one for you.

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