Six Best Mido Watches of all Time

Mido is a name that should be on your list of quality brands when it comes to fashionable watches. The Swiss firm has a long history of producing high-quality timepieces that are still sought after by enthusiasts today. Despite the fact that there are several watch companies in the market, they remain a leading company with numerous breakthroughs that laid the groundwork for brands like Citizen.

In this article, we will talk about the best Mido watches. However, first, let us take a look at its history.

Mido Watches History

With little over 100 years of experience offering watches to thousands of pleased consumers, Mido is one of the world’s premier watch brands. The organization, situated in Le Locle, Switzerland, was formed in 1918 and has a branch office in Shanghai, China. Among its many accomplishments, the business is well-known for its water resistance.

George G. Schaeren founded Mido in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland, which is now a subsidiary of Swatch. The name “Mido” is derived from the Spanish expression “Yo Mido,” which signifies “I measure.” Let’s take a look at Mido’s growth over the years:

Aquadura, Mido’s breakthrough technology for sealing a watch crown to increase water resistance, was introduced in the 1930s. The advent of the Multifort watches in 1934, however, piqued our interest. This is the Mido that many of us are familiar with. These versions were put through rigorous testing to ensure their durability and lifespan, and they are still in use today.

The 1935 introduction of the Mido Multifort Automatic marked a turning point for the company since it was the first time a self-winding, waterproof, antimagnetic, and impact-resistant watch was introduced to the market.

Best Mido Watches

1. Ocean Star Chronograph

Ocean Star ChronographThe very first Mido Ocean Star debuted at the end of the 1950s. The construction of a single case was the key breakthrough, though the wristwatch also included Mido’s Aquadura crown technology. The company had been using cork to help insulate the timepiece since the 1930s.

Instead of being a reproduction of a particular model, this homage model was made in 2020 to commemorate the Ocean Star and its significance in the Mido family.

The casing is on the smaller side, as it is another vintage-inspired piece. It measures 40.5mm, as opposed to the conventional Ocean Star’s 44mm. That’s a little more real, in my opinion. This watch is truly distinguished by its dial. The brilliant blue bezel and dial give the timepiece a distinct personality, and the tangerine hands are the appropriate complementing color.

The dial, as well as bezel markers, are both rectangular, and the paddle-style arms are the same form and hue. Taken together, they provide a style that manages to pay homage to the past while remaining unmistakably modern.

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2. Baroncelli Chapel

Baroncelli ChapelThis series has been a long-running Mido series, influenced by the Baroncelli Chapel’s architectural style. Mido released a new collection in 2006 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Baroncelli line. Orchestral strings inspired the creation of these versions.

The Heritage series, which includes both Gents and Ladies models, was introduced a decade later to commemorate the 40th anniversary.

While the Ocean Star was reduced to 40mm, the Baroncelli is even smaller, at 39mm. Furthermore, it is only 7mm thick. As a result, the watch’s goal is to be simple and elegant. The thin form of this classic dress watch.

This is another vintage-inspired design, with the chance of overdoing the concept. The colors scheme this time – silver dial with a blue second hand – reminds me of JLC’s Master Control. Even if it is a somewhat slimmer version.

It’s a good alternative to the Ocean Star and a nice counterpoint to some of the brand’s more intricate designs. The motion is seen through the case back once more, and it is driven by a Mido movement.

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3. Mido Commander Analog Swiss Automatic

Mido Commander Analog Swiss Automatic

This watch has a sophisticated gold-plated look, but it also has a retro aesthetic that contributes to its attractiveness. The case and metal mesh strap are both made of gold PVD stainless steel. The dial is silver in color, with luminous hands.

The day and date are displayed at 3 o’clock, and the date is in Spanish. This may be a detriment to many customers, but it does give the dial a euro feel. The mechanism is automated and has a battery capacity of 40 hours. Hesalit crystal is scratch-resistant.

This watch is particularly ideal as a dress wristwatch, as it has a little classier appearance than typical Mido timepieces, like those from the Multifort collection.

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4. Mido Multifort Gent

Mido Multifort GentAnother timepiece from the Multifort series influenced by the Sydney Harbour Bridge’s design. This is a personal favorite of mine, as it is more robust than the Baroncelli and has a sense of a militaristic watch appearance.

This is the largest watch we’ve featured so far, measuring 42mm in diameter, despite being only 11mm thick. It’s not as dressy as the previous generation, but it’s also not particularly sporty. It has a more utilitarian appearance, with a basic tool watch vibe.

It has Mido’s 80-hour power reserve mechanism, a sapphire crystal, and some minimal water resistance, as you might expect. The dial, though, is the first thing that you notice. It has vertical bars and simple indices and is patterned. There are several varieties of this model, each with a unique color theme.

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5. Mido Ocean Star 200C

Mido Ocean Star 200CGrey diving watches are hard to come by, which is a shame because they look fantastic. This model also has a 42.5mm steel casing that combines wonderfully with the soft grey dial and ceramic bezel, particularly with the slight pop of orange we see in the Mido Ocean Star 200C.

With a water resistance of 200 meters, this diver will be ready to go wherever his flippers can take him.

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6. Mido Multifort Escape

Mido Multifort EscapeThe Multifort Escape is a relatively straightforward 44mm wristwatch with a retro vibe. When you first see the case, it will instantly captivate you. A sandblasting treatment was used to age the stainless steel unnaturally. This is complemented by a natural leather band, giving the watch a rough appearance.

The hands are skeletonized and matt black, as may be seen if you look closely. It’s a great touch that goes well with the case.

The green dial includes vertical Geneva stripes, just like the previous two versions, and the outer hour track has much more hue, including a little orange. It all certainly sounds more colorful and complicated than it is. Overall, it’s a straightforward timepiece. The huge dial is easy to read and understand, with large bold numbers.

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Wrapping Up

Mido is a great choice for people looking to buy a quality watch with a bit of a vintage touch. Hopefully, this list has helped you choose a good one for yourself. If there’s a personal favorite for you, do let us know via the comments.

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