7 Best Michael Kors Smartwatches For Men

Michael Kors is a manufacturer of luxury accessories. It was established in 1981 in New York City. However, it was only in 2016 that the company introduced its first smartwatch, Michael Kors Access.

The American watchmaker’s timepieces have always skillfully transitioned to emerging trends by mimicking fashion movements. It delivers sensations of polished elegance and energy. Michael Kors smartwatches are apt depictions of the clarity, simplicity, and glamorous charm of the brand.

Why Buy Michael Kors Smartwatches?

Michael Kors watches have established themselves as a global leader in the designer watch industry. The company’s lines are varied, with designs to fit all tastes, but each timepiece developed stays characteristically modest. 

Michael Kors gives special attention to minute details. Its accessories come in a variety of metallic finishes, stone-encrusted versions, and gleaming assertive hues. In terms of technology, Michael Kors shares the know-how with Fossil, under whose wing the smartwatches are manufactured. 

If the plain and grounded Fossil or Skagen smartwatches do not suit your taste, Michael Kors is an elegant and flashier alternative for you. 

In this article, we will talk about the best Michael Kors smartwatches for men in 2022. All the watches listed below are no less than the other and will thrill the horologist in you.

Top Michael Kors Smartwatches For Men in 2022

1. Michael Kors Gen 4 Runway Smartwatch

Michael Kors Gen 4 Runway Smartwatch



  1. Dial shape: Circular
  2. Strap color: Silver
  3. Strap material: Stainless steel
  4. Touchscreen: Yes
  5. Usage: Fitness and outdoor
  6. RAM: 512 MB
  7. Internal memory: 4 GB 
  8. Display size: 41 mm

Wear your style on your sleeve with a Michael Kors Runaway smartwatch. It features the updated Wear OS by Google. It is a perfect fit for small wrists given the small 41 mm stainless steel case. Apart from the rotating crown, there are two extra buttons that you can use to navigate between notifications and the menu. 

The stainless steel strap may come as a drawback for fitness freaks as it might be uncomfortable. Fitness freaks may go for a silicone strap instead. Moreover, iOS users may not be able to interact with the notifications and alerts.

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2. Michael Kors Access Dylan Smartwatch

Michael Kors Access Dylan Smartwatch


  1. Strap color: Black
  2. Size: Regular
  3. Usage: Fitness and outdoor
  4. Battery life: 24 Hours
  5. Display size: 1169 mm
  6. Diameter: 46 mm
  7. Bluetooth version: 4:1
  8. Wifi: Yes
  9. Other watch functions: Customize watch face.

The Michael Kors Access Dylan smartwatch is the best combination of style and technology. It is compatible with a wide range of android devices. It allows you to customize its dial according to your mood and style. It also has tracking, voice control, and notification alerts. 

The Michael Kors Access Dylan smartwatch is a stunner, and it’s one of the most affordable Android Wear smartwatches on the market. The Dylan is designed for masculine wrists since it is slightly broader than alternatives. It’s significantly longer (46mm) and somewhat thicker (14mm).

The Dylan has a 1.4-inch round TFT screen with 320 x 290 resolution. So it’s not the most vivid screen you’ll see every day, but given the size of the panel here, it’s still fairly excellent.

It runs on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear 2100 chipset, which is designed exclusively for devices like this smartwatch. This is complemented with 512MB of RAM and 4GB of memory. 

It also features a gyroscope and an accelerometer. Bluetooth 4.1 and WiFi 802.11 b/g/n provide more communication options.

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3. Michael Kors Access Bradshaw Smartwatch

Michael Kors Access Bradshaw Smartwatch


  1. Strap color: Gold
  2. Size: Regular
  3. Usage: Fitness and outdoor
  4. Battery life: 24 Hours
  5. Bluetooth function: 4:1
  6. Display resolution: 320×290
  7. Display size: 1132 mm
  8. Diameter: 22 mm
  9. Weight: 51 g

Michael Kors brings you Access Bradshaw with smart features and stylish design. One of the best features of the Michael Kors Access Bradshaw 2 is that it resembles the analog Michael Kors Bradshaw wristwatch from which it is inspired. It boasts a fantastic stainless steel case with the same robust fit and finishes as the non-smart variant.

The well-positioned fittings grip the 22mm replaceable link strap for a superb design aesthetic. Its battery life averages two days with typical use and it recharges from 10% to 80% in about two hours. 

You can customize your dial-in countless ways and save your favorites so you can select whenever you want it.

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4. Michael Kors MKT5021 Smartwatch

Michael Kors MKT5021 Smartwatch


  1. Model name: MKT5021
  2. Strap color: Golden 
  3. Dial shape: Circle 
  4. Usage: Fitness and outdoor
  5. Battery life: 24 hours
  6. Display resolution: 320×320
  7. Display size: 51 mm 
  8. Weight: 56 g
  9. Bluetooth version: 4:1
  10. RAM: 4 GB

Michael Kors brings you a beautiful watch with lots of features in it. You can customize your background easily. Additionally, it has a call function so you may make and take calls right from your smartwatch. 

This watch will not upset admirers of the fashion house. It has all of the features you’d anticipate, especially waterproofing (the IP67 rating). An MK-etched pushbutton on the right side of the watch turns on the AMOLED screen, takes you to the primary Android Wear app menu, and starts Google Assistant.

It is functional with both iOS and Android smartphones, though an Android device will provide a more smooth integration. With a 15-16 hour battery life, the performance is comparable to, if not superior to, most smartwatches.

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5. Michael Kors Grayson Smartwatch

Michael Kors Grayson Smartwatch


  1. Dial shape: Circle
  2. Size: Regular
  3. Usage: Notifier, fitness, and outdoor
  4. Battery life: 24 hours
  5. Bluetooth version: v4.1
  6. Display resolution: 390×390
  7. Display size: 33 mm
  8. Diameter: 47 mm
  9. Number of buttons: 3

If you are looking for a luxury watch with a great design and multiple functionalities, you’re in for a disappointment. Customers criticized smartwatches like this for not having a heart rate monitor or GPS, but we don’t think it’s an issue unless you’re somebody who hikes with their costly stainless steel wristwatch on a daily basis.

However, because of the IP67 waterproofing, it is not suitable for swimming, which may be more irritating for some.

The Michael Kors Grayson Smartwatch makes it simple to keep track of your emails, app notifications, social media updates, and daily fitness routines. It includes watch faces that you may download as well as a variety of other functions. Take phone calls, make phone calls, send WhatsApp messages, and much more.

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6. Michael Kors Access Touch Screen Smartwatch

Michael Kors Access Touch Screen Smartwatch


  1. Dial shape: Circle
  2. Size: Regular
  3. Usage: Notifier, fitness, and outdoor
  4. Bluetooth version: v4.1
  5. Display resolution: 390×390
  6. Display size: 42 mm
  7. Number of buttons: 1
  8. Diameter: 44 mm
  9. Battery life: 24 hours

The elegant bezel, lugs, and classy black-colored stainless steel case reveal the wristwatch’s DNA. This watch appears to be a modern MK classic. It is on the larger, heavier end of watches geared at men, being 14mm thick and weighing more than 110g.

Michael Kors has created the greatest watch with a call function as well as a notifier feature. It’s water-resistant and simple to operate. It features a calendar as well as a date and time display.

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7. Michael Kors Gen 5 Access Lexington Smartwatch

Michael Kors Gen 5 Access Lexington Smartwatch


  1. Model name: Gen 5 Lexington
  2. Dial shape: Circle
  3. Size: Regular
  4. Case thickness: 8 mm
  5. Bandwidth: 20 mm
  6. Case diameter: 44 mm
  7. Water resistance depth: 50 m
  8. Weight: 200 g
  9. Material: stainless steel
  10. Crystal material: Glass

Michael Kors presents you with an amazing Gen 5 Lexington smartwatch. It has a fitness tracker, GPS, and heart rate monitor. It also has a camera control alarm clock, calories counter, and countdown. 

You can easily make or take phone calls or send emails and messages. It looks fantastic, albeit a touch flashy for some tastes, and it feels just as expensive as it is.

It features two side buttons and a rotating crown with the MK logo emblazoned on it. The 44mm design has a raised bezel that is both substantial and eye-catching.

Deep down, though, it’s essentially a Fossil Gen 5 with a different style, making it a pricey prospect for anyone who isn’t obsessed with wearing the ‘correct’ logo on their arm.

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It is hard to pick a Smartwatch. Activity tracking is a big reason why people buy smartwatches. They can count your steps and tell you about your calories and workout. Many Smartwatches have GPS which is useful for mapping runs and bike rides.

Additionally, you can also play music and do other activities like sending an email or texting, etc. 

With the increasing awareness of a healthy lifestyle, smartwatches have become quite popular these days. It connects personal data to your phones. It has a heart rate monitor, pedometer, physical activity tracker, blood pressure monitor, and sleep monitor also. 

Hopefully, this list of the best Michael Kors smartwatches has helped you in choosing the perfect fit for yourself. Which of these do you plan on buying. Tell us via the comments.

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