11 Best Watch Brands for Men [Luxury and Affordable]

Best Watch Brands for Men

As a watch aficionado, deciding between dozens of the best watch brands might become mind-boggling. The label ‘best’ is a personal choice in most cases – unless it’s your mom’s cooking. The same applies to watches. There are so many amongst you who will vouch for a high-end Rolex any given day, while others will … Read more

Best Daniel Wellington Watches

Daniel Wellington Watches

Daniel Wellington rose from obscurity to become one of the most popular fashion watchmakers available today, both online and in stores. Daniel Wellington is a line of watches that have only been in business since 2011. In such a less time period, the watches’ popularity has brought attention to the company, improving the company’s profitability and developing a dedicated following who are pleased with the beauty, options, and functionality of the luxury timepieces.  In this article, we will talk about the best daniel wellington watches you can buy in 2022. However, first, let us dwell a bit deeper into its story.

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Best Mickey Mouse Watches in 2022

Mickey Mouse Watches

Little did Walt Disney know that Mickey Mouse is going to be a huge success when “Steamboat Willie” first featured on November 18, 1928. As mickey mouse has emerged as a global icon, instead of just another cartoon character, children and adults around the world can’t stop drooling at its merchandise. One of them is the Mickey Mouse watches. There are those that are constructed with high-quality metals for the picky aficionado, as well as some which are made with fewer premium alternatives for the more thrifty. There is a watch for anyone who is a lover of this legendary character, regardless of their financial situation.

Watches do prove to be useful as they help you follow and deal with your time well. However, when it comes to Mickey Mouse watches, they can do a lot more. They can assist with highlighting your style. These watches have also made it to the big screen. In Angels and Demons and Da Vinci Code, the protagonist, Robert Langdon, dons a mickey mouse watch. If you are searching for the best watches to add to your assortment, you might need to consider Mickey Mouse Watches. They are valid, in vogue, and immortal works of art. The following are the best ones available online:

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10 Best Smartwatches Under $50 in 2022

Best Smartwatch under $50

Let us be honest. We have all scrolled the list of the best smartwatches and drooled at classic designs offering innovative functionalities. However, not all of us can afford it.  According to Allied Market Research, the global smartwatches market is worth more than $20 billion. Despite this, most of the smartwatches out there are out … Read more

7 Best Michael Kors Smartwatches For Men

Best Michael Kors Smartwatches

Michael Kors is a manufacturer of luxury accessories. It was established in 1981 in New York City. However, it was only in 2016 that the company introduced its first smartwatch, Michael Kors Access. The American watchmaker’s timepieces have always skillfully transitioned to emerging trends by mimicking fashion movements. It delivers sensations of polished elegance and … Read more

10 Best Fossil SmartWatches for Men

Since the inception of Fossil Inc. in 1984, it has been front and center among all the watch lovers out there. A Fossil watch embodies all that an American brand stands for invention, elegance, and individuality.  Not many people are aware that Fossil is the owner of various other brands that include Armani, Skagen, BMW, … Read more

Best Devon Watches to Suit Your Luxurious Taste

Best Devon Watches

Devon watches are engineering marvels for the watch aficionado with a penchant for invention and inventiveness. The one-of-a-kind functionality reimagines the watch, going far beyond the limits of traditional craftsmanship. Devon’s movement is a fascinating display of innovative intertwined time belts that display hours, minutes, and seconds in unprecedented ways. These timepieces are entirely designed … Read more

10 Best Smartwatches for Men in 2022

Best SmartWatches for Men

The horological sector is steeped in rich culture. It is dictated by style and culture ever since its dawn. But things started to change at the turn of millennia. The smartwatch was born when the fast-developing technology industry collided with the horological sector, merging digital efficiency with increased innovation. Ever since smartwatches have been straddling … Read more

10 Best Sonata Watches for Men and Women

Best Sonata Watches for Men and Women

Sonata watches is a collection of timeless and contemporary watches that build nostalgia in all of us. It is a product of Titan, the largest selling watch brand in India. The company has created more than 700 watches and has over 11,000 authorized outlets across the country. Choosing from 700 watch styles is a herculean … Read more

10 Best Citizen Watches for Men in 2022

Best Citizen Watches for Men

If you are looking for a good-quality watch at an affordable price, Citizen Watches are the best for men. They are attractive timepieces and offer cutting-edge innovation. Powered by light, their high-quality material and functionality will make it hard for you to resist buying. They look damn beautiful in your wrist area and are comfortable … Read more