JSP Full Form

JSP() technology is used for the creation of dynamic Web pages using HTML, XML.JSP stands on the building block of Java programming language. Below is all the information related to full form of JSP.

JSP Full Form

The Java code is written inside the JSP tags<% %>. Though unlike JAVA, there is no full form of JSP. can be thought of as an extension to the servlet as it provides more functionality than servlet. JSP can be used for separation of view layer with the business logic.JSP collects data from the webpages forms and with the use of databases makes the web page dynamic. It includes the dynamic content like drop-down boxes, checkboxes whose value are fetched from the database.

The maintenance of JSP is easier since the designing and development remain separated. In addition to the features used in servlet, we can use implicit objects, predefined tags, expression languages, etc.JSP page can be modified without recompiling and redeploying the project which makes it a better option to use.

The web server needs a web container to create the JSP pages. A JSP page works with a web server to create a runtime environment for itself. The JSP page follows the 3 lifecycle method –

  • Initialisation (web container creates jspInit() method)
  • Request processing(web container creates jspService() method)
  • Destroy(web container creates jspDestroy() method)

The following steps will help to understand the processing of JSP pages:

  • The web server recognizes the HTTP request sent by the browser and forwards it to the JSP engine.
  • The JSP engine converts the JSP page into the servlet context.
  • The JSP engine compiles the servlet into an executable class and forwards it to the servlet engine.
  • The web servers load the class and execute it and then produces an output in HTML format.
  • The web server forwards the HTTP request to the browser in the form of HTML static contents.
  • This is how the web server handles the dynamically generated page as a static one.

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