OCD Full Form

These days OCD is a very common disorder seem among people. The full form of OCD is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. It is basically an anxiety disorder wherein the person experiences unwanted, recurring and is compelled to perform the same tasks again and again.

OCD Full Form – What is OCD?

Though the person may realize that the thoughts and the compulsive that they are having are irrational, they may not help themselves. They will keep doing it, as they can’t resist themselves.

A person who has OCD, they may not be able to get a thought out of their head. A very simple example that can be stated is that, if a person is suffering from OCD, they may have a tendency to check if the main door is locked or not at least 10 times.


This article is not only about the full form of OCD, but it also contains all the necessary information about OCD.

The symptoms of OCD can be divided into two parts,

  1. Compulsions
  2. Obsessions

Majority of the people who have OCD exhibit both compulsions and obsessions. There are few who experience either of these. Let’s look into each of these symptoms separately.

Obsession Symptoms

The symptoms of obsessions are repeated unwanted thoughts, images or urges. These are very repetitive and thus become a source of distress and anxiety. Below are the common obsession symptoms,

  • Over-focused on religious beliefs and ideas
  • Flashing images of one hurting themselves or someone they love
  • Unwanted fear of losing things or not having things that are required
  • Constant doubts and rechecking of actons, for example switching the ac off, locking the door, etc
  • Fear of being contaminated by the touch of the person
  • Flashing unpleasant sexual images causing stress

Compulsion Symptoms

These symptoms majorly comprise of compulsive behavior which is repetitive and people do in order to reduce the anxiety that is caused by the obsession. Below are the symptoms,

  • Arranging things in a proper manner
  • Tapping or counting things only in one particular manner
  • Checking the door if it is locked or not repeatedly
  • Check appliances such as stove, washing machine constantly in order to make sure if it is switched off or not
  • Washing hands until the skin feels fresh
  • Constantly checking on loved ones if they are fine or not

Causes of OCD

The reason why some people have OCD and others done hasn’t been found yet. Till now only genetic and environmental factors are only seen to be reasons to why one develops OCD.

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