Tumblr Post Limit

Check Your Tumblr Post Limit for the day

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There is a specific daily Tumblr post limit so that anyone can’t post a huge number of posts in a single day. Tumblr has a post limit of 250 posts daily that works from midnight to midnight every day.

Tumblr Post Limit

Tumblr Post Limit

What is the Tumblr Daily Post Limit?

Users are restricted to post a specified amount of posts daily that includes reblogs, cumulative posts( both Secondary and primary blogs). The reset time of the daily post limit is based on midnight (Eastern Time) because the Tumblr headquarters is located in Newyork. Tumblr also shows how many posts you have left today, and when it will be reset.

What happens After Hitting the Daily Post Limit?

  • You can’t Reblog a post
  • You Can’t add to queue and drafts
  • You Can’t post from queue and drafts
  • You can Like a Post
  • You can receive the submission
  • You can post a receive submission
  • You can send and receive Ask
  • You can receive or send the fanmail
  • You Can’t respond to an Ask both publicly and privately.

How to Get Rid of Post Limit on Tumblr?

Most of the time you will not surpass the daily post limit, but you will face this issue when you blog a huge number of posts frequently. If you surpass the daily post limit, then you can go for two basic ways to get rid of the daily post limit. 

You can wait for the Tumblr daily post limit reset time or You can queue the posts for the next day so that your posts will be posted automatically (You can only Queue 50 posts per day). In case you want to check the left posts by entering your username in the Post Limit Checker.

Apart from it, if you want to post something important on that particular day, then you can delete some posts of that particular day and post the important posts on Tumblr. In case you want to post any video or audio post, then you can upload them anywhere else and create a link to that file and post them on Tumblr.


In this article, we have offered complete information on the daily Tumblr post limit because as we previously discussed that there is a Tumblr daily post limit of 250 posts per day.  You can understand the results when you hit the daily limit of the posts and how you can get rid of the issue if you face any urgency to post anything.

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