7 Best Tank Watches in 2022

Louis-François Cartier’s grandson Luis Cartier is the founder of Tank watches, first introduced in 1917. Unsurprisingly, they have been going strong for more than a century now- a solid testament to their quality and popularity.

Among the most classic dress timepieces available is the Cartier Tank. However, it’s reasonable that not everyone can buy this watch, given that it costs more than most people’s monthly pay. We’ve found the greatest Cartier Tank replacement on the market right now.

Many people wish to own a true quality watch from one of the world’s most prestigious timepieces at some stage of life. Given the cost that these watches attract, this can be a nirvana, especially for children. That’s why, here at the editorial office, we’re frequently asked which brands to look for if you’re looking for a nice watch with a comparable design. Here, we take up the task and give an alternative to the Cartier Tank, one of the most fashionable watches on the market.

Cartier Tank in brief

The Cartier Tank is a true classic in the world of wristwatches. Louis Cartier designed it in 1917, and it was driven by the new Renault tankers he observed on the Western Front in WWI. The Tank watch was originally shown in 1918 and went into full manufacturing in 1919, with only six specimens made. Remember, wristwatches were still a fairly new concept at the time. The wristwatch did not fully take off until the 1920s.

Many different variants of the wristwatch have been released since then. In 1922, the Tank Louis was introduced, followed by the Tank Americaine in 1989. The Tank Francaise is the most recent version of the Tank, which was released in 1996.

The crown, which is formed like a sword in blue sapphire, and the Roman numerals are the key elements of the Cartier Tank. The Cartier Tank is among the most desired and imitated wristwatches in history. Yves Saint Laurent, Cary Grant, and Jackie Kennedy, to mention a few, have been known to wear it.

Best affordable watches similar to Cartier Tank

There are many brands on the market that have tried to emulate the design of the Cartier Tank.Seiko, which has built a comparable model with the SUP880P1, is the best at it. Cartier Tank was the watch’s inspiration, according to Seiko.

The initial model is a solar-powered quartz wristwatch from Seiko’s Solar line. The dial is protected by a hardlex crystal and is composed of stainless steel. The watch can withstand water for up to 30 meters.

Seiko, a Japanese company, was one of the first to mass-produce quartz timepieces. They were extremely pricey when the series was originally released. In fact, Seiko timepieces were comparable to the cost of a Japanese sedan! However, Seiko’s history dates back far further, as the firm was formed in Tokyo in 1881.

In 1892, creator Kintaro Hattori began producing pocket timepieces under the name Seikosha, which was later shortened to Seiko — the Japanese word for success.In 1969, Seiko released the Seiko Quartz Astron, the world’s first quartz watch. This watch was 100 faster and more precise than any other and ran for a year. It was 250 times longer than the majority of timepieces on the marketplace. There are lots of classic dress and sporting models in today’s Seiko watches, with both mechanical and quartz mechanisms.

Other cheaper alternatives to the Cartier Tank

The previously stated Seiko SUP880 is only one among the many alternatives available on Amazon. Classic American Hamilton also has a wide choice of styles, including the elegant Boulton Quartz suit watch.

Bulova is another iconic American brand with a long and illustrious history. Bulova was, in fact, one of the most well-known watch brands of the twentieth century, and in the 1960s, it came close to becoming the first watch brand to travel to the moon. Instead, it was the Omega Speedmaster who received the award. That doesn’t change the fact that Bulova is among the most classic watch brands still in existence.

Here are some of the best alternatives to the Cartier Tank.

1. Cartier Tank Solo

Cartier Tank SoloClassic and modest in design, the Tank Solo pays tribute to the unique aesthetic of the Tank’s original design. One of the best entry-level watches from Cartier, the Tank Solo is one of the least expensive luxury watches in the world. Most of the timepieces in the collection run on quartz movement, but some pieces are powered by automatic mechanisms, too. If you’re set on getting a luxury timepiece without breaking your budget, the Tank Solo is a great choice.

You can buy this watch from here.

2. Tank Louis Cartier

Tank Louis CartierWith an Art Deco flair, the Tank Louis Cartier features rounded lugs as opposed to the classic rectangular ones that the Tank is known for. Designed and named after Louis Cartier himself, the Tank Louis Cartier epitomizes what the Tank watches are all about.

The ‘most classic’ of all Tank watches, the Tank Louis Cartier was introduced in 1922, embodying the original design of the collection.

You can buy this watch from here.

3. Cartier Tank Française

Cartier Tank FrançaiseA single model collection, the Cartier Tank Française features an updated look with an elegant link bracelet. The curved case seamlessly sets in the middle of the bracelet, mimicking its lines. Boasting a sportier and more casual appearance, the Cartier Tank Française is available in stainless steel, yellow gold, and rose gold.

You can buy this watch from here.

4. Cartier Tank Anglaise

Cartier Tank Anglaise

The Cartier Tank Anglaise, which was debuted in 2012, recreates the original Tank’s precise alignment. It is one of the most prized by watch collectors in this collection, as it is driven by a winding mechanism built into the casing.

The Tank Anglaise, another model in the collection with a somewhat higher price tag, may cost over $100,000 for an 18K gold variant studded with diamonds. This series is available in a variety of sizes, movement patterns, and diamond options.

You can buy this watch from here.

5. Cartier Tank Américaine

Cartier Tank Anglaise

The Cartier Tank Américaine, which was introduced in 1989, is a better deal for individuals who want larger watches. It has an extended case with a delicate curve that easily wraps around the wrist. It makes excellent use of the geometrical balance between traditional linear shapes and rounded edges.

The Tank Américaine is available in  yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold, and is slightly more expensive than the other watches in the Tank range.

You can buy this watch from here.

6. Cartier Tank MC

Cartier Tank MC

The Cartier Tank MC is the fiercest and most rugged piece in the Tank collection, powered by Cartier’s first in-house self-winding mechanism, the Calibre 1904-PS MC. The Tank MC, which stands for “Manufacture Cartier,” combines the classic Tank beauty with a macho edge thanks to its wide casing and strong movement.

The Tank MC is one of the most pricey in the collection due to its amazing technical functions and systems.

You can buy this watch from here.

7. Cartier Tank Cintrée

Cartier Tank CintréeThe Cartier Tank Cintrée was the second Tank designed after the original Tank Normale and was released in 1921, only four years after the initial Tank was designed in 1917. The Tank Cintrée has a slightly longer and slimmer platinum casing than the bigger Tank Américaine, making it a popular choice among people who seek a beautiful and elegant dress watch.

You can buy this watch from here.


The Jaeger Lecoultre Classic Reverso watches, which feature the Jaeger Lecoultre Reverso, are a good option for people searching for a premium watch with a similar design to the Cartier Tank.

Of course, no alternative can beat the original. However, who said you cannot enjoy the feel of an original by sporting an alternative. Hopefully, this list has helped you choose a good alternative. If you have any questions, reach out to us via the comments below.

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