PSU Full Form

The full form of PSU refers to Public Sector Undertakings. PSUs are the government-owned enterprises in India, in which 51% or more of the paid-up share capital is held by central government or by any state government or partly by the central government and partly by the state government
The Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) has the power to conduct audits government companies, appoint the Auditor and direct how the Auditor shall audit the company’s accounts.

PSU Full Form


The problems of India after Independence such as inequalities in income, unemployment, lack of trained human capital, weak industrial base, inadequate investments, and infrastructure facilities, etc. set the roadmap for the development of Public Sector as an instrument for self-reliant economic growth by adopting the planned economic development policies.
The public sector operates for the core and strategic industries, and also in the area of manufacturing consumer goods, consultancy, contracting and transportation, etc.

Classification of Public Sector Undertakings-

  • Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) can be classified as-
  • Public Sector Enterprises (PSEs)
  • Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs)
  • Public Sector Banks (PSBs).


Depending on the turnover and net worth of individual enterprises, the prestigious status of Maharatna, Navratna, Miniratna is being conferred to the CPSEs by the Department of Public Enterprises, to provide them greater autonomy to compete globally.

Example of Maharatna PSUs- Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL), CoalIndia Limited, Gas Authority of India Ltd., Steel Authority of India Ltd, etc.
Example of Navratna PSUs- Bharat Electronics Ltd., Engineers India Ltd, NMDC Ltd., Oil India Ltd., Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd., etc

Example of Miniratna PSUs- Airports Authority of India, BEML Ltd., Central Warehouse Corporation, Bharat Dynamics Ltd., etc

ii) PSU

The full form of PSU also refers to the Power Supply Unit. It is a hardware item that’s used to convert the power provided from the outlet into usable power for the many parts inside the computer case.

PSU) are used in computers, radio transmitters and receivers, and all other electronic equipment that use dc voltage as an input. An uninterruptible power supply is a must for computers to save the input data.

Once the computer is plugged into standard electrical outlets, the PSU pulls the required amount of energy and converts the alternating current (AC) into a continuous stream of direct current (DC) that the computer components need to run steadily. It also controls the voltage by regulating the overheating of the device.

  • Components of PSU
  • Transformer
  • Rectifier
  • Filter
  • Voltage Regulators

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